It’s a Boy!

I just learned that the adoption process was finalized yesterday for some of my best friends living in Utah and I could not be more excited or thrilled for them!  Fritz and Pam are exceptional people and have helped me out more than they know.  I worked with Fritz for three and a half years in the lab and he’s the only reason I stayed as sane as I did.  I called on Fritz a handful of times outside of work when things broke down like the washing machine in my apartment or when I discovered a flat tire on my way to church one Sunday.  Later I learned that he had been right in the middle of some roofing problem at his own home but came right over anyway because that’s the kind of guy he is.  And I don’t know how many rides Pam gave me or how many lunches we went to where we just talked and laughed which was always what I needed.  And I have never met such polite and well behaved kids in my life!  Bottom line – I love this family.

I first learned of the adoption and met this little boy, Johnny, about two years ago when Fritz brought him to the lab.  He had such a sad and rocky start  in life and the effects were obvious to see.  He was painfully shy and not just shy but almost scared of people he didn’t know.  When I said hi to him his reaction was like a cat about to be dunked in water.  His eyes became huge and he tried to climb higher up on Fritz and away from me.  When Fritz tried to turn him around a little to face me, his little hands were like mini vices that clung to Fritz’s shirt and wouldn’t let go.  Seeing that and hearing some of the stories Fritz and Pam would share were just heartbreaking.

Fast forward to about 7 or 8 months ago.  I was in the lab when Fritz walked in with Johnny.  I think Fritz had come back to work to get something he left behind but ended up having to say to fix some problem.  Rather than having Johnny sit on the couch waiting for his dad, I asked him if he wanted to come into the photo section of the lab with me.  What a difference the past year and a half had made!  He jumped right up and took my hand and chatted to me the whole way.  For the next 45 min. we ran around playing hide and go seek, I let him play a little with the equipment, he was laughing and dancing, and he just kept talking the whole time.  I’ve never seen a kid with so much energy.  After those 45 min. I was ready for a nap!

The transformation in Johnny is amazing and I kept saying to Fritz and Pam that I couldn’t believe it.  He was like a completely different child.  And in reality I guess he is thanks to their dedication and love.  I truly believe they saved this little boy and even though it was made official and legal yesterday, Johnny has been a part of their family for quite a while and I couldn’t be happier for any of them!

Here is just some of his extended family:


Being silly with the judge:


The family:


Hanging with dad:


Johnny with mom and dad: