Prison Break Episode Guide

Season 3
Episode 1

important characters for this episode and the season i guess:

michael – you know who he is
lincoln – michael’s brother
alex mahone – FBI agent (bad guy but possibly overall good)
t-bag – totally disgusting pedefile
sara – idiot girl michael loves
lj – lincoln’s son
bellick – he was a prison gard that was fired after it was discovered that he took bribes from the inmate
sucre – wasn’t in this episode but will appear next week. he was michael’s cellmate
big black guy (can’t remember his name) – he is the leader in the prison
girlfriend of the black guy (don’t know name)
woman screaming outside for dead bodies (don’t know name, will explain description later)
women with scratch marks on her face (don’t know name will call her scarface for now)
man underground (don’t know name)

 so michael is in there walking around and a fight breaks out. we see a guy drop a chicken’s foot with a black string tied around it and we find out later that means one man has a beef with another and they must fight. no weapons and fight to the death. so they’re fighting and the winner breaks the other guys neck and everyone leaves the body in the middle of the yard. a lot of stuff like this are so that we can see how brutal this place is and what michael is up against. so the next morning michael is walking around and runs into alex. alex wants to form some sort of allience since they’re both in prison but michael said when he looks at him he sees the man who killed his father and that alex is on his own. some of the other inmates hear this exchange. meanwhile, bellick is stripped down to his underwear, has been beat up, no one will give him any food, and some random guy befriends him. this random guy looks like him in that he’s beat up and in his underwear as well. some of the leaders of the prison make them do gross stuff like clean the toilets to earn their rent there. the random guy freaks out finally and tries to escape. he jumps out a window and as he’s running across the dirt he is shot and killed by the guards outside. another scene for michael to see what he’s up against.also we get a first glimpse of the big black guy who has become the leader of the prison. he is in some room (what used to be the warden’t i’m assuming) and he is there with some of his friends. also there is his girlfriend who poses as a nun to get in the prison. i’m sure she will come into play later in the season. he has the newbies rounded up and brought to him so he can let them know who is in charge. michael, alex, and some other guy are brought. he explains the “rules” and the one guy pees his pants b/c he’s scared and the black gets mad and starts to hit him and michael starts yelling that the guy gets it already. the black guy doesn’t like this and tells michael and alex that he knows who they are thanks to CNN (go figure) and that out there michael may be a superstar but he is no superstar in here (throughout the episode he calls him superstar). then the black guy notices alex’s hand is shaking and makes fun of of him b/c he thinks it’s b/c he’s scared but it’s b/c alex hasn’t had a fix for a while. then they all leave and the black guy turns to his girlfriend and makes some comment about michael being a good looking guy (trying to trap her which works) and she says not compared to you. he knows she’s lying and he slaps her and calls her a whore and to get out of there. so now we see he’s jealous.meanwhile, lincoln is talking to all these official people trying to get michael moved to somewhere safer and he’s looking for sara. he goes and talks to michael and michael is all you have to get me out of here. and tells him that “he has to find sara b/c she’s very important to me”. (gross) then lincoln gets a call from the police that they found a woman matching sara’s description in the morgue. it’s not here of course. later he gets a call from LJ which is weird. lj says he’s with sara and they want to meet him at some restaurant. lincoln goes and while he’s waiting at the bar scarface lady starts talking to him. he calls him by name and shows him a clip on her phone of lj being held hostage and says that sara is there as well and that they need michael to free some guy in the prison in a week or they’ll kill lj and sara.some guy comes to see michael and offers to help him escape and michael doesn’t know who he is and says he’s not interested. lincoln comes and tells him that what’s going on with sara and lj. and that he has to find this inmate and get him out. before the conversation with lincoln, michael walks into an area with a bed and this guy comes in and acuses michael of stealing his drugs. (the black guy set this up) and tells them that they have to fight it out if they want. michael gets the chicken foot and tells the black guy that he’s not fighting. the black says he has to or he will be killed. this is the part where alex tells him to kick him in the kneecap. anyway, the whole fight thing happens and since i already told you about it i’m moving on.t-bag has since figured out that the black guy is in charge and has sucked up to him and the black guy has taken him under his wing. beleck is down in the sewer part of the prison emptying out the toilet crap and some guy calls him over. apparently there is a guy down there and he tells belleck that he used to be in the same position. it’s not clear if the inmates put him there or if he disappeared down there and they never noticed. i’m thinking he’s there on his own. he heard through the vent about micheal having to fight and has belleck take two pieces of paper and slip one in each of their pockets. belleck only does this b/c the guy gives him some food and belleck after eating a piece says “hmm chicken” and the guy says “that’s not chicken”. i think it’s flesh but that’s just my own opinion (so i guess he does give him meat). after the fight micheal pulls out the paper and it says something like versaille 1989 (can’t really remember). anyone, there is a lady you see a couple of tims throughout the episode screaming outside that she wants to bury her dead husband. they finally bring out the dead and the police shot them again (to make sure they’re really dead and not trying to escape). turns out she’s really looking through their pockets and wants this paper that the guy has written on. somehow the dungeon guy and her have some sort of connection. and it turns out that he is the guy that michael is supposed to break i think that does it for the week. hope you enjoyed….um, hello how could you not?

Episode 2

ok so back in prison everyone is in line getting their cup of water and michael is talking to some kid that’s in there. this kid is 17 and what he did to get in that maximum security i don’t know. so far he’s harmless wanting to talk to michael about basketball and cheerleaders. belleck come stumbling up and wants to cut in line in front of michael and some guy pushes him out of the way. they get into a littl scuffle and the guard knocks belleck into the water barrel and it all spills out so everyone behind michael and this kid didn’t get any water. this sparks the begining of a mini protest/riot. the big black guy (i really need to look up their names) is up in his room with his right hand man and t-bag. there is one main guy that is sort of leading this protest and getting the men all riled up. he’s going on and on about how the black guy is sitting up there in this room while they’re sweating it out with no water. the black guy gets on the phone with a guard outside the prison and demands more water and the guard tells him he won’t have it until the day after tomorrow and if he ever calls and demands anything again he won’t get water for 2 weeks. meanwhile the mob is getting more vocal and throwing rocks through the windows where the black guy is.michael finds belleck and wants to know where he got the note from that he put in his pocket right before the fight. belleck tells him after michael gives him some of his water. and michael finds out a little more information about the guy down in the sewer (his name is whistler and he’s the guy michael has to break out. and he’s australian. that’s not important but it makes listening to him a lot of fun). so michael goes down into the sewer looking for this guy. as he’s walking he puts his hand on the pipe and feels something wet and wipes it off on his pants (so do see where this is going? i’ll come back to it later). anyway, he finds whistler and tells him that he’s going to be breaking him out somehow and not to leave that spot. whistler has no idea who michael is. he thinks michael works for “them”. anyway, michael comes out and alex sees him exiting the sewer. so alex talks to this kid and starts asking him about whistler. i’m not sure how alex knew to ask him about whistler but whatever. so this kid tells him that whoever finds whistler gets a free ticket out of sona (the prison they’re in) b/c the authorities want him, something to do with the mayor? so alex goes down in the sewer and finds the guy and tells him that he’s breaking him out but whistler doesn’t want to go with alex and says that it’s not safe for either if he just shows up above ground. but alex starts breakind down the brick wall and pulls him out anyway.meanwhile, the black guy gives a gallon of water to t-bag to take down to the inmates and tells him to give a little to everyone. belleck sees him and wants water but t-bag won’t give him any. so belleck tells him that he has some information about whistler. t-bag takes him up to the black guy and belleck tells him that whistler is down in the sewer. so now belleck finally has clothes and food. well michael sees belleck come out with clothes and food and sees some men go down in the sewer and so he follows. by now, alex has whistler out and as people approach them he starts swinging a metal pipe. michael tells him that he can’t take whistler but alex isn’t giving him up. so michael goes up to the black guy and asks to have say over whistler. the black guy doesn’t want whistler b/c he says there is no way that he is ever getting out of the prison and why should he trust michael? michael tells him that he has abilities and then the black guy turns to t-bag and asks him if he should trust michael. t-bag says he is a snake that stabbed him in the back every chance michael got (funny b/c t-bag got out of prison b/c of michael but i guess that doesn’t count). so michael leaves and finds this kid and pays him to get some liquor (i swear he said liquor but if that’s available i don’t know why the men aren’t drinking that) and plastic bags. somehow whistler gets away from alex and there is a little chase through the sewer.outside of the prison, sucrates buys a gun and is planning on shooting belleck b/c sucrate thinks he did something to mariecruz his girlfriend. he goes to sona and talks to belleck and he tells sucrate that he never even saw mariecruz but told him that he had done something with her so that sucrate would do what he wanted him to do. and now belleck wants his help but sucrate walks away. lincoln runs into sucrate on the street (conviently done i know) and tells him that michael is in prision and that he needs his help. but sucrate says no that he’s going back to the states to find his girlfriend. sucrate gets on a bus and on the back of the bus there is an ad for a versaille bank which is what is written on the paper that michael had in his pocket (that he gave to lincoln at one of their meetings). so lincoln goes to the bank and sees whistler’s girlfriend get something out of a safety deposit box and when she leaves the bank he takes it from her. she thinks that lincoln is one of “them” and wants to know what he wants with whistler. lincoln then realizes that she doesn’t know anything about what’s going on and doesn’t know that whistler is supposed to be broken out by michael but he doesn’t tell her anything. and he’s being watched by “them” so when he gets back to his hotel room scarface lady is there waiting for him and is mad b/c lincoln didn’t follow her instructions. and she wants to know what he took from the girlfriend. she has a gun so he hands her the bird guide book that he took. she leaves and then lincoln pulls out the real one from his other pocket.sucrate is waiting for a bus and is sitting next to this lady and her baby and the police show up and try to start some trouble with him but then they leave. sucrate realizes that it’s better for mariecruz and the baby if he never goes back to the states. so he calls mariecruz and says he isn’t coming back but that he will always lover her blah blah blah. so then he goes off to find lincoln.back in prison, the riot is getting louder and angrier. michael goes down into the sewer but follows the pipes. he opens some pipe thing and puts the bag in it and lights some ripped sheets tied to the bag on fire and then takes off. meanwhile the mob almost is out of control from the lack of water and by now alex has emerged with whistler and is swinging his pipe at everyone. the black guy goes down to try and control the mob and see what’s going on with alex. while he’s down there the ground shakes from an explosion and everyone stands looking around for a moment and then…ta da…water explodes out from the pipes and the mob goes crazy and starts drinking and dumping it on themselves and alex turns to the black guy and says something like now do i have authority over whistler. but just then michael comes out of the sewer and drops the bucket and the black guy says to alex that no, there was a higher bid. he walks over to michael and says something about him having abilities and michael confirms with him that whistler is to be left alone and the black guy promises him.then the black guy is upstairs in his quarters now that the riot has stopped and he’s still in control and the man who was the most vocal is brought up to him. and the black guy says to the man, “you wanted water? well now you can have it.” and he and two other men hold the guy under water until he dies. bwahahaha! that’s how the show ends for the week.Episode 3ok so lincoln is in his hotel room and sucrate shows up. sucre comes to lincoln for some money to “get back on his feet and start over” b/c he realizes that he can never return to the states and needs some starter cash for his new life. lincoln told him that the 5 million is missing and that he only has about $50 on him. sucre is obviously frustrated and after a brief conversation with lincoln he leaves still thinking about himself instead of helping michael he got him out of prison in the first place…ingrate (although i think he helps next week so i may have to take that back). so after he leaves lincoln pulls out the bird book and is looking through and there’s just a bunch of letters and numbers written on the different pages. then the camera follows some man in the hotel (we never see his face) and he puts an envelope under lincoln’s door. when lincoln opens the door the man is of course gone but inside the envelope are two poloroids, one of sara and one of LJ. Lincoln heads out to visit michael to show him the picture of sara.

meanwhile, michael goes to the head black guy (whose name is lechero) and thinks that b/c he provided water that lechero will trust him but that does not turn out to be the case. and lechero tells michael that the next time he walks up to him without being summoned he’ll let the other guys have at him. as this conversation is taking place, the loudspeaker says that michael has a visitor. so micheal leaves lechero and goes out to talk with lincoln. michael is of course mortified and angry when he sees the pic of sara and goes back into the prison more determined than ever to get out and yet totally frustrated b/c he can’t figure out a way. before he leaves lincoln, michael tells him that he wants to talk with sara and that he will figure out a way to get a phone call out but for lincoln to make sure that when he does call that sara will be able to talk. michael goes back in and talks to this kid about the phones. michael is told that when the guards left sona they ripped out all the phones and there is no way to hook them back up. michael realizes the only phone in the whole prison if lechero’s.

whistler also receives a visit from his girlfriend (whose name is sophia) and he asks her about the bird book and she says that someone took it from her (which was lincoln last week). she thinks whistler is a fisherman that is legally trying to get out of prison not being broken out by another inmate. whistler doesn’t really tell her much about what’s going on just that the book is important b/c he wrote some numbers in it of some people that can help him get out…legally of course (he’s a liar at this point). she wants to know about lincoln (can’t remember how his name comes up in the conversation whistler must have said it). anyway, she leaves and as she signs out she sees lincoln’s name next to michael’s and what i guess is an address. so you know that she’s on her way to find lincoln.

whistler then goes back in the prison to find and talk with michael. now that he knows that lincoln has the bird book he keeps saying to michael that the book is very important and he wants it back. michael asks why the book is so important and whistler won’t really say and so michael says he doesn’t really care about the book and shows whistler the pic of sara and tells him that she’s all that matters to him. and that he doesn’t know why “they” want whistler or why he has to be the one to get him out but that he’ll do whatever to keep sara safe. whistler tells him that he really is a fisherman of sorts. he had a boat and would charter various people throught the pacific to different locations for whatever reasons as long as he got paid. so one day, a man comes and wants to whistler to take him out to a specific location. whistler does and a few months after he gets back government types come to him wanting to know exactly where whistler took the man. but by now whistler says he can’t remember b/c it’s been a while and he never asked the guy why he wanted to go where he did and he doesn’t even remember the guy’s name. but next thing he knows he’s being harrassed by these government people and so he packs up and goes to panama to move in permanetly with his girlfriend sophia. but they find him and now he’s in sona. he wants the bird guide so badly b/c it’s his travel log. he would log all of his trips in the pages and he thinks that if he can get that book and go through it then he’ll remember where he took the man and “they” will leave him alone. at this point, i’m not sure if you can really trust whistler or not. he may know more than he’s letting on or he may really be an ignorant dolt who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. personally i think he knows more than he’s letting on.

then we see alex who is still twitchy b/c he hasn’t had his drugs in a long time. as he’s walking down the corridor he sees some of the inmates shooting up and it looks like he might try to join them when whistler finds him. whistler wants to know information about michael since he’s supposed to trust michael to get him out. as he’s talking to alex, alex tells him that michael will do anything for those he loves and cares about but if not he’ll screw you over. i guess whistler found out what he wanted to know and i think talking with alex was also a way for whistler to have some sort of alligence with someone other than michael.

michael is working on a way to get the cell phone from lechero. so he pulls t-bag aside and tells him that they are going to make a deal and that t-bag is going to help. t-bag says some comment in the contrary and micheal says that if he doesn’t he’s going to tell everyone what t-bag is in there for. and seeing how they’re in a pretty religious area he doesn’t think they’ll take too kindly to a rapist and pedophile. so t-bag wants to know what he can do to help. hahaha i loved that part of the episode. so michael tells him that he wants to use the cell phone and to make it happen. well, lechero was going to get his head shaved at 2. usually he takes his cell phone with him but it needed to be charged (mostly b/c t-bag unplugged it) so he walked past it and t-bag lifted it. he passed it off to michael and told him he only had 25 min. and that if it wasn’t back on the charger then both of them were dead.

so michael calls lincoln who is on his way to meet up with the scarface lady (whose name is susan. as in susan b. anthony. that’s actually what she told him. lame. i’m like really? why not betty ross or martha washington for crying out loud.) anyway, lincoln meets up with her and tells her to get sara on the phone and she says no way. he tells her that michael isn’t going to help and that it’s pretty apparent that they need him, so put her on the phone. sara then calls michael. he asks how she is and if she remembers how they used to talk (they would talk in code). and she says yes. he tells her that he saw her picture in the paper (by the way she was pointing to a city by the way she was holding the paper) and she somehow tells him that she’s not in santa rita but not to try anything b/c it’s a lost cause. and she repeated that a few times. and michael says that he doesn’t understand and she says it’s like they’re supposed to meet on the bus and he leaves at midnight but she leaves at three. then there is a gun pointed to her head and she says that they are telling her that she has to get off the phone. meanwhile, the head shave is over and they are heading back and t-bag is freaking out b/c michael is still on the phone with sara and he tells t-bag to stall them. so michael takes off and runs up to put the phone back on the charger and can’t leave b/c everyone is walking so he hides behind a wall. t-bag gets lechero’s attention and michael slips out. but michael didn’t put the phone all the way back on the charger and lechero notices it and calls the number than michael had called which is to lincoln. lincoln doesn’t say anything and then hangs up and lechero gets one of his men to find out who the number is registered and why they called.

lincoln comes back to visit micael after the phone call and michael tells him that if he can’t get out then lincoln has to go where sara and LJ are and break them out. so lincoln leaves to find the statue of saint rita (the patron saint of lost causes – b/c sara kept saying that she could SEE that it was a lost cause. so they knew she wasn’t in town st. rita) so as lincoln is getting into a cab, sophia shows up and want to know what lincoln wants with her boyfriend whistler. and lincoln says he only wants to get his brother out and that maybe she should go back to whistler and ask him what’s going on b/c he’s been lying to her. then he gets in the cab and finds the statue. so he gets to the plaza and is looking for a clock (b/c she said midnight and three) and sara can see him from her window. she kicks her shoe out the window and now he knows where they are. (turned out midnight and three were more about location. like the staue is at midnight and she is at three oclock in the building). so lincoln tears up the stairs and encounters some guys and they fight but in the end sara and LJ are taken into a van and driven away.

ok, so at some previous point alex gets a visit from his attorney. and the attorney tells him that they have a trial date and alex is happy about this until he finds out it’s for june 13th…of next year. and then he’s pissed. the attorney is like this is great news it usually takes 2-21/2 years for non residents to get a date. then alex tells the attorney that he can get michael to testify that the drugs were not his but that he was set up. and that he needs some medication and the attorney says that even if michael were to testify it still wouldn’t look good and that he’s not getting him any drugs. the attorney is offended and leaves and who knows if he’ll show back up. anyway, so now alex finds michael and is talking to him and saying that it’s odd that michael wants whistler so badly and that whistler was trying to find out information about michael. and that it was obvious that the company wanted michael in sona b/c whistler was in there and that the only thing they could possibly want from michael was his ability to break whistler out. so now alex knows michael is planning an escape. just so happens that bellick over hears this conversation and now has some leverage about michael. i would just like to say that they really need to kill bellick b/c he’s a minor character and he’s annoying. he adds nothing and he’s weak.

t-bag is walking up the stairs and lechero’s right hand man (sammy) corners him and says that he may have fooled lechero but he doesn’t fool him and then he threatens him. so t-bag goes up to where lechero is and says that though he appreciated lechero taking him in he doesn’t want to be a part of his gang anymore b/c he heard some stuff and would rather take his chances with the rest of the inmates. lechero wants to know what t-bag heard and t-bag says that he won’t be a rat for anyone. lechero says he’s not being a rat but a friend. so he says he overheard lechero’s gang say that they want their cut from lechero and t-bag now wants out and not to be a part of that. and that he has nothing to gain from telling this information and knows he will never amount to anything but just wants to be left alone and he hopes that he and lechero are now even. lechero tells him that they are not even and that he wants t-bag to stick around and be his eyes and ears (which of course is exactly what t-bag really wanted) so now t-bag is playing lechero for his own benefit…pretty smart. you know, as much as t-bag makes me want to hurl, he’s really good and the show needs him.

lincoln is now back at his hotel and as he comes to the door sucre is passed out drunk. lincoln brings him in and then gets a phone call from susan b. anthony (really that is so lame) and she is angry b/c lincoln broke into the building where sara and LJ were. she threatens lincoln and to make sure he gets the message she said there is a package for him in the garage by the trash. so lincoln makes his way down to the parking garage and finds a white box with blood on it by the trash. this is pretty dramatic b/c lincoln is hesitant to open it and so the sequence takes forever. finally he lifts the lid and…………. we have no idea b/c that’s when the show ended. bwahahahaha!!!!!!!!! too bad bellick’s head can’t be in it. oh yeah i can’t remember if i mentioned in the last email that the meat whistler gave bellick wasn’t human, it was rat. not as exciting but makes more sense.

Episode 4

Ok so it starts off showing lincoln in a taxi and he’s having flashback of the box that we ended with last week. but it doesn’t show what’s in the box but he’s obviously disturbed by whatever it was that he saw. then we switch to michael and he’s watching the grave digger outside and notices that the electric fence is dead. whistler comes to michael and wants the bird book back and he tells michael that if he doesn’t get it back that he’s going to tell the company that lincoln has it. he goes on about how the company wants information from him and he wants to give them that information but can’t b/c lincoln has the book. but michael tells him not to threaten him b/c he’s the person that’s going to get him out of jail and that they are going to do things his way.

so lincoln shows up to visit michael at the prison and michael tells him he has a plan but that they need the grave diggers help and for lincoln to make contact with him and make sure he’s on board. as he’s talking to lincoln he can tell something is wrong and asks lincoln what it is that he’s not telling him. but lincoln says he’s fine and will go take care of the grave digger. then he turns and kind of stumbles away. as the camera follows him, we see that he keeps having flashbacks of the box. finally he goes behind a wall somewhere and slumps over and we get a glimpse of what he saw in the box. are you ready for this folks? hold on to your seats…it was a women’s head – sara’s head!!! the flash of head was so fast i didn’t think i really saw that right until lincoln says her name out loud and then it cut right into commercial. holy crap!! i was stunned to immobilbility for a moment. i mean, i know i keep saying they should kill her off but i didn’t think they would really do it for crying out loud. but it just goes to show that i’m a genius and can write dramas with the best of them b/c i know what works (sean remember our discussion about killing people off on heroes?) anyway, i’m slightly pleased with her killing b/c it just made things more interesting and proves that i was right. of course i guess somehow they could resurrect her later in the season.

so then we come back from commercial and lincoln is meeting with susan and she says that killing sara was not something she had wanted but for lincoln to understand that she’s a soldier in all of this just like he is. and that if he and his brother pull another stunt like that again she’ll be sending pieces of his son to him in boxes. lincoln says he just wants this over with and wants his son back and will do whatever she wants. so he tells her that michael has a plan but they need to involve the grave digger. she says fine and as he starts to walk away she tells him that she wants the real bird book b/c he people did handwriting analysis and they know it was lincoln that had written in the other book he gave her. he doesn’t say anything to her but hands her the original book and then walks away.

then we cut to michael playing “basketball” with this kid. there are no real hoops just a painting of one on the wall and the kid shoots the ball up where the basket is drawn. so he’s doing this and hits two in a row and michael says that he bets him $20 that he can’t do it again and sure enough he misses and kind of panics b/c he doesn’t have any money but tells michael that he can get it for him later. michael says he needs it now but in exchange he’ll take the cross hanging around the kids neck. the kid says it’s from his dad and it’s not even real gold. michael says that he was counting on that. it’s obvious the kid doesn’t want to give it to him b/c it holds sentimental value and michael tells him that he’ll get it back but that he has to borrow it for a while. this time the kid wants to know what michael is doing.

so we get another commerical break and when we come back we see lechero. at this point the lights go out and he starts to get panicky b/c all electricity is gone and his phone has a low battery. then we cut to alex who is looking at himself in the mirror and thinks that a hand touches him on the shoulder and he sort of freaks. then michael is there and notices that alex is jumpy. but he tells alex that he was right and that he is planning something with whistler and that he has no choice but to use alex’s help so alex is in. michael tells him that he needs a black felt pen to alter some documents and that alex has to find him one. but that alex has to pull himself together and get control b/c he’s drawing too much attention and then can’t afford to have any. after michael leaves, alex goes on search for a pen and bellick shows up and tries to suck up to alex and tells him that he knows something is going on. alex tells him that unless he has a black felt pen he can’t help him and then he walks off.

sophia shows up to the prison to see whistler an she tells him that she knows he’s trying to escape and that michael and lincoln are helping him and she wants to know everything. finally whistler tells her that he thinks it all has to do with that charter he did and wants that bird book back b/c it has all his logs in it. she tells him that she’s going to be helping and he has to be honest with her about everything. he says no he doesn’t want her involved and she says she wasn’t asking. so he tells her that he doesn’t trust michael or lincoln and that they need to find out all they can about them. so she leaves.

alex goes up to michael and hands him a black pen. but michael says that it has to be a black felt pen and then walks away. alex is really loosing it b/c he keeps seeing haywire every time he turns around. haywire was in the first and second season. he was a deranged lunatic that had killed his family and alex convinced him to jump off a tower to his own death. so now he’s being haunted by him. haywire keeps telling alex that michael is playing him and not to trust him.

at this point, lechero asks t-bag about michael being an engineer and if he thinks he can fix the electricity. t-bag says that michael is no friend and lechero looses patience and t-bag says that yes he’s an engineer. so lechero goes to look for michael. he finds him and asks michael if he can fix the electricity like he did with the water. michael says it’s different b/c the pipes for the water were inside the prion but the power lines for the electricity are outside the prison in no man’s land. lechero says look waterboy (he has the oddest nicknames for michael) without electricity the phone doesn’t work. and without the phone they can’t get food or water in the prison and they will all die. so michael then says we die? or you die? and that the last time he checked guards kill inmates that go out there. and lechero says that he will take care of it but that he’s going to go out into no man’s land. so lechero arranges some deal with the guards and michael and a few men go out to dig. alex sees him walking out and still hears haywire’s voice that michael is going to leave him. meanwhile, belick comes to michael and says that he overheard him and alex talking and knows they’re up to something. so michaels asks him what he knows and turns out that belick doesn’t know much. but belick gets to go out and help dig with the others. the only people we know that are digging are belick, whistler, and michael. michael uncovers the electrical box and puts something in it and covers it up with dirt. belick sees him do this and says that the heat has gotten to him and he’s going in. after he leaves whistler wants to know what michael is up to. and he tells whistler that belick knows something is up but not to worry about him b/c michael can take care of him. and tells him that he told alex that he was in. whistler was like “alex? he’s not stable” but michael says that alex really isn’t going to escape but that michael had to make him think that he was to distract him.

now we go back to the hotel where we see sucre making a fake id. lincoln shows up and sucre tells him that he’s going to colombia to work and with this new id he’s sure that he’ll make it. lincoln asks him to help him translate for a few hours but sucre says that he can’t b/c he can’t miss the bus. and that he’s going to be sending the money he makes back to the states. lincoln says it will only be for a few hours but sucre won’t help. just then there’s a knock on the door and it’s sophia. she tells lincoln that she talked with whistler and he confirmed what lincoln had told her. lincoln asks her if he spanish is as good as her english (really dumb line b/c hello she’s from panama. of course her spanish would be perfect). but before they leave she wants to know more information and starts asking questions and lincoln loses it and yells that they sent sara’s head to him in a box and that they still have his son. the room is quiet and even sucre is stunned. and he says lincoln i didn’t know. to which lincoln responds you’re still here? then walks out of the room. so then we see sophia and lincoln at the grave digger’s house and he’s working on restoring a car. so lincoln is asking all about the car and finally the grave digger says that they aren’t really talking about the car are they but something else. and lincoln says yes.

going back to the prison, belick stopped working outside so he could go to lechero and he tells him that michael burried something in the box outside and that he knows michael is planning and escape. at first lechero doesn’t believe him but then belick goes on about how he didn’t think michael was up to anything in fox river either and the next thing he knew he was hog tied under the ground next to the pipes while all them escaped. so lechero gets suspicious and meets michael as he’s walking back into the prison. and he tells michael that he wants to go back out and look at the box to make sure there is nothing hidden in there. so lechero tells the guards that he wants to make sure that his “men” are doing their job. they buy it b/c afterall if michael messes up the guards told lechero that they would kill him as well. so they go out there and when they lift the box michael shows him some wires that he wrapped with duct tape. he tells lechero that the wires were frayed and that’s why the power has been unstable and that he packed it in dirt so that it wouldn’t move around. and that now he has to go turn the switch back on and the power should be restored. lechero tells him that he’s going down there with him to make sure that it works.

meanwhile, alex sees the inmates doing drugs. one of lechero’s men is in charge of drug distribution and he comes up to alex and alex asks him for the perscription that he had on the outside. the guy tells alex that this isn’t a pharmacy but that he can give him something even better. alex says he has no money and the guard said there are other ways he can pay for the drugs like doing favors for some of the inmates (i think bile went up to my mouth at that point) and alex says no way and the guy walks off. then the camera goes to t-bag who was watching and listening to the whole exchange.

we go back to michael down by the switch and we now see the flashback with the whole cross. earlier michael and this kid had gone down there and put the cross in part of some circut. with it not being real gold it cut the current of electricity off so it appeared that there was no power. all michael had to do was remove the cross and there would be power. of course no one else knew this and so with lechero down there michael has to get the necklace out of the box without being seen. so they go down there and michael turns on the switch and of course nothing happens. lechero is angry and has his right hand man sammy punch michael in the face and when he does michael turns and reaches out and takes the necklace and puts it in his pocket without them seeing. then the power turns on and michael says that it was just a delay in the transmiters b/c the prison is so old. well lechero is now happy b/c he thinks michael restored the power when it was michael that turned it off in the first place.

t-bag wants to really be a part of lechero’s team with responsibility and not just some peon that follows him around. we see him talking to the drug guy and he tells t-bag that some day he might just be part of the group but god only knows when. and t-bag says that he was brought up to believe that if you wanted something you made it happen and at this point he grabs a plastic bag and sufficates the drug dealer and then sticks a needle in his arm to make it look like he was using and had an overdose. later lechero has t-bag brought to him and holds him against the wall and asks if he knew the guy was doing drugs and he didn’t say anything. t-bag plays dumb and says he doesn’t know anything about drugs and that he tried refeer when he was 12 and about coughed up a lung. lechero believes him and now t-bag is the drug distributor.

we go back to the hotel and lincoln is on the phone with susan and is setting up a meeting with her at the grave digger’s house to pay him $15,000 to help them out. but before he leaves sophia wants to know more information and starts asking questions and lincoln loses it and yells that they sent sara’s head to him in a box and that they still have his son. the room is quiet and even sucre is stunned. and he says lincoln i didn’t know. to which lincoln responds you’re still here? then walks out of the room. so then we see him at the grave digger’s house with susan and they give him the money. but then he says he wants more. susan loses her patience and shots him. lincoln is beside himself b/c michael sais they had to have his help. susan says that the digger would have gone to the police and turned them in.

back in prison, whistler sees that the fence is working and michael tells him that it’s in their best interest that the fence be as deadly as possible and that link has to come through with the grave digger. then we see t-bad handing out the drugs and he gives some to alex and tells him that they are free of charge (at least for now. you never know what t-bag is scheming). also alex had found a black felt tip pen for michael and michael told him that at this point he had to wait for more instructions. then we see michael puttsing his things in his new cell. he had asked for a specific cell in exchange for helping with the electricity. he told lechero it was b/c it was the first cell to get sunlight in the morning but it’s really b/c he can see the fence on the outside where they need to escape. so as he’s putting stuff in his cell alex comes in. alex is clearly high at this point and hands michael the pen and says that it’s odd that michael seemed to have wanted that pen so badly and then left it in his old cell. and michael says then it’s a good thing that alex brought it to him. michael can see that alex is loopy. alex turns around and and pulls out a knife from his sleeve and stabs the wall right next to michael’s face with it. and he tells michael that he knows that looking for that pen was to distract him and that he’s not like the belick, tweeny, or haywire. he’s smarter than that and michael can’t play him for a fool. then he threatens him and i guess michael now knows a little more about what he’s up against as far as alex is concerned.

then we go back to lechero who is watching soccer and they bring belick in. belick thinks he’s going to get some better accomidations b/c he thinks the information he gave about michael held up. but michael is a genius…like me… and he had purposely been mysterious about packing the dirt knowing that belick would go to lechero. so when belick is up there lechero’s men hold him down and lechero pours boiling coffeee on his back.

then lincoln shows up to the jail and tells michael that the grave digger is dead. but tells michael that they went to his supervisor who hires new people and as it turns out the supervisor was in need of some extra money so it’s all taken care of. we see the men come in to get a dead body but we can’t see who the new digger is at first. then the camera pans up and it’s sucre!!! i was so happy i think i yelled out. finally, he’s being the cool friend that i knew he would be. he and michael see each other and you can tell that michael’s happy about this. so michael is now back in his cell watching sucre bury the body and whistler comes in and asks what the chemical is that’s being sprayed over the corpse. michael calls it by name and says that it helps to rid oder and to a small degree it eats through metal. the camera pans over to the fence and we see sucre spray it and the metal starts to erode a little. and that’s how the episode ends. i would just like to add that i can’t wait to see how michael reacts when he finds out that they cut off sara’s head. lincoln of course has yet to tell him.

Episode 5

alrighty, so the show opens with Michael standing at his cell window at night throwing chocolate to rat. at first it’s chocolate unwrapped but then he puts it in foil and throws it out. the guards apparently saw something shiny and movement (from the rat) and all of a sudden jeep lights turned on and the guard in the tower shot the rat. Then time passes and it’s the next morning and the prison doors open and the guards shove in a new guy. when the doors open, a wind blows in a paper cup to the courtyard and alex picks it up and puts it in his pocket. so this new guy (i never figure out his name. for those of you who watch heroes it’s the irish guy that peter said would turn on his friends and try to take the money the stole) comes in and sammy (lechero’s guy) comes up to him and speaks to him in spanish. the new guy says he doesn’t speak spanish (although he says it in spanish and take it from me, saying that phrase in spanish usually confuses people and they don’t believe you). so sammy says to him in english “you know what i said” but the new guy gives him a blank stare and sammy punches him and when he goes down sammy takes his wallet. this is not the only thing that gets taken apparently b/c for the rest of the episode the new guy doesn’t have a shirt and i could have sworn for a shot or two he was only in boxers but then ended up in jeans. whatever.

lincoln comes to visit michaes and says that susan now has the bird book and michael says “so we no longer have any leverage”. and lincoln says that there was nothing he could do about it but that michael has to break out by tomorrow b/c the week is up. michael wants to know if susan showed lincoln a picture of sarah and LJ in exchange for the book and lincoln lies and says yes but that he wasn’t allowed to keep them. michael believes him and tells lincoln that while he’s working on everything on the inside, lincoln has to make sure that everything on the outside is ready by 3:00 pm the next day b/c that’s when they’re breaking out. and lincoln says you mean am and michael says no and recounts what happened with the rat and says that they have night patrol that isn’t visable at night and they would have no way of knowing where these jeeps would be. and let me just say again that michael is going to be pissed at lincoln when he finds out that sara is dead and lincoln didn’t tell him.

now we go back to the courtyard and we see that the new guy sees and recognizes whistler. michael meanwhile is talking to that kid and asks if he can get him two watches and some binoculers. the watches he can get but tells michael that only one guy has binoculers and that he can’t get them but if michael wants them he’ll have to steal them out of the man’s cell but that it shouldn’t be too hard. turns out the guy he ends up stealing them from is older and sleeps a lot. michael notices the new guy watching him and leaves after he gets the watches. michael goes into his cell and whistler comes in and wants to know what the plan is so michael starts drawing it on the floor. he tells whistler that they’re leaving tomorrow in the afternoon when there is a soccer game going on in the courtyard (and by that he means everyone will be listening to one on a radio) and that will cause some distraction. plus one of the guards is a big sports fan b/c he has a televison in his tower and listens to the came. michael is also counting on the sun to cause a glare to blind one of the guards for a few min b/c he notices that he turns away everyday about the same time for a little bit. but michael says that he hasn’t figured out the weakness of the other guard yet and that they’re going to have to keep watching them to figure it out. he breaks the binoculer in half and gives a side to whistler and tells him that he’s going to have to watch the guard from alex’s cell. whistler says “i thought we were just stringing alex along” and michael says “well we’ve run out of string”. so whistler leaves for alex’s cell.

Lincoln meanwhile is at the hotel room talking with whistler’s girlfriend (i forgot her name) and they are going over different maps and trying to figure out an escape plan for once the guys are on the outside. susan calls and says that michael and lincoln are cutting it close and that michael only has 36 hours left. lincoln gets a little testy with her and she tells him to calm down and that it looks like lincoln and michael are in over their heads. then right after she says that she says “there was a bad joke about sara somewhere in there”. HAHA!! that was funny b/c it was so incredible LAME on the writers part. and as a personal note, i don’t like this susan lady. she’s a bad actress and adds nothing to the show. they should kill her off too. anyway, then we shift to sucre who is at a bus stop eating powder doughnuts and a black SUV pulls up and asks if if sucre is the gravedigger at the prison. and sucre says yes. this man gets out and asks sucre to take in a package to the prison and sucre says he doesn’t acutally go inside the prison. the suv guy says neither did the other gravedigger but that it always got done. he says this is a one time deal and he’ll give sucre $5000 to do it. so sucre agrees and takes the package (we never find out what’s it in by the way). this is so dumb on sucre’s part b/c anytime someone says it’s a one time deal they’re lieing. and he’s being selfish b/c now he just added another element and risk to the whole operation so he can have some money. GRRR sucre! stay focused!!

so whistler is in the cell with alex watching the guard and he tries to make small talk with alex. he notices that at 3:13 the guard turns away and then clocks the guard not looking for 6 min. so he goes back to report this to michael and michael says that they’re going to create a short in the radio and television during the game tomorrow using a microwave that some guy has in his cell. while he’s telling whistler this the new guy is outside the cell listening but when michael goes out there he doesn’t see anyone. and he didn’t see the guy before b/c he put up a sheet in his cell so no one could look in and see what they were doing. turns out that alex had been watching this new guy and saw him go into the cell and come back out. when the new guy comes out, alex confronts him and tells him that rule number one is to mind your business. and at some point earlier, the new guy is at the water pump and is rinsing his mouth out and then spiting the water on the ground. belick tells him that he better not let anyone see him doing this b/c water is hard to come by. then belick offers him cheese and tells the new guy that his clothes were taken from him when he came in and that this new guy better play it safe. and the new guy asks belick why the americans don’t stick together and belick says it’s every man for himself. i don’t really know what the point of that exchange was other than to give belick something to say in this episode which is really a waste of tv time. again, they need to kill him off.

then we shift to lechero and his office and he goes in to where t-bag is counting the money and tells t-bag that he needs to report information to him. t-bag says he doesn’t have any to report and lechero tells him to listen harder. then lechero’s whore nun shows up and lechero tells t-bag to relax and go watch the game with the others. then we see lincoln and whistler’s girlfriend driving in a car and lincoln is asking her how she met whistler and she says in a bar. they’re making small talk and driving on this road when all of a sudden there are guards and cops on the road. they make them get out of the car and demand to know what they’re doing. they say it’s a private road and that all roads within two miles of the prison are private. the girlfriend tells them that they didn’t know and were just out for a drive and she was showing her friend different sights in panama. anyway, cops let them go but tell them the next time that he sees them on the road he’ll kill them.

back in the prison, whistler gets a hammock from somewhere and they start taking it apart to make a rope. also michael gets the microwave and starts messing around with the wires and all the while he’s explaining what it is he’s doing. i didn’t understand all the mumbo jumbo he was saying. something about when he was in his third year of engineering school they learned blah blah blah. and when he finishes talking whister says “you must have won all the elementry science fairs” and michael just looks at him. HAHA! another lame line on the writers part. anyway, the plug it into the light on the ceiling and it shorts out the soccer game everyone is listening to. then we shift to lincoln who is getting “supplies” from some shop owner on the beach. all i could see that he got was a watch and a cooler. they get back in the car and drive to another location on the beach that’s secluded. back with lechero, his girlfriend is telling him that some guy won’t make payments for lechero anymore. and lechero is angry and tells her to tell this guy he has to. the girlfriend said she did but he won’t do it and that she has to have money. lechero says he doesn’t pay for sex and the girlfriend says that she has to have money and that she doesn’t sleep with anyone else and lechero says well neither do i. (which i thought was a little humorous)

sucre ends up putting the package in a crate with some avocados and one of the gaurds sees him on the food truck and questions him. sucre makes something up and the guard lets him go but he’s now a little suspicious to sucre. way to go idiot! the package makes it inside and sammy slips it in his pocket. t-bag is making his drug rounds and gives some to alex and says that lechero is short on money. alex says that he doesn’t have any to give and t-bag tells him not to worry about it that he would take care of it and for now they can just start a tab. he turns and walks away but gives this sinister grin and so you know he’s up to something with alex. he’s going to use him for something later. so alex is no high and walking around his cell and goes to the window and pulls out that paper cup he got in the begining of the episode. michael, after shorting out the soccer game, takes a look out the window to watch the guard and the guard turns toward the window and shoots. then they break to commercial.

ok we’re back. the guard really did shoot at michael and all of a sudden these sirens go off and the kid comes running in and everyone is running and he yells to michael that they have to get out to the courtyard b/c the guards are coming in. lechero tells t-bag that he has to stay behind and hide his girlfriend and the guards can not let them see her. meanwhile everyone else is on their knees in the courtyard with their hands behind their heads. lechero wants to know why they are in there and the main guard says that someone was pointing a gun though the window at his men. all of the guards go searching through the prison looking for this gun. t-bag has this girl in a closet hiding and he tells her to relax and that guards are not going to find her. she’s going on about how she’s a bad person and he tells her that everyone is their own way is a prosititute and that she’s a queen. yeah, it didn’t make sense to me either but whatever. the guards never find them which is lame b/c why wouldn’t they open the closet? anyway, the guards find michael’s 1/2 of the binoculer and they want to know who’s cell is in the corner. oh yeah, after they find it they put a chain around the cell door and lock it. so they start asking random people if it’s their cell and no one will answer. so everyone that they ask, the guards slams their guns into their legs and michael yells out that it’s his cell but that it’s not a weapon. and the guards slams it across michael’s face and says that he knows it’s not a weapon but then puts a gun to michael’s head and asks why he was watching him. apparently michael decided this is the time he can’t think up a lie and doesn’t say anything. the guard starts to count to 5 and gets to 3 when whistler says that the binoculers are his. the main guard goes over to him and asks why he was watching the guards and whistler says he wasn’t. he then pulls out some other bird guide and says that he was watching the birds. and the main guard asks why whistler didn’t speak up and he says that he was afraid. he says that two times and the guard calls him a coward. and then all the guards leave the prison. i’m a little surprised by the fact that after this little episode, lechero doesn’t say anything to michael or whister about what happened. i would be suspicious if i were him.

lechero makes his way back to his office and t-bag meets him and says that the girl is safe and waiting for him but that it was a close call. lechero enters the office and she has already put her nun outfit on and lechero tells her not to go but she turns to leave and when she does she drops some money that she stole while t-bag walked out. before lechero could do anything t-bag says that he gave her the money and that he was going to replace it with his cut from the day but hadn’t gotten a chance to tell lechero yet. and he just thought he would help lechero’s girlfriend b/c she wouldn’t be able to pay for a taxi. the girl says this is true but lechero isn’t happy and says to t-bag that he’s always ready to help him and that now he (t-bag) is starting to think for him (lechero) as well. and t-bag says no it’s not like that but lechero punches him in the stomach and leaves. t-bag leaves as well and in the background you see sammy watching t-bag stumble away. t-bag needs to watch it b/c too many people are suspicious of him as well.

lincoln and whistler’s girlfriend are on the beach and he’s digging a hole. they sort of have a little spat and after a while lincoln finishes and shows the girl something that he put in the cooler and says that it’s their escape vehicle and that she needs to tell whistler what she saw and to tell him that they are a team. we never see what’s in the cooler. then he burys it and they walk a little ways and look through the trees and can see the prison. michael goes back to his cell but but it’s locked and he can’t reach the microwave or anything else in there. whistler wants to know what the new plan is and michael says he’s not sure and for whistler to back off and let him think. whistler wants to know if michael is still going to be able to help him or not b/c they don’t have much time. alex shows up and says that he has something that he wants to show michael and whistler. so they start heading over to another window with alex. as they’re crossing the courtyard, the new guy comes up to whistler and says that he knows him. whistler says no he doesn’t and the new guy says something about 1997 and seeing whistler with the ambassador. whistler says no and goes to rejoin michael and alex. both of them just look at whistler for a moment and whistler says that the guy is out of his mind. michael doesn’t buy it though.

anyway, alex shows them the guards changing and michaels says he already knows this but alex tells him to watch the guard. the guard is drinking something and throws the cup on the ground and michael asks alex where he got his cup. and alex says that it blew in. and that everyday this guard drinks the same thing in the morning and night and if they can get to the cup they can get to the man b/c everyone has an addiction. michael says “we have to move now” and walks out of the cell.

then we go to sucre waiting at a bus stop and the SUV guy shows up again. he gives sucre the money and another package and sucre says he thought it was just the one time. the guy tells him that he needs sucre to make another deliver. some big thug guy gets out of the suv and so sucre takes the package to make another delivery.

unfortunatly, prison break is not going to be on for the next two weeks. but the third week is going to be a 2 hour mid-season finale. i’m very anxious for that but i think the tv scheduling sucks and wish they would just show the whole season without any breaks. i don’t know how long the break after the finale will be. probably a couple of months.

Episode 6 (part 1 of 2 hour show)

ok by the title you can see that it was a two hour episode so i’m breaking it down to two parts.

We start off seeing Sammy stealing a ring from one of the other inmates and offer it to lechero. lechero tells him that he can keep it if he wants so sammy does. lechero, sammy, and lechero’s other men are walking through the hallways out to the courtyard. as they walk out onto the courtyard, McGrady (the kid always playing basketball) shoots his ball up on the painted basket and it knocks over a trash barrel full of corn husks on the feet of lechero. he’s scared but starts apologizing and lechero says it’s not big deal, not to worry. lechero leans over and picks something up off the ground but we don’t see what it is. we do see that his hand is severly burned or something. i don’t know if this is going to come in to play later or not. then we cut to michael talking to the new guy and asking him about what he said last week to whistler about seeing him with the ambassador. the new guy (don’t know name) says that he didn’t see him WITH the ambassador but AT the ambassador. as in the hotel. i guess whistler worked there? but then the new guy said maybe he was wrong, he was pretty new and whistler wasn’t there long.

Now we cut to michael, alex, and whistler talking about the plan and going through it one more time. they reiterate that they are leaving at exactly 3:13 and alex wants to know what is going to happen once they cross the wall. michael says that it’s taken care of but won’t say more but that right now they need to concentrate on finding a ladder. alex also says that they need more of that spray on the fence and michael agrees but says there is no time and and they have to make do. and whistler adds in something like besides there is no body. are you proposing we just kill someone to get some added spray. and alex says something like whatever it takes or i would kill you if i thought it would be helpful to getting us out of here. then alex is standing on a balcony looking out onto the courtyard and whistler comes up and hands him a hammock and says that it’s a little shorter than the last one he had. Alex notices that the new guy is in the courtyard and is watching whistler. he says to whistler that he doesn’t care why he’s in here or what he’s done but he does care that the new guy is watching him all the time. whistler says not to worry about it, it won’t be a problem.

Belick is in the courtyard and walks up to the new guy in line and asks if he wants to come by his cell later and roll dice with him (he has two in his hands). belick is just trying to make friends with the guy but the guy starts talking loudly and making a big deal about belick being there. and implies that belick is wanting to have sex with him and all the other inmates standing around start laughing. then the new guy shoves belick, so belick leaves. meanwhile, michael goes and meets lincoln at the fence. at this point they only have three hours until the escape. michael wants to see the photos but lincoln says no he doesn’t have them. so michael says that he had better see the photos of sara and LJ by 2:30 or the whole thing is going to be called off. He also tells lincoln that he needs to sleep something in the coffee of the guard in the tower to make him pass out. he gives lincoln the paper cup alex picked up in the courtyard. The company doesn’t think they’re making their escape until nine that night.

susan is giving LJ some cheese – i have no idea why – and she tells him that a while ago she was on a mission and was captured. she heard the helicopters and thought it was going to be a rescue mission so she somehow escaped but in her escape she was captured again and it turned out that it was an exchange mission not rescue. after she tried to leave, they thought she was trying to sabatoge it and wouldn’t let her go and then they did stuff to her. she tells LJ this b/c she says this is an exchange – him for whistler- and that his dad better not try to play hero or she will kill LJ.

Then we go to sammy and t-bag back in prison. sammy tells t-bag that he’s thirsty and that t-bag needs to get him something to drink and then he calls him boy. so t-bag says he moved up the chain and doesn’t have to do that stuff anymore and calls sammy boy. sammy gets mad and it looks like there might be a fight between them because sammy also grabs the chicken foot but then lechero comes over and stops it. he makes everyone leave except t-bag and wants to know if he’s heard anything. but t-bag doesn’t really have anything to say although he says that sammy is a little suspicious. lechero is not happy that t-bag doesn’t have any news and tells him that he’d better start listening harder and doesn’t want to hear any theories he may have.

Lincoln gets in the car with sucre and sophia (wistler’s girlfriend) and asks her if she knows where the coffee stand is that has those cups. Lincoln then calls susan and says that he needs something from here but we don’t hear what. michael is then looking around a cell and the guard when sammy and some other guy come in. apparently the cell michael is in and the one they need to escape from is sammy’s. he over hears a conversation between them about some cigars that are in the room. the one guy says to sammy that’s he’s been holding out on him by not telling him about the cigars. sammy says that he can have them all if he wants. by the way, the cigars are coming from lechero’s contact on the outside i guess as a gift. at any rate sammy really isn’t supposed to have them and that may be why he’s so willing to share them. meanwhile michael uses a butter knife to open the lock on a door and sneak out.

Alex now gets a visitor from the FBI lady that was on his team in season two. she says that she was able to work out a great deal that would get alex only 8 years and they would move him out of sona in 48 hours. all alex would have to do is testify but alex says no deal and walks away. so michael and whistler are making the ladder out of the hammock and whistler gives michael a note to give to his girlfriend if for some reason he doesn’t make it out alive and asks michael if he wants to do the same but michael says that lincoln will take care of that. as they’re sitting there they hear the inmates being loud and whistler asks if the soccer game started early. so they all go out into the courtyard and they’re carrying the new guy who is now dead. his body was found by the stairwell and lechero is pissed b/c this means that someone broke the rule. if you have a problem with someone you are supposed to fight it out with everyone there and lechero demands to know who did it.

so now lechero is up in his office/room and they bring mcgrady (basketball kid). he says he didn’t do it and lechero says he knows that he didn’t do it but he plays basketball by the stairwell everyday and must have seen something. he gives some speech about justice blah blah and finally the kid said he did see a man go down there and then heard an argument a min later. lecheo asks who the man was that went down there. cut to comericial.

alex, whistler, and michael are back in the cell and michael wants to talk about what they just saw. he starts to put blame on alex b/c earlier alex had said that he would kill another person if it would help. but of course alex denies it. then sammy shows up and takes whistler and whistler says that he doesn’t have any information and sammy says lechero doesn’t want information but a confession. michael yells out to sammy that whistler is innocent but he is taken away anyway. then he turns to alex and says that it looked professional and alex still says it’s not him but that he was out in visitation earlier.

whistler tells lechero that he didn’t do it and goes into this long explanation of why it wouldn’t be him. and he talks about his political/rich clout on the outside but then lechero tells him a story about his mom. i guess they were really poor and his mom cleaned for a rich man and one day he got her alone and raped her. lechero went back to the house disguised as a milkman – hence his name lechero – and killed the guy. so he’s not impressed with people with money. while he’s talking to whistler, t-bag is standing in the back of the room and swipes the ring that sammy stole from the table without anyone seeing him. whistler talks to lechero about being innocent until proven guilty and that he has to have more than the word of one person. lechero agrees but won’t let whistler leave the room. meanwhile belick is in his cell rolling his dice and michael comes in and accuses belick of killing the guy b/c of what happened in the courtyard. but belick denies it and asks michael how many times he could have shot him but didn’t. he says that he can’t even kill himself. at this point you are compelled to feel bad for belick b/c he is only full of despair. but don’t. remember season one when the guy was a total jerk so he deserves everything he gets. then sammy confronts t-bag about the fight between them and threatens him.

lincoln gets some drug from susan that he’s going to use to put in the guard’s coffee and he asks her for pics of sara and susan says she thinks they can put something together. sucre then points out the guard to lincoln at the coffe shop but then is called by another guard to get going to the prison to bury another body. the guard comes over and lincoln puts the drug in a cup. then as the guard takes another cup lincoln “accidently” bumps him and spills the coffee. he offers the guard his cup (with the drugs in it) but the lady at the coffee shop gives the guard a new cup. so sophia seeing this, unbuttons her shirt and walks up to lincoln and asks for a ride into sona. lincoln says he’s going the other way. the guard overhears this and offers to give her a ride. she takes the cup from lincoln and gets into the truck with the guard.

michael runs into t-bag who tells michael to frame sammy for killing the guy. he gives michael sammy’s ring and tells him to plant it down at the stairwell. then lechero will have to believe that sammy did it b/c there will be proof. he tells michael that if he wants to save whistler someone was going to have to die. then he says “this is sona. let someone who’s killed before and got away with it now take the fall.” and michael says, “you mean like you?” but michael takes the ring and heads to the stairwell but he hesitates. lechero is talking with whistler and tells him that he doesn’t trust anyone today.

so the guard starts to put the moves on sophia in the truck. he pulls over and it’s obvious what he wants but she says that she’s lechero’s girlfiend and the guard backs off and continues driving to sona. all this time, lincoln had been following them and was prepared to kill the guy. which would have been dumb but whatever. sophia was able to switch cups with the guard so now he has the one with the drugs in it. also during this, susan calls lincoln and he says that they were having problems drugging the guard but everything is ok now. she asks why he’s drugging him now when they aren’t supposed to be breaking out until nine and the drugs only take an hour to work. busted!!

michael does not drop the ring but instead goes into alex’s cell and finds a bloody shard of glass and shows it to alex. alex is still denying. susan goes to LJ and tells him that his dad is trying to be a hero and now he’s going to die. so she’s just about ready to cut off his head when her phone rings and it’s lincoln. she wants to know the truth so he tells her the real plan. way to mess stuff up lincoln. back in prison, alex gets another visit from the FBI lady and an FBI guy who was a real jerk in season 2 to alex. they present him with the deal again only this time if he agrees they’ll get him out immediately. they say that he will have a hearing in one hour. so alex takes the deal b/c he knows michael is telling lechero about the glass. and sure enough michael gives it to lechero and right at that moment alex is being escorted out of prison. lechero goes to kill whistler and michael yells out that lechero is a joke and nothing but a dictator and a murderer. lechero says yes he is and stabs….one of the other guys in his own gang in the stomach!!! it’s the guy that asked sammy for the cigars. and lechero then says that he found a used cigar in with the corn husks that morning and knew he was being betrayed b/c those cigars came from his outside source. the guy looks up at sammy but sammy says nothing and lechero tells michael and whistler to leave.

lincoln is with sophia when susan shows up to give him the pic of sara. the problem is that sara is holding the same newspaper from before and he says that michael is going to notice that. susan says that’s not her problem and she’s tired of doing favors for him. so michael is now talking with lincoln and wants to see the pics. and lincoln keeps insisting that they are going to play this out straight and that susan knows the real plan. finally lincoln tells michael that sara is dead and that he’s been lying to him the whole time. michael walks away and doesn’t answer lincoln calling out to him. then we see a montage of michael beating a wall, crying, and beating the wall again. i was very glad this was montage with music and not actually us seeing him do this b/c i hate when actors start bawling on camera. it’s fake and would look especially lame coming from michael. well now michael is pissed and he walks out to where whistler is in the courtyard. he tells whistler that sara is dead and that it’s whistler’s fault. then he throws the chicken foot at whistler in front of everyone and lechero says the fight will happen. by the way, the soccer game was cancelled b/c of the death of lechero’s gang member. and as an object lesson to everyone, lechero hung him off the balcony very jesus on the cross like. lechero says they have 15 min to gather their stuff and get ready for the fight.

back in the hotel, sucre is putting money and pictures of himself in an envelope to send to his girlfriend in the states. lincoln and sophia come in and lincoln gives sucre some more money for helping him out but sucre said he did it to be helpful not for money. sophia leaves and sucre asks lincoln if he’s sure it’s a good idea for her to be so involved. then he says that maybe they don’t have to gamble with LJ’s life. and alex is now in the van with the FBI agents and is asking what it is that he has to do exactly. and they tell him that he has to give testimonial about everything. alex questions this b/c not only would he be tesifying against the president but about all of them in the FBI. the male agent says that they are taking him to a hotel first and alex gets anxious and says that the hearing was supposed to be in an hour but now the plans are changing. the male agent says there are two people from panama who got cold feet and they needed to be dealt with first.

so that’s the end of the first part. this is where the first hour ended. so here are some questions to think about, who really killed the new guy and why? what’s going on with alex? are the FBI agents planning on killing him? is lincoln going to be able to get LJ? and what’s going to happen with michael and whistler?

Episode 7 (part 2 of 2 hour show)

welcome back folks!! let’s get down to business:

So Whistler is walking down the hallway of the prison and stops just outside of a cell and michael reaches out and touches his shoulder. Whistler jumps a little and then enters and he starts to say to michael that killing him isn’t going to solve anything and michael lets him know that he has no intention of killing him or fighting him. but rather this is a diversion for their escape since there is no soccer game and it’s almost 3 in the afternoon. but michael does say that he’s going to find out who killed sara and then he’s going to kill them. Michael thing takes some metal object from a cell after the inmates leave. i don’t know exactly what it’s called but he uses it to hit into the cement to loosen the bars on the window. and it looks like a thick metal pencil with a good point on it. anyway, as he steals it and leaves the cell belick approaches him and asks if what he said about sara was true. if she really was dead. michael says yes and belick gets this sad look on his face and says he’s really sorry to hear that.

lincoln is driving the car with sophia in it and he pulls over and gets out. she asks if everything is ok and he tells her that he wants her to wait in the car and he will call her when michael comes. he leaves and she knows something weird is going on. then we cut to susan in a van with LJ and they pull over to wait for the exchange to happen. LJ starts talking with her about his future plans and she tells him that she gets it. he’s wanting to make a point to her that he’s human and has goals and dreams but she doesn’t really care. meanwhile, sucre is in the woods spying on them and reporting back to lincoln and tells him that there are two other men with her, the driver and bodyguard.

michael makes it into sammy’s cell and whistler comes in with the rope ladder and michael starts using that metal thing to get the bars off the windows. they can hear the inmates yelling in the courtyard for a fight and they know they don’t have much time. he tells whistler that they only have 4 min to make it down the wall and run across the courtyard until the sun changes positions and the guards look at the building again. he tells him not to look back for anything. lechero says it’s time for the fight and notices that sammy is not there. the camera shots to t-bag who gives one of his looks like he might be putting something together but he’s not sure what himself. the guard at the tower falls over b/c of the drugs and michael says he’ll go first b/c if someone is going to be shot it will be the first one and now that sara is dead he doesn’t care as much and whistler is more important alive. they are waiting for the glare of the sun to hit the other guard tower but it’s a few seconds late. meanwhile they hear sammy coming into his cell and they hide under two beds. sammy comesin and open a drawer and pulls out a matchbox full of money and then puts it back in. i don’t know what the point of that was but maybe he’s been skimmig money from lechero and it will come into play later but he does notice the concrete on the desk from the window michael hit but doesn’t notice anything else so he leaves. the sun makes the glare so michael throws the rope over and scales down the wall and makes it down. whistler starts coming down but michael notices some clouds about to cover the sun and tells whistler to go back up. then the camera goes back to the courtyard where everyone is waiting for the fight and lechero looks like he knows something is up. michael and whistler make it back in the window before the guard notices them but whistler can’t get the rope off the window. michael keeps telling whistler to hurry but it’s not budging so they pull some curtains over it to cover the rope (yeah i know. why an inmate would have curtains on the window is beyond me). the leave the cell and run into sammy who is looking for them and takes them out to the courtyard. michael tells lechero that they worked it out and there’s no need for the fight but lechero says they have to and makes them go down in the courtyard.

so they sort of stand there and don’t really do anything for a few seconds. the crowd is not happy and lechero says that only one will make it out alive. an inmate in the crowd throws a rock and it hits whistler in the arm and he says that if they won’t make it interesting than he will. whistler leans forward and punches michael in the jaw and then michael does the same to whistler and then they go at each other. i would just like to say that this whole fight scene is hands down my favorite part of the show. even though no one broke bones, got bruises, or barely even bled it was awsome!!

lincoln is on the beach digging up whatever it was that he put in the sand. sucre calls him and tells him that LJ is ok. then sophia shows up and lincoln’s all i thought i told you to wait in the car. and she pulls a gun on him and wants to know what’s going on. but lincoln isn’t all that concerned with her gun. then the one guard notices that the other guard is missing from his tower and calls for backup. susan is getting antsy b/c michael is late. actually lincoln is a little antsy too. back in prison they are still fighting (awsome!) the guards find the one passed out and notice the rope from the window which thanks to the wind has blown down to reveal the whole ladder. back in prison, whistler hits michael in the throat and then high kicks him so michael is now on his knees (pobrecito!!) i would like to interject here that if whistler knew how to do some fancy shmancy high kick then it must mean that he’s had some sort of martial arts training. this would lead me to ask why he didn’t pull that out of the bag to begin with?? anyway, with michael down, whistler picks up the rock and holds it up over michael’s head. michael says end it and whistler says god help me. but right as he goes to hit him the alarm goes off and everyone gets on their knees in the courtyard. susan, lincoln, sucre, and sophia all hear it as well. lincoln then gets up and leaves the beach and sophia asks him what the new plan is. lincoln says he doesn’t know what she’s going to do but he’s heading out to find out what happened. lincoln then gets in the car and susan calls him and wants to know what’s going on. he lies and says that whistler and michael are with him. susan says she wants to talk with whistler but lincoln says he’s in the trunk and to get LJ ready for the exchange.

the guards come into Sona and he head guard makes lechero come down from the balcony. he says that he knows someone is trying to escape and wants to know who’s cell is 212. then he says that he knows it’s one of lechero’s men. he points out to one and asks if it’s his cell. the guy doesn’t say anything so the guard says it must be and shoots him. and he goes off to lechero basically degrading him in front of everyone. the guards leave and one of the transvestites comes and spits at lechero’s feet. so you know that the inmates aren’t happy with lechero and finding out that supposedly one of his men tried to escape. sammy comes over to lechero and says “we both know who would try something like that” and then they both look at michael.

alex is now in the hotel room and is all cleaned up and in a suit. the FBI lady comes in and starts talking to him and tells alex that he can trust her. that she knows what an addict is like and knows that he is one. but he doesn’t belive her and still mistrusts her. susan gets a call from some guy we’ve never seen in another van and he tells her that michael and whisler did not escape and that he heard from the guards that all inmates were accounted for. she is pissed. lincoln is on the phone with sucre and driving like a maniac to get to the drop off point where LJ s. sucre tells him that susan just got in and shut the van door and that they were about to leave. lincoln tells him that he can’t let that van get away. so as susan’s van is driving down the road, sucre pulls out and parks right in the middle of the road in front of her van and she plows into him. lincoln comes up to the accident scene as susan is getting out of the passenger side. lincoln walks right up to her and man punches her right in the face. this was the second best part of the show!! i couldn’t belive that he actually pulled back and let her have it! way to go lincoln!!! he then shoots and kills two of the men and before he can shot her, a man comes out of the back of the van with LJ at gun point. yeah, i know. sucre said there were only two men and now it appears that there are three. maybe lincoln shot the same guy twice. i don’t know. but the gun did go off two times. so now there is a showdown between lincoln holding susan at gunpoint and this guy holding LJ at gunpoint. finally lincoln lets her go and they drive off with LJ. sucre is still alive by the way. lincoln looks around him and sees empty bodybags in the road. very weird seeing how the van wasn’t near where the van was but supposedly that’s where they came from.

back in prison, whistler comes up to michael and says that he really wouldn’t have gone through with killing him (yeah right. i don’t trust whistler) michaels says what happened in the courtyard is over and they need to figure out how to get out of there. sammy comes in and takes michael with him. whistler says some smart alec thing to sammy and gets a punch to the face and threatened with a knife. whistler shuts up. lechero takes michael into a separate room and asks him if he’s trying to escape and michael says no. lechero says that he is reminded of the story of the boy who cried wolf. and then asks michael again and again michael says no. lechero’s patience is gone and he pulls out his knife. and then he says that if michael wasn’t breaking out he’s going to have to now and then he cuts the rope that’s around michael’s wrist. he says that he can’t kill michael b/c the prisoners will turn on him b/c to them it will look like he murdered for no reason seeing how they think it was lechero’s guy that tried to escape. but then he tells michael that not only is he going to escape but that he is going to take him (lechero) with him. dun dun dun!!

alex is in the hotel room and the two FBI agents come in and tell him that the hearing has been put off until the next morning. alex naturally freaks out b/c he’s suspicious that they have some alterior motive for him being out of sona. at this point i would have to agree wholeheartedly with alex. something weird is going on. but b/c he freaks out, they put him in handcuffs. michael then goes looking for whistler and runs into belick. belick starts talking to michael and gets all philosophical about sara. starts to talk about how he thought he was doing the right thing by putting criminals away but when those who are supposed to be the good guys (meaning the cops or higher up government officials) go and kill someone as sweet as sara it makes you wonder what it’s all for. again at this point you almost feel bad for belick. almost.

then we see susan talking to someone about michael and lincoln and a new plan. but you can’t see who she’s talking with. then the camera shifts and guess who’s she’s talking with????????? WHISTLER!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you believe it?? i can b/c i never trusted that guy! but how dumb can you be to show up at the prison to talk with him. granted michael has never seen susan but come on! anyway, whistler says that he still has 4 days to take care of whatever it is that he’s supposed to on the outside. she makes sure that he really does have 4 days to spare and he says yes. and then he calls her by her real name which is gretchen. not much better than susan b. anthony. the camera goes to the cell window and we see michael looking at the whole thing (although like i said i don’t know how michael knows who susan/gretchen is. but maybe her being in all black and a white women tips him off that something is not right. i don’t know).

so that’s how the show ends. and we’re left with what is lincoln going to do with the bodybags? (i can make a guess) what is going to happen to alex? how is michael going to plan an escape with lechero if sammy is always around? and let’s not count out t-bag. he’s pretty resourceful in a deviant kind of way. where is LJ? and how does whistler know susan? and what the crap is his story? as a side note, because of the writer’s strike this thursday will be the last new episode of prison break until jan 14. they’re going to save the new episodes that they have already filmed to stretch the season out b/c there is no way of knowing how long the strike will last.

Episode 8 (mid-season finale)

Let’s first all take a moment of silence seeing how this is the last episode until january…ok let’s dive in, it’s a good one.We start of seeing different scenes of the prison and watching what different prisoners are doing, lifting weights, walking around, etc. Then we see McGrady (the basket ball kid) standing by a pillar and he’s dressed up in a whiteish linen shirt and slacks. michael is walking by and McGrady tells him that he dressed up b/c his dad is supposed to come by for a visit. Michael tells him that he looks sharp and then continues on his way out to visitation where lincoln is. Lincoln tells michael that LJ is still alive and that he saw three body bags. so he knows the company wasn’t planning on letting them out alive. and he tells michael that they company says they have four days to plan and carry out another escape. michael is still mad at lincoln for lying to him about sara and tells lincoln that he should have told him. that LJ is his nephew and he loves him and would have done anything for him no matter what. but that lincoln used him like the company is using them. then he walks away. as he walks away there is a guard on a lader enforcing the bars on the prison windows.Susan is walking down a hotel hallway and into her room. she’s on the phone and you hear her say nevermind he’s right here. Then we see that the general is in her room waiting for her. for those of you who don’t know who the general is (which would be everyone i send this to) he was in the earlier episodes briefly. he’s the mastermind behind the company. that’s really all we know. he’s some sort of general, and we saw last season that he’s also a surgeon and whatever clout he has it overrides the president. he is unhappy b/c the escape didn’t work and tells her that they are ending it today, not in four days. she says this is impossible and not a good idea. some other men in the room push her head on the bed and tells her he didn’t hire her as an advisor but to get the job done. and then he threatens her with her life.
so susan goes to the prison to visit whistler and tells him that the knew plan is the bang and burn and will and to be ready at 5 that afternoon. he says that it’s a suicide mission and asks what he should do with michael and susan says kill him.
so then whistler goes back into the prison and is clearly upset and anxious. Michael is talking to lechero. they discuss the bars being reinforced and michael says that’s their only way out. lechero says he has an idea and for michael to wait to hear from him. sammy comes up to lechero and tells him that their numbers are low (numbers in their inner circle) and if they don’t bring more into their circle the prisioners will be able to overtake them. he points to an inmate and suggests bringing him in b/c he has clout with the latinos. Lechero tells him to bring him in for a talk.sophia (whistler’s girlfriend) gets a phonecall from a guy saying that he’s whistler’s landlord and needs someone to come look at his apartment b/c their is a leak and it’s gone into the apartment nextdoor. she says he must be mistaken but he says that he knows whistler is in sona and that’s why he’s calling her b/c he went through whistler’s phone records and saw this number was called a lot. the company is listening in on the call and informs susan that sophia is heading over to the apartment. back in prison whistler rips out a page in his bird book with some handwritten information on it and burns it. michael walks in and sees him do this. he tells whistler they have four more days to pull something together. it’s obvious whistler is distracted and michael calls him on it and asks if it has to do with the visitations he’s been recieving and says that he knows that’s not his girlfriend. whistler gets angry and says that he doesn’t care how they get out just as long as they do and then he walks out of the cell. then whistler is talking with another inmate and takes something from him and one of them says “you never met me”.alex is in the hotel talking to the female FBI agent about oscar shales and admits that he killed him and felt good about it. then he started having visions and took pills to control them. then when he got into sona he ran out of pills and started having visions again so he started taking other kinds of drugs. she asks him if he wants her to get him drugs and that she came to help him out of respect. and alex just says that he can’t testify like this (all jittery and out of control).michael is watching the guards enforcing the bars and whistler comes up and apologizes about what happened earlier that he’s just anxious about almost getting caught. then he starts asking michael about LJ. T-bag comes up and gives michael a note from lechero and asks what’s going on. michael tells him that it’s none of his business. then t-bag says probably the best line in the episode by saying he better watch it because “information trickles down like crumbs to the varmen onthe floor”. michael opens the note and it’s a sketch of lechero’s quarters with 4:00 on the top. so michael and whistler leave to go to the room. we then see that whistler has a knife behind his back.sophia is in the apartment with the landlord and starts digging through papers and envelopes. she finds a passport in the drawer but the name says gary miller. michael and whistler discover another door in the room which leads them down a stairway and into some hallway. they come across another door with a code so they can’t continue. whistler reaches in his back to pull out the knife. michaels turns around and says that maybe it was a trap from t-bag and that they need to get out of there. whistler then says “I’m truely sorry you got caught up in my troubles”. michael looks at him funny but then they hear someone coming. lechero emerges and has the code to the door. it turns out it’s an underground tunnel. michael says that they’re going to have to dig up instead of through. susan then shows up to the apartment with sophia. she threatens her, takes the passport and tells sophia to go home and wait for whistler. and not to get in the way and ask questions. sophia leaves and susan puts all the papers in a trash bag.michael, whistler, and lechero are talking about what needs to be done with the digging and they hear someone coming down there. so michael and whistler hide and lechero starts talking to sammy. sammy has some of the latino guys upstairs and is coming to get rum for them to drink. he and lechero exchange some words and then walk upstairs. whistler puts his knife in a hiding place in the wall and michael says they should start working on the tunnel. apparently michael put something in the door so it wouldn’t lock and so they enter in.

meanwhile the male FBI comes to get alex to meet in front of the panel. i don’t know where the lady is. she might be out looking for drugs. but it’s clear that alex is a mess. susan is in some control room looking at plans and maps and says that at this point it’s up to whistler. michael and whistler are in the tunnel and whistler starts acting weird and says that he has to get out b/c he’s claustrophobic. michael looks at him weird and tells him to pull it together and asks what’s going on. he says that whistler’s been jumpy all day and keeps looking at his watch. but whistler just says he needs to get out and then leaves. lincoln and sucre are talking to some guy in the woods about renting out some cabin out there for $100 a month. after the man leaves they go out walking and set up a stereo. lincoln fires his gun in the air and they record it. michael tells lechero that he needs to get a message to his brother but lechero says he has to get out b/c sammy is coming. so michael then sees McGrady who is on his way out to visit his father and asks for his help. he needs the father to call lincoln and get him a message. mcgrady is hesitant b/c he doesn’t want to involve his father in anything. at the same time as the father/son visit, sophia comes to visit whistler. whistler tells her not to see lincoln b/c it’s dangerous and to go home and wait for his call. she says that she got a call from a landlord claiming to know him. whistler says that it was the wrong number b/c he doesn’t know anything about another apartment. she doesn’t tell him that she went there and knows he’s lying. instead she leaves.

the conversation between mcgrady and his dad is sad. mcgrady says that he’s never getting out and we learn that it’s his birthday. he asks his father to make the call. lincoln does get the call and the father says “don’t come home for dinner” and then hangs up. lincoln tells sucre that it’s code he and michael had when they were kids when social services was looking for lincoln. so he would know not to come home for a while. sophia finds lincoln and asks what’s going on. lincoln is being watched by susan’s men and they tell susan that sophia is there and what should they do with her. susan says she warned her so now they can kill all of them. sophia then tells lincoln about susan coming and threatening her, the apartment, and how whistler told her that being with lincoln was dangerous. lincoln calls lechero’s cell phone and sammy picks up and asks to talk with michael but sammy says no. then he turns to lechero and says that it was michael’s brother. lechero says that who he calls is his business and he doesn’t have to explain anything to him. sammy is one to watch now b/c he’s suspicious. then lincoln notices some men walking toward them with guns at their side. lincoln and sucre take off and then men try to chase them down but lose them. one of them grabs sophia and demands to know where they went but she says she doesn’t know. then lincoln and sucre come from behind and they start fighting. lincoln has a gun and shoots on of them and sucre hits one with some sort of beam. and then lincoln slams this guys head in the car window and shatters it. it was awsome! the main guy holds sophia and puts a gun to her head. lincoln has a gun held to him. the guy tells lincoln to put the gun down and that he hopes he learned his lesson when this happened with LJ. lincoln says he did (at this point i’m yelling shoot him lincoln! shoot him!) and he does! and it was a weird shot b/c it hits the guy on the left temple. sophia was standing to his left so another inch over and he would have shot her instead.

alex is now in front of the panel and is a wreck. he’s scratching his wrist so hard it’s bleeding. the male FBI now puts together his behavior but it’s too late. the panel is asking him questions and alex is sounding like a luntic and can’t keep his thoughts together. the female FBI walks in and why she didn’t ask for a break b/c i think she had the drugs, i don’t know. but alex ends by saying that he just wants to go home. michael comes to find whistler and asks what he’s doing. whistler says he’s looking for something to use as a support in the tunnel. but the ceiling tile has been moved and michael notices and says that’s a pretty tight space to go up in. aren’t you clausterphobic? right then t-bag comes looking for michael and says that lechero wants to see him and that it has something to do with his brother. lechero tells michael that lincoln better not call his number again but allows michael to call lincoln. michael says something is weird with whistler and lincoln tells michaels that susan went and saw sophia and that whistler told sophia that it was dangerous to be with him (lincoln) and that he was almost killed. michael puts together that they don’t need them anymore and are planning an escape on their own. just then you can hear a helicopter flying low. michael takes off running into the hallway where whistler was and climbs up through the ceiling.

whistler is up there waving to the helicopter. michael runs up and punches him and they start having a fight right there. at the same time the guards are shooting the helicopter and the people in the helicopter are shooting the guards. they drop a line for whistler to hang on to. he grabs it and is being lifted up and michael grabs whistler now both of them are haning in the air. it’s total chaos and finally the helicopter says they have to abort the mission and drop both michael and whistler back on the roof and fly away. the alarms are going off and the guards start coming in. whistler jumps down and takes his shirt off and takes off running and then michael jumps down and starts to change his shirt when a guard comes in and hits michael in the stomach with his gun. then we see susan sitting in her hotel room drinking and the phone is ringing but she doesn’t answer. alex is outside the room on a bench. the FBI lady comes up and says she’s sorry for everything and they have to take him back to sona. then some new guard comes in that is older and apparently is the head main guard that we have not seen before. he walks over to michael and tells him to get up. that since michael has been there, there have been two attempts at escape. he says that michael is a problem there and he doesn’t like problems in his jail. and that maybe michael shouldn’t be in sona. the guards then escort him out.

that’s how it ends until january.

Episode 9

Holy Crap I’m excited this show is back!!  So it starts off with Michael leaving Sona with the guards and everyone is watching him.  He gets into this room with the head police guy that was referred to as the General.  So the General starts to interrogate him about the helicopter and the escape.  He wants to know who was behind the whole thing but Michael says he doesn’t know who was flying it nor does he have any names for him.  The General thinks he’s lying so he puts him in what they refer to as the “hot box” which is basically a large chicken coop.  It’s made of wood and metal fencing and wrapped in plastic to increase the heat.  The prisoners are watching this and Lechero says “He’s finished.” And then walks away from the window.

Lincoln is leaving the hospital with his arm wrapped up and with Sophia trailing after him still questioning him about everything.  They have a little spat and then a car pulls up and Gretchen (aka Susan B. Anthony) gets out and tells Lincoln to get in the car.  Then she tells Sophia to go home.  Meanwhile, Alex is getting dropped off back at Sona.  He’s in the car with the lady FBI agent and she feels really bad that he has to go back and says he doesn’t deserve to be in there but Alex says he does.  Before he gets out, she hands him an old coin and says that it used to belong to her father.  That her father used to work in the coal mines for 30 years and this coin was his good luck charm (sorry dad, she believed in luck) and that it kept him safe the whole time.  Alex takes the coin and gets out of the car.  On his way in he sees Michael in the hot box but doesn’t say anything to him.

Lincoln gets out of the car and is blindfolded.  They are in the middle of nowhere next to an abandoned metal shack.  Gretchen takes off the blindfold and tells him that he has only one minute.  When the open the door LJ is sitting there tied to a chair.  Lincoln runs over to him and LJ says that Gretchen is a crazy bitch and cut off Sara’s head and that he didn’t look but heard it.  Lincoln tells him “the next time you see me don’t take your eyes off me and I’ll tell you what to do.  Your uncle and I are working on something to get you out.”  Then Lincoln is forced to leave.

Alex enters the prison and Whistler comes over and they start talking.  Alex wants to know what happened because obviously the plan fell through but he wants to be a part of whatever is going on now.  Whistler tells him that they are working on something else but will tell him later.  For now Alex needs to go rest.  As Whistler walks away, he looks up at Lechero and Lechero slightly nods.  So something is up with what they’re telling Alex.  It was almost like they’re stringing him along to keep him quiet but have no real use for him.

Then T-bag and Belick are talking.  Belick is trying to get information out of T-bag b/c he knows that there is an escape in the works but T-bag brushes him off.  As they are talking there are some prisoners fighting and one of them vomits.  T-bag sees trouble coming and leaves.  Then one of the men comes up to Belick and tells him to clean the vomit up.  This guy is part of the Latino gang that Lechero recruited to keep his numbers up.  Anyway, Belick told him no that he doesn’t do that stuff anymore and sort of pushes the Latino and his foot lands in the vomit.  The we switch for a min to Michael in his cage and he’s looking around and looks a little pasty and clammy like he’s going to pass out.

Sucre gets off the bus and there is a man that calls out to him.  He has another package that he wants Sucre to sneak in the prison.  Sucre asks how much he’s getting for doing it and the guy says nothing but that he’ll do it.  The we see Sucre walking around the entry to the prison and sees Michael in the hot box.  The General tells some guard to take him a cup of water but Sucre volunteers to do it instead.  So they start talking and Michael tells Sucre to quit and go home because everything is now a lost cause.  Eventually Sucre walks away.  Whistler and Lechero are in the tunnel and are digging upwards but it starts to cave a little and Lechero says they need the engineer (Michael of course) in order to proceed.  They walk out and T-bag sees them together.

The General goes over to Michael trying to get answers.  He tells him that no one thought Lechero could be stopped but he was able to put him behind bars in the prison.  Michael finally says that from the day he got there he had been planning his escape.  The General removes him from the hot box and takes him inside some room that has AC.  So Michael starts to tell him about the people after him and tells the whole story about Lincoln and their first escape and then about how they have LJ and what they did to Sarah.  But the General doesn’t believe him but Michael swears it’s true.

Lincoln and Sucre are talking in the hotel room and Sucre tells him about Michael in the hot box and about how he’s been taking packages into the prison for money so he can send it to his wife and baby.  Then T-bag is talking with Whistler about Lechero and tells him that he’s noticed the two of them hanging out a lot.  Says that it doesn’t bother him but that Sammy’s been watching and it’s everyone’s best interest to get rid of Sammy.  He tells Whistler that there’s a guy in the prison that owes him and if he can get this guy to kill Sammy then he wants to be part of the escape.  Whistler agrees and shakes on it.  Sammy and T-bag watch each other from across the courtyard.  Then we see Lincoln and Sucre in the hotel lobby and they get into an argument.  Sucre wants Lincoln to pay him money to help so he can send it to his baby and Lincoln tells him no but that he has to concentrate on his own son LJ.  They walk away and there is a man who was listening and makes a phone call to the General and tells him that Michael’s story is true.  The General says he now believes Michael but that he needs a name.  Michael says that Whistler knows the name but that he won’t make a deal and reveal it.

Whistler is talking to Sophia and she wants to know about the apartment, the woman (Gretchen), and the passport.  Whistler tells her that it was all for them, that was their escape.  Sophia doesn’t believe him but before they can continue talking a gaurd comes and takes Whistler into the room with the General and Michael.  The General starts questioning Whistler but he plays dumb.  Then the General says that he already verified Michael’s story and knows it’s true.  Whistler still won’t reveal the name so the General brings in this chair (looks like it’s an electric chair) and a hose.

T-bag is now talking to Alex.  He tells Alex that he needs a favor – for him to kill Sammy.  If he does this then T-bag will provide him all the drugs he wants for as long as he wants.  Then we flash to Whistler in the chair but before the torture begins, Whistler admits to working with Michael but says there is no one else.  They take Whistler in with Michael and the two of them start fighting.  Michael tells him to tell the General about the woman who came to see him (meaning Gretchen not Sophia) and then says they have no other choice than to tell everything.  Finally Whistler gives up her name but says he doesn’t know anything else about her.  The General wants to know where he can find her.  Michael tells him that he can find out for him so he calls Lincoln and discovers that Lincoln and Gretchen are supposed to meet at some bar in an hour.  Meanwhile, Gretchen comes up to Sucre in the bar and talks to him about Lincoln.  She is trying to pit them against each other.  She tells Sucre that if he goes back to Lincoln and works with him and let’s her know what’s going on she’ll pay him $50, ooo to send back home to his baby.  She tells him to think about it and get back to her.

Sammy picks out the package from the fruit crate but doesn’t open it yet.  Belick walks into his cell and discovers a chicken foot on his bed.  The Latino walks in and tells Belick that he should have cleaned up the vomit.  Then we switch to Lechero’s area and see T-bag reaching for some food but Sammy tells him that he has to wait.  Belick comes in and says that he wants to speak to Lechero b/c the chicken fight isn’t fair.  Sammy says that they are still going ahead with the fight.  Lechero comes out after Belick leaves and he and Sammy have words.  Going back to the General now, he gets a call saying that Gretchen is in the bar waiting on Lincoln.  Sucre walks into the hotel room as Lincoln is about to go meet Gretchen.  He tells Lincoln that Lincoln was right in that Gretchen approached him in the bar and offered to pay Sucre to find out what Lincoln’s up to.  I’m glad that was their plan all along b/c I like Sucre and don’t want him to be a traitor.  Lincoln leaves the room.

T-bag goes to Alex to find out his answer to his proposition.  But Alex doesn’t want the drugs and doesn’t want to fight Sammy.  T-bag is furious and pushes Alex down and kicks him (just a reminder that Alex isn’t looking so good at this point.  He’s having major withdrawls).  T-bag tells him that when Alex is lying in his own vomit don’t come to him b/c he won’t give him anything.  T-bag leaves and Alex pulls out the coin and looks at it.  Lincoln and Gretchen are talking in the bar when the General and other officers walk in.  They take her away and Lincoln is telling her that he had nothing to do with it.

Susan is in the prison being interrogated by the General and she of course denies everything and makes up something about being a Social Studies teacher.  He doesn’t buy it and yells something to the guard.  Whistler turns to Michael and asks what he said and Michael responds “Turn on the hose.”  At the prison, the fight between the Latino and Belick is about to start.  Belick is going crazy looking for something among some cans and then wraps his knuckles and puts tissue up his nose and goes out to fight.  Gretchen is placed in the chair and they put plastic wrap over her face so she can’t breathe and then they turn the hose on so water is going over her face.  Michael and Whistler can hear it and Michael turns to Whistler and says “you seemed concered for her.” And Whistler says he is “because she’s their way out.”  Gretchen still denies everything and the General says that this is not the first time she’s been tortured.  He has Michael and Whisler brought into the room and she denies ever seeing them even though they both confirm who she is.  Finally she says that she is not the mastermind behind anything but only the babysitter for LJ and that she doesn’t know anything else except where he is and doesn’t know about any escape.  She says that she will drive the General to where LJ is.  As Whistler and Michael start leaving the room he asks her if she’s the one who killed Sara.  She tells him that she has no idea what he’s talking about and Michael responds with “I’m coming for you” and then walks out of the room.

Belick ends up killing the Latino guy.  As everyone is going back to whatever they were doing before, T-bag walks up and picks up one of the rags off the ground that was on Belick’s hand.  He goes up to Belick and pulls out one of the tissues up his nose and asks “Well what’s this?”  Belick doesn’t say anything and T-bag smells the rag and turns his head to the side and just says “huh” and looks at Belick and then walks away.  Then there is a flashback of Belick and we see him pouring something on the rags befor he wraps his knuckles in them.  I couldn’t read the canister to know what it was but it obviously was something to help him.  But now, Belick is going to have to owe T-bag and I bet he’s going to try to get him to kill Sammy.  Gretchen is at the shack with the General and some other police officers and somehow is able to kill everyone (which is completely ridiculous and absurd).  She calls someone to come pick her up and then she calls Lincoln and she’s really pissed (by the way LJ was of course not in the shack).

Sammy goes to the visitor gate and talks to the man who keeps giving Sucre packages.  This guy’s name is Agusto.  So he thanks him for the cigars and Agusto says “you haven’t opened it yet.” and Sammy says not yet.  Agusto tells him that Lechero’s days in charge are numbered and that Sammy needs to prove himself.  Then he tells him to open the package and he walks away.  Michael and Whistler are still in the room waiting for the General to return.  Some other cop comes in and says that the General was killed.  Michael looks over at Whistler and says to the cop that he’s sorry to hear that and that he liked the General.  They are taken back into the prison and walk their separate ways once they enter.  Sammy is watching Lechero watching Michael.  Michael goes to Lechero and says that he needs to borrow his phone.  He calls Lincoln (who is upset b/c of what happened with Gretchen and the police) but Michael tells him not to worry b/c as long as they have Whistler they’re still doing well.  He asks how LJ is and Lincoln says he had just talked to him on the phone so he knows that he’s still alive.  Then some random guy comes up to Sammy and tells him that something has to be done with Lechero b/c he’s spending too much time with Michael and Whistler and that something isn’t right.  And he tells Sammy that if something isn’t done then he and the other inmates will do something. 

Michael is then talking with Whistler and knows that Whistler is up to something.  He finds it odd that a fisherman has gotten this involved about something and doesn’t belive that Whistler doesn’t know more than what he says.  Whistler wants to know what they’re supposed to say to Gretchen when she comes and Michael tells him to tell her that they are still going through the escape.  Then we see Sammy open his box and he finds a gun and immediately loads it.  That’s how it ends for this week.  Next week is another new episode!!!

Episode 10

We start off seeing Sammy talking to Lechero about taking Michael out.  Lechero says they can’t because he’s like a hero now that he survived the guards and it would cause an uprising.  This isn’t really true but Lechero is trying to keep Sammy away from Michael.  The we see T-bag and Whistler looking at each other from across the courtyard.  Alex gets a letter and when he opens it, it’s a picture of his son.  Whistler comes to Alex’s cell to get him for the tunnel digging and asks about who the kid is.  Next we see Michael walking across the courtyard and McGrady (the kid who’s obsessed with American basketball) is talking to Michael asking him questions about the helicopter and if Michael really is trying to escape.  Michael brushes him off and continues to the tunnel.

Whistler tells Michael that T-bag is now in on the escape because when Michael was gone they had to use T-bag and that was the new deal.  Michael says he doesn’t care but doesn’t let T-bag in the tunnel because he says that this is job that requires both hands.  T-bag starts to get upset and Lechero tells him that he has to be on the outside looking out for Sammy.  So Michael, Whistler, Alex, and Lechero all enter in the tunnel and Michael starts talking about beams they are going to need to keep the structure secure and says that it’ll be done in 2 days and that’s when they’re leaving.  Lechero leaves with T-bag and they go to Lechero’s room.  He gives T-bag a wad of money and tells him to go to another prisoner to get some supplies.  T-bag leaves and Sammy enters the room.  He comes up behind Lechero and puts a gun to the back of his head and tells him that he’s now running things and that Lechero is out.  Out of respect for Lechero, he lets him walk out unharmed.

Sammy and some of his new followers head down to the tunnel not knowing that the guys are down there.  They pick up a case of rum and head back out.  He announces to everyone in the yard that he will give that case of rum to whomever brings him Michael.  Meanwhile Lincoln is at a computer looking up the name Gary Miller.  This is the name that Whistler was using when he was working with Gretchen (aka Susan B. Anthony).  Sucre walks in the room and they start talking about the new plan they’ve worked up but to the viewer, you’re not sure what that plan is because they don’t really give any information about it.  Sucre gives Lincoln the name of a guy Lincoln needs to see to get whatever it is that he needs to get.  Then Sucre leaves to go meet up with Gretchen.

T-bag confronts Lechero and tells him that he can’t just hide out forever and that they have to come up with a plan to get rid of Sammy.  T-bag hints at getting someone to throw down the chicken foot and fight with Sammy in the ring – he of course is referring to Belick.  And sure enough he goes up to Belick and tells him that he can be in on the escape if he fights Sammy and blackmails him with the knowledge he has on how Belick won the last fight.

Lincoln is in the market with Sophia getting supplies (we’re still not sure for what).  He tells her that they have something in the works and she makes him promise that Whistler won’t get hurt and he does.  Then we see Gretchen waiting in a bar for Sucre and she’s sending a text message to someone as though she’s Whistler.  It said something about the delivery still being good and she signs it Gary.  Sucre comes in and tells her that he doesn’t have any information for her and that Lincoln is playing it straight because he’s worried about his son.  She says that she believes him and gives him half of his money in a cashier’s check.

Back in the tunnel, Alex and Whistler are trying to hold the weight of the ground so it doesn’t collapse on them.  Michael inserts a little metal piece that only looks to be aobut 3 or 4 inches long.  When it’s placed in the wedge it completely supports all the weight.  Whistler and Michael start to have a little spat.  Alex doesn’t really say anything but notices the tension between the two and tries to keep them on task.  Belick now confronts Sammy and throws down the chicken foot and all the prisoners go nuts.  Sammy walks away to get ready for the fight and Belick raises his arms in the air like Rocky (he’s such an idiot).  T-bag is talking to Belick as he’s getting ready to go fight.  Belick starts to freak out because – shocker – there is no more acetin for him to use on rags.  Why there is acetin in the prision in the first place is anyone’s guess.  Anyway, now Belick doesn’t want to go out there and fight Sammy because he knows he won’t win.  T-bag tells him he has to, and that he has to kill Sammy or they’ll all be dead.

Lincoln and Sophia show up to meet the man Sucre told him about.  Sophia is really nervous because they’re in a really bad section of town.  The enter the room where there are two men.  Sophia is translating for Lincoln and he asks if he has the product.  The man wants the money first.  But Lincoln wants to see it first.  Anyway, after a min of that finally the man shows Lincoln the bomb that he’s put together for him and Lincoln pays him.  Sophia is scarred crapless and asks why Lincoln didn’t tell her what they were doing and he says because he knew she wouldn’t come.  Back in the tunnel the guys are breaking off peices of wood to use as a support system.  Whistler starts talking to Michael and telling him that he really is a fisherman and that one day Gretchen came to his boat and asked for some favors and now he’s stuck in the position he’s in.  As he’s going on and on Alex gives the best line in the whole show.  He turns to Whistler and says, “Stop embarrasing yourself.  We’re not chicks in a bar you’re trying to pick up.”  Then he turns to Michael and says, “Unless you need to hear this.”  And Michael says, “No.”  So that was the end of Whistler’s explaination.  As a side note, I would like to say that I don’t believe Whistler.  He’s more than he’s letting on.  And I was impressed with Alex in this episode.  At least for lastnight, he wasn’t shaking or out of control so I wonder if the drugs have run their course through his body.  He was very focused and stayed on task and defended Michael a few times to Whistler.  So I still hold to what I said when Alex was first introduced last season and that’s that I think he’s really a good guy deep down and is just trying to do what he has to in order to survive and keep his family safe.  Whistler is looking through his book and Michael asks him about it and looks through it.  Whistler just says that it only contains his travel logs but I don’t believe that. 

Sammy is in his room preparing for his fight and Belick is still trying to find some acetin when one of Sammy’s guys comes up to Belick and drags him off to the fight.  They get in the ring and start fighting.  Belick gets in a couple of punches but is really getting the crap knocked out of him.  The guys in the tunnel are starting to wonder where Lechero is and why he isn’t back with the supplies.  They can hear the fight going on and decided to sneak out and get the supplies theirselves or at the very least find Lechero.  They go into Sammy’s room and some of Sammy’s guys are still in there.  They are seen and everyone takes off running back to the tunnel to lock themselves back in.  Michael and Alex make it in the tunnel but they catch Whistler.  Michael keeps trying to open the door to help him but Alex holds him back saying that if Michael opens the door then they’ll all get caught.

Out in the courtyard, Sammy has Belick in a headlock and is about to finish him off when his guys run out screaming that Michael is in the tunnel.  Sammy lets Belick go and head down there.  Whistler is sitting there pretty beat up and Sammy demands the combination to the door.  Whistler says the doesn’t know what it is and Sammy hits him up side the head with his gun.  Whistler tells Michael not to open the door which of course causes Sammy to hit  him again.  Lincoln and Sophia are back in the hotel room and Lincoln is wrapping up the bomb.  Sucre walks in and tells Lincoln that all went well with Gretchen but he doensn’t tell him about the money she gave him.  Back in the tunnel, Alex is telling Michael that they have to be prepared to fight these guys if they get in the door.  He hands him an iron rod and tells Michael where to stab someone so it punctures the heart.  Michael sort of just looks at him but doesn’t say anything.

Sammy walks back out to the courtyard but passes Belick and goes up to Lechero.  He confronts him and tells him that he knows that Lechero has been keeping Michael in his tunnel to which Lechero says that already power is making Sammy mad.  Sammy takes Lechero to the tunnel.  Sucre is in the city meeting up with Gretchen again.  He tells her some bogus information all the while planting the bomb inside her car.  She doesn’t belive him and says that she traced the numbers on the cashiers check to his girlfriend Marie Cruz and if Sucre continues to lie to her that Marie Cruz and her head will be diconnected.  She tells Sucre to get out of the car and he’s trying to reach for the bomb to get it out but I couldn’t tell if he was able to or not.

Lechero is now down at the tunnel and Michael opens the door.  Rather than attack them, Michael and Alex let everyone in.  Sammy sees and now knows about the escape and Lechero tells him that he was going to take Sammy with him (which of course is complete crap).  Michael keeps telling Sammy to take Whistler with him and make sure that he gets out, and that Whistler is the one that knows all about the structure and engineering.  Sammy climbs up through the hole to see how close to the surface he is and while he’s up there, the hold gives way and all the dirt, concrete, and debris come crashing down on him and kills him.  So yeah!!  Finally Sammy is dead.  Alex then grabs one of the Sammy’s guys and snaps his neck while Lechero shoots the other one.  So now everyone that knew about the escape that wasn’t supposed to know are now dead.  They then all leave the tunnel to make sure that the collapse didn’t create a sinkhole visable to the guards outside.  Luckily it didn’t.

Lechero is now back in charge and in front of everyone in the courtyard, he kicks Sammy and the other two guys off the ledge to the ground and has now secured his position as the leader to everyone else.  I don’t think anyone will try to confront him again – at least not anytime soon.  Belick comes up to T-bag and tells him that he’s still in on the plan.  T-bag tries to get rid of him but Belick says that he’ll tell everyone what they’re up to so T-bag has no choice but to let Belick in on the escape.  Belick really bugs me and I wish they would just kill him already.

Lincoln and Sophia are back in town.  Lincoln gives Sophia a keychain of the Eifel tower.  Earlier Sophia had said that Whistler was going to take her there and so now Lincoln says that if Whistler doesn’t take her then he will someday.  Gag.  Just do what you’re supposed to Lincoln for heaven’s sake.  Don’t get involved with Sophia.  Then he drives away.  Alex and Whistler go back to the tunnel to see if they can salvage any of the beams.  Michael is sitting there on his bed and has a flashback of him removing the metal piece from the wedge.  Alex walks back in and sees Michael holding the metal piece and says, “it doesn’t ever get easier” (of course he’s talking about killing people).  Michael is then walking across the courtyard and that McGraddy kid walks up to Michael and shows him all his money that he’s been saving for three years and asks Michael that if he lets him in on the escape then Michael can have all the money.  Michael tells him that McGraddy doesn’t want to be a part of what’s going on and then Michael walks away.

Sophia is back in her room looking at her keychain.  She gets up and walks to the closet and starts throwing all of Whistler’s clothes on the floor and getting rid of all of his stuff.  She pulls out a black duffle bag and realizes there’s something hidden on the bottom of it and starts to rip away the material.  Lincoln goes to the prison to visit Michael and asks if the plan is still going as it should from the inside.  Michael says yes and Lincoln says that he’s working on something from the outside and then tells Michael that he looked Whistler aka Gary Miller up on the computer and says that he’s been lying.  That he’s not a fisherman, that something isn’t right with this guy.  Michael says he’s not surprised but then says “If he’s not a fisherman, then what is he?”  Then the scene flashes to Sophia and she pulls out a metal suitcase from the bottom of the bag.  And the show ends.  So my guess is that it’s either money or weapons inside the case.  Maybe some documents or something.  Anyway, Prison Break will not be on for the next 2 weeks so we’ll have to wait to find out.

 Episode 11

The show opens with Michael talking to everyone saying they only have 24 hours to dig out the tunnel.  The all start to argue and protest b/c it took them 3 days to do it before.  Lincoln and Sophia are sitting in a car outside the prison talking.  Sophia is being wistful and asking Lincoln if he ever wants to go back in time…blah blah.  Lincoln gets out of the car to talk with Michael.  They talk about Sophia and Michael asks if they can really trust her or not.  Then Michael tells Lincoln that they need a new diversion for the guards and that the breakout is still tomorrow.  That daylight is better because they double their guard at night.  Meanwhile all the guys are in the tunnel working on digging it out.  They are talking about what happens with the get out and it’s pretty much everyman for himself once out.  T-bag quotes some bible verse about staying away from the enemy.  Michael shows up and tells them that they’ll have to work in shifts to keep everyone fresh.  Then water starts dripping down from the ground.  Michael and Whistler run upstairs to look out their window and notice that it’s now pouring rain (funny it was cloudless just moments ago) and Michael says the hole won’t last until tomorrow.  Whistler asks him what they’re going to do and Michael says that they have to leave that night.

Michael now tells all the guys that the new plan is that they have to leave that night and more arguing ensues.  Alex pipes up and gives a good arguement in favor of Michael that pretty much makes everyone shut up.  He says something about in order for anyone to get out they all have to work together and they can only do that following Michael.  The McGraddy (the basketball kid) is talking to Michael and about leaving and how he wants to go with them.  Michael tells him he’s giving him a gift by keeping him in prison and that he’s not going and then walks away. 

Lincoln, Sophia, and Sucre are all in the hotel room talking about the last minute details of the escape and where to meet.  Sophia leaves.  Susan calls Sucre and wants to meet with him.  Lincoln tells Sucre that Michael is having some doubts about leaving b/c he feels guilty so many criminals are getting out.  Then we see Michael looking out across the prison yard and talking to Whistler about the electricity and how they need to get the lights out but even then the back up generator would come on.  And they need to figure out how much time they will have before that happens.  Then Michael calls Lincoln and tells him that plans have changed and that they are leaving tonight and that he needs to talk with Sucre.  Meanwhile Sucre is in a bar meeting with Susan.  She found the bomb that Sucre planted in her car and she’s pissed.  She tells him that if they try to surprise her again she’s going to kill his girlfriend Marie Cruz.  Sucre tells her that Michael is having doubts about handing over Whistler.  Then Susan gets a call from Lincoln telling her that the breakout is now that night.  Sucre tells her that he didn’t know about the change and leaves the bar.  Then Sucre gets on the phone with Lincoln and tells him that Susan found the bomb in the car.  And Lincoln tells him that he needs to call Michael to help him b/c he’s in trouble.

Michael and Whistler are talking and Whistler asks him if he would still be breaking out if he didn’t have to get Whistler and Michael says no.  That he believes in paying for his sins.  T-bag and Lechero are in the tunnel working and T-bag tries to form an allience with him.  Tries to get him with this whole slave labor arguement and that Michael is only out for himself.  Lechero responds back with “who isn’t?”.  As they’re talking the ground starts to shake a little and we see a guard truck driving through the mud.  It looks like it’s going to go right over the hole and everything will be discovered.  But of course right before it goes over the hole, the truck gets stuck in the mud.  The guards leave whatever they were dropping off there o the ground and push the truck back out of the mud.

We then see Sophia at a payphone about to dial when some man comes up from behind and takes her away.  Susan calls Lincoln and tells him that she wants to meet in person to discuss what’s going on.  Back at prison, Sucre shows up for “work” and calls Michael.  Michael has him go to the generator and read the make and model and the service number.  Before Sucre makes the call one of the guards comes up to him and tells him that it’s payday and he needs to go get his check.  Sucre tells him he will in a min.  That exchange is a little weird until in in a few min. when we find out why the guard came up to him.

Belick (yes he’s still around) is now working in the tunnel with Alex.  They are spreading honey over a round piece of metal and putting dirt over it.  They’re going to use it to cover the hole after they leave to buy a little more time.  Where they got honey in prison I have no idea.  Maybe the same guy who had the acetane had honey.  Anyway, Belick is trying to team up with Alex when they get out.  And he says that they could be like Butch and Sundance to which Alex replies “Butch and Sundance?  They died.”  Which was pretty funny b/c Belick is an idiot.  Anyway, Alex basically says that he works alone and is only thinking of his wife and kid.  Belick wonders what’s going to happen to him and looks genuinely scared.  Alex feels a little bad for him and just tells him not to worry about that right now.  Michael is finishing up his conversation with Sucre and Sucre asks him about the jeep patrol at night and Michael says they’ll just have to take their chances.  Sucre looks over and sees a guard working on the jeep and tells Michael maybe you won’t.

Lincoln goes to a warehouse and sees Sophia and Susan sitting at a table and wants to know what’s going on.  Susan says that she wanted everyone together to go over all the details.  Meanwhile, Michael is on the phone with a customer service rep.  pretending to be a worker in Panama and needs to know about the generator and how long they will have before it starts up after power is cut.  Back in the warehouse, Susan wants to talk with Whistler.  Lincoln calls Michael and Michael puts Whistler on the phone.  Susan burns the back of Sophia’s neck so Whistler can her it and then asks if Whistler has figured out the coordinates yet.  He says almost and she says wrong answer and burns Sophia again.  Whistler is pleading with her and promises her that he will have them.  Susan burns Sophia again and hangs up.  Whistler is beside himself and Michael is visably upset because he could hear the whole thing.  Whistler starts pacing and talking about how he has to figure out those coordinates and Michael tells him that he can’t just hand them over but that they’ll work something out.  T-bag hears this part of the conversation and then disappears.

T-bag and Alex are now working together in the tunnel and T-bag starts talking about Michael and Whistler.  He starts saying something about how b/c of Michael all these people are in prison and how they should go against him and get their justice.  Alex says that if there were real justice then T-bag would be lying in a dirt grave with the rest of his inbred family.  T-bag tells Alex that Alex has blinders on which makes it hard to watch your back.  Lincoln is cleaning the blood off Sophia and asks Susan what’s so important about Whistler.  She only says that he has something that she needs.  Michael and Whistler are in a cell and Michael tells him that Lincoln called and they are on their way.  Whistler says he figured out the coordinates and is going to give them to Susan. Michael tries to convince him otherwise b/c then they won’t have any leverage to get out.  He suggests to Whistler to give her the wong ones to buy time.  They talk about honor and Whistler asks Michael if he can promise that they’ll get out and Michael says that he can promise to do everything he can.  Whistler says that’s not good enough and then leaves.

Sucre is still outside at the prison and he calls the guard tower and has the guard paged who is working on the truck.  When the guy leaves, Sucre goes over and cuts a hole in some hose so liquid leaks out.  As he’s leaving the guard that told him to get his paycheck comes over to him and says they need to talk.  Sucre tries to think of an excuse but the guard makes him come with him anyway.  Whistler is paged b/c he has a visitor and moments later Michael gets paged.  When they walk out there, Lincoln, Sophia, and Susan are there.  Whistler says he’s figured out the coordinates and right before he hands them over to Susan, he rips them in half.  And then tells her that when Michael, Lincoln, Sophia, LJ, and himself are all safe then he’ll give her the other half.  Susan hands him a stopwatch with 24 hours on it and says that she had better have the other half of the coordinates before that stop watch goes off or she’ll kill Sophia and LJ.  Then Susan takes Sophia and walks away with her half of the paper.  Whistler turns to Michael and says “I’ve helped you. Now you help me.  Get me out of here.” and then he walks away.  Michael and Lincoln are still talking discussing the electricity.  Michael says that at 5:15 the power needs to go out.  Michael says he still has concerns about everyone but mostly he’s just tired. 

Michael then goes to McGraddy and talks to him about life on the run and that the escape has to be his desicion and that he can’t be responsible for him.  Then he give McGraddy the phone to call his dad and tell him to call Lincoln and find out the details of where to pick him up.  Everyone is back in the tunnel talking about the details and Michael tells them that they only have 30 seconds to make their run before the generator comes on.  They all balk at this b/c that’s not much time and Michael says when the lights go out “I’m gone with or without you.”

Lincoln is driving along the road and stops and looks at an electric pole and sees a bus sign next to the road.  The guards are getting into their jeeps and are heading out to their posts.  The guard talking to Sucre is telling him that when they looked up his name to get his paycheck ready they discovered that he is a wanted man.  I’m assuming that they don’t really know who is but whomever Sucre is saying he is also happens to be a wanted man.  Meanwhile, the bus pulls up and Lincoln gets on and pulls out a knife and tells everyone to get off the bus.  They do and he drives off.  Back in the tunnel Michael shows up with McGraddy and that makes some of them mad but Michael says it’s not up to them.  Then both Lechero and T-bag pull out knives and grab Whistler and hold it to his neck.  Michael looks at them and says “you’ve gotta be kidding me.”  They say that they’re going first or they’ll kill Whistler b/c that’s their only guaruntee that Michael won’t do anything to them.  Michael is exasperated and just says “fine. go then.”  Lechero, T-bag, and Belick are first to climb out.  Michael turns to Alex and asks if he wants to be next and Alex says no, he’ll go last and that he doesn’t want to turn his back on anyone.  Sucre can’t leave the office and is starting to get a little panicky.  He sees the jeeps driving and then it sputters and stops and when Sucre turns around he’s surpressing a smile.  Lincoln is driving the bus toward the pole to knock it over.  Everyone is in the tunnel waiting for the lights to go out.  Lincoln jumps out of the bus just before it crashes into the telephone pole and the lights go out.  Michael says, “30 seconds.  Go!”

That’s how the episode ends for the week.  There are only 2 more episodes left in the season.  It’ll be interesting to see who makes it out and who gets left behind…if anyone.

Episode 12

So the show starts with the guys in the tunnel beginning their exit.  Remember they only have 30 seconds until the lights come back on.  So Lechero starts going out and I’m thinking, good grief they’re moving slow for only having 30 seconds and 7 men to get out.  I bet it took at least 10-15 seconds just for Lechero to finally get out of the tunnel.  Then T-bag and Belick leave.  Whistler starts to head out and Michael tells him to wait and they’re kind of like what?  We only have 30 seconds.  And sure enough the lights go on and Lechero, Belick, and T-bag get caught by the guards.  Lechero tries to run anyway and gets shot in the right shoulder.  So the three of them get taken by the guards back in the prison.

Meanwhile Sucre is still handcuffed to the file cabinet and can’t leave the guard’s office.  Susan is in a van with LJ, Sophia, and one of her men and they are listening to the escape on some sort of radio and LJ is fidgeting with the duct tape around his wrists.  The guys in the tunnel keep asking Michael what the plan is b/c they’re panicked and Michael responds “this is the plan.”  And Alex says something like “you knew all along they would get caught and set them up.  That 30 seconds wouldn’t be enough time.”  And Michael gives this sort of sly half smile and says “I guess I miscalculated.”  BWAHAHA!!  So all the guards are running into the prison and Michael says it’s just about time to head out.  So far this is only 15 minutes into the show.  I’m about to either crap my pants or have a heart attack with the suspense and the quick camera changes going from the 3 idiots that got caught in the yard and the guys in the tunnel.  Sheesh.

Lincoln is running in the woods and calls Sucre but of course he can’t answer his phone b/c the guard took it away from him.  Sucre asks what’s going on b/c the sirens are going off and the guard tells him that there was an escape and one of the prisioners was shot.  McGrady’s dad calls Lincoln and tells him that he’s where he needs to be.  He sees the white suburban and gets the keys on the tire where Lincoln left them and heads to the marina.  Lincoln takes off running.  The guards are in the prison asking Belick and T-bag questions about the escape but so far they aren’t talking.  Earlier when the were first caught, T-bag told Belick not to say anything b/c if the guards don’t catch Michael then he can fix this mess and do another escape.  But then they really start beating up Belick and since he’s weak and worthless, he starts talking and tells them about the tunnel.  So they all head down to the tunnel but can’t get through the door b/c of the code.  So they shoot it off.  Meanwhile the guys are all crawling out of the tunnel and hiding under all the jeeps, slowly making their way to the fence that Sucre had sprayed so that it would be broken.  When the guards finally get the door to the tunnel open no one is there of course and now Belick and T-bag know that they were sold out.

So the guards do a headcount in the courtyard and confirm that there are 4 guys missing.  They head outside to the grounds of the prison and the general notices the hole in the fence and know that they aren’t on prison grounds anymore.  The sun has now come up and the guys are running in the woods heading toward the beach with the guards coming behind them.  Then we flash to the bus driver and the passengers describing Lincoln to the cops.  I assume this is going to come into play later b/c it was pretty random to flash over to this. And the cop is asking the driver if he thinks he would be able to identify Lincoln again and the driver says yes.

Then we see Lincoln driving a car.  The guys are still running and Whistler falls and hurts his ankle and tells Michael to just leave him but Michael says that’s not an option so Alex gets him up and helps him run.  Remember this whole thing about the ankle for later.  They finally all get to the beach and Lincoln shows up and Michael asks if they have what they need and Lincoln says yes.  So they start digging in the beach for whatever it was the Lincoln buried there back in the day.  Whistler is asking to leave and he and Lincoln start arguing about the plan and what they’re going to do.  They finally pull out what they’ve been digging for and it turns out they had 4 air tanks, so it looks like they’re going to be swimming.  Susan calls Lincoln and tells him that he better be at the drop point in 20 min.  Lincoln puts the phone in a bag and Alex asks if he can put the picture of his son in the bag and Lincoln says no.  Whistler realizes that he’s dropped the book with the coordinates in it.  And Michael asks “you don’t remember them?”  and Whistler says that he wrote them down so he wouldn’t have to remember (for those of you who have seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade that’s similar to what Sean Connery’s character says about the three tests.)  Anyway, I think it’s weird that he wouldn’t remember the coordinates.  Hello!  You’re life depends on a couple of numbers and you can’t manage to remember them?  Lame.  Anyway, there are 5 guys and only 4 tanks.  So Michael says that he and Lincoln will share but then McGrady says that he doesn’t know how to swim so Michael tells him that the two of them will share and Michael will help him in the water.  They all jump in the water and by the time the guards come through the clearing they can’t see anything and don’t know which direction the guys went.

Back in prison they’re still beating up Belick and I think he ends up passing out.  Sucre is still handcuffed to the cabinet and the guards are still patroling the beach.  Which I think is a little odd that they would stay in one location on the beach when there is no trace of the guys there.  But whatever.  Finally the guys surface next to some floaty marker in the water and Lincoln is asking “Where is he?  Where is Sucre with the boat?”  So the guys are now stranded in the water.

McGrady’s dad pulls into the marina and notices that boat 312 is still docked and asks a worker why it’s still there.  The worker says that it was scheduled to go out but no one came to get it.  Meanwhile the guards dug up the cooler (yeah right, they just happen to know to dig) and discovered it full of their shoes.  The guard radios the general and says that they guys have begun to swim and that they will need to call the coast guard.  McGrady keeps falling into the water and Michael keeps having to pull him back up.  Susan is getting impatient b/c she doesn’t know where the guys are and she leaves the van and gets in a car.  LJ is still messing with the tape around his wrists.  The the guys see a boat in the distance and they can tell it isn’t Sucre and they’re thinking it might be the coast guard but it turns out to be McGrady’s dad.  So everyone climbs in the boat and they leave.

Since the guards can’t get information out of Belick they take T-bag and head out to the guard shack.  T-bag stumbles and falls to the ground and naturally falls right where Whistler’s book is and he manages to pick it up and put it in his pocket with out the guards seeing him.  The guys are now back at the Marina and are changing their clothes.  McGrady leaves with his dad and the rest of them leave in the suburban.  Susan calls Lincoln and he tells her that they ran into some trouble but are in Panama City.  She says she knows they aren’t and when Lincoln looks in his rear view mirror he sees a couple of cars behind them.  They all start wondering how they were tracked so fast and Michael asks Whistler if he still has the stopwatch Susan gave him.  He pulls it out and Michael throws it out the window b/c there is a tracking device in it. 

Now is the car chase and Lincoln manages to knock a car off the road and heads through a fence on some back field.  They show up to the shack that Lincoln and Sucre had rented along time ago.  The guys all go inside and one of the other cars with agents in it show up and there begins a shoot out.

T-bag is getting beat up by the guards in the guard shack and Sucre is still in there.  He sees T-bag.  The general comes out and asks one of the guards why Sucre is still there and unless he committed murder he wants him gone.  So the guard takes his handcuffs off and Sucre is getting his stuff back from one of the other guards.  Meanwhile Susan shows up to the shack and notices that there are shots going off like crazy from the shack but nothing is getting hit.  So she walks into the shack and sees the boom box that Lincoln and Sucre bought and had recorded shots being fired.  The guys had all escaped out the back of the shack and were gone driving in a different car.  Whistler still wants to give himself up saying it’s the best thing to do but Michael and Lincoln tell him that he has to stick to the plan.  Back in the guard shack, one of the guards tells T-bag to take off his pants and hits him with a pipe.  T-bag says something vile like if I knew you guys were like that here I wouldn’t have been trying to escape out.  Then the guard brings in a box with charger cables in it and I’ll just let you imagine where they plan on putting those for electricution.  T-bag is naturally freaked and backing up into the corner saying that he doesn’t know anything but then he sees Sucre and says that Sucre knows everything.  Just as Sucre is about to walk out the door, the guard stops him and makes him come back into the room.

Susan calls Lincoln and tells him “nice job with the boom box.   Learn that on Home Alone?”  And he says “Well you fell for it bitch.”  And then he tells here that he’s now calling the shots and then he hangs up before she can respond.  McGraddy and his dad are driving down a road and there is a huge blockade and it looks like they might get caught.  Sucre meanwhile, is denying everything saying that T-bag is a con-man and that he doesn’t even know this Michael guy.  But then the guards bring in a box with all the files telling them about the escaped convicts and they pull out a paper with Sucre’s face on it and his real name so they know he’s lying.

Guys are in a warehouse waiting for whatever the next part of the plan is.  Alex says that since they don’t really need him that he’s going to go but Lincoln puts a gun to his head and says that he isn’t going anywhere.  And Lincoln plans to kill him because Alex shot their dad.  No one is paying attention to Whistler who takes this opportunity to jump out of a window and fall onto a truck below and make a run for it.  Yeah, remember that “hurt” ankle?  Guess it wasn’t ever really hurt.  When they hear the window break, Michael and Lincoln turn their heads and Alex takes off running.  Lincoln jumps out of the window after Whistler and Michael takes the stairs and runs out of the building.  Whistler steals another truck and takes off and the brothers can’t catch him.  So now Whistler and Alex are both on the run and the brothers are left to devise a new part of the plan.  Sucre is being hauled off into the prison.  Lechero is still bleeding from being shot.  Belick is a bloody mess and T-bag just barely got out of being fried.

That’s how the show ended.  Next week should be another good episode and unfortunatly, it’s the season finale already.  Stupid writer’s strike! 


Episode 13

Ok here it is folks – the finale!  It’s good and really long this week (since I was in LA over the weekend my roommate recorded it and so I was able to pause the show and get more detailed notes.  Lucky for you!)

We start with Michael and Lincoln getting in their car to follow Whistler after he stole some guy’s truck.  There is a crazy car chase for a few min and finally Whistler gets out and runs on foot b/c he got caught in traffic.  Both of the brothers jump out of their car and start running as well but they split up and the camera follows Michael who can see Whistler.  After a minute Michael loses sight of Whistler and goes in the opposite direction.  Whistler passes some lady on the street and sees that she has a cell phone and asks to borrow it and says it has to do with his daughter.  She hands him the phone and he calls Susan and tells her that he’s not with the brothers and that she needs to pick him up.  Right then Lincoln comes from behind and punches him and takes the phone.  The lady decided she doesn’t want her phone back and walks off.  Then Michael shows up from around the corner.  Lincoln talks to Susan on the phone and she says that she’s at the warehouse where they said they would meet and that he’d better not harm Whistler or she would kill LJ.

McGraddy and his dad are approaching the police barricade and have to pull over.  Of couse by the time they pull over McGraddy is nowhere to be seen.  The cops make his dad get out and pull the tarp up from the back and it’s full of fertilizer.  They let him continue on his way and McGraddy crawls out from some hidden crawl space in the truck.  They head off down the road and the sign makes it look like they’re heading to Colombia.  Meanwhile Sucre is tied to a chair that has fallen over.  His face is beat up and there’s blood coming out of his mouth.  The guard comes in and asks if he’s ready to tell them where Michael is or if he wants to get beat up more.  Sucre keeps telling them that he doesn’t know where they are so they guards take him outside.  As they walk out Sucre sees T-bag talking to one of the guards.

Susan gets a call from Michael and he tells her that there’s been a change of plans and that they are no longer going to meet at the warehouse but in the plaza.  Back in prison, T-bag enters and sees that it’s completely crazy in there and that the prisoners are beating up Lechero and they look like they’re going to kill him.  Belick comes over to T-bag in a panic and looks to T-bag as some sort of leader to tell him what they’re going to do.  T-bag says they’re going to help Lechero and Belick thinks he’s crazy b/c Lechero is now the most hated man in prision and he doesn’t want to associate himself with him.  T-bag says that Lechero is their only way out, so he goes over and manages to get all the other prisioners away from Lechero (yeah right) and he and Belick get Lechero back into his room.

Alex walks into a bar and sits down.  He’s making small talk with the bar tender and when the bar tender asks what he does, Alex says he’s in between jobs right now.  The bar tender sympathizes and says he hope something comes up soon for him.  Alex says “I hope something is right around the corner.”  And then looks out the window and the camera pans over to the building across the street on the corner and it’s the bank.  Outside the prison, the guards throw Sucre a shovel and tell him to start digging.

Susan meets Michael in the plaza and wants to know where Whistler is.  He tells her that Lincoln and Whistler are at the table behind his right shoulder.  Then he tells her to bring out Sophia and LJ so she has a couple of her guys bring them out.  Whistler goes to stand up but Lincoln has him at gun point under the table.  There is also a sniper on a building with a gun on Lincoln.  Then Michael nods his head which is the signal for Lincoln and Whistler to walk away.  Susan wants to know what’s going on.  Michael tells her that “this is not the point of the exchange just a confirmation everyone is alive.  You’ll get a call in 5 min. telling you more.  When this is over & LJ is safe, you and I are going to spend quality time together.”  Then Susan says, “When this is over, you’d better run for your life.”  Then Michael walks away.

T-bag is still “helping” Lechero.  He and Belick get Lechero up to his apartment and there are two prisoners there going through his stuff.  Lechero pulls out a gun and the prisoners walk away. Lechero says that T-bag could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing and holds a gun up to T-bag.  Belick kind of freaks out for a minute.  T-bag tells him that he’s not trying to hurt him but help him. Lechero thinks there is an alterior motive b/c he’s going to die there and doesn’t know why when he’s hated T-bag is trying to help him.  T-bag tells him that he talked to the guards and they can buy their way out.  Lechero tells him that it’s a trap from the guards.  T-bag turns around and Lechero puts the gun on the table next to him.

Michael goes to a museum and calls Susan and tells her that she has 5 minutes to get there.  As he hangs up he swipes some flechas (that’s arrows for you non-spanish speakers) from the counter that are in a basket.  When Susan shows up with all her men, she sees that you have to go through a metal detector to get inside of the building so she gives her gun to one of her men and tells them to take their places.  LJ starts to laugh and when Susan asks him what’s so funny he says “that you thought you could outsmart my uncle.”  They enter the museum and Michael calls her and tells her to go to the southwest corner.  Susan threatens him and says no more games, that the exchange is going to happen or she’ll snap LJ’s neck.  Michael hangs up and looks at Lincoln and Whister and says, “here we go.”

T-bag tells Lechero that he’s leaving and that Lechero can fend for himself then.  As he’s walking out Lechero asks him how much the guards want and T-bag says $50,000.  Lechero says no. T-bag says, “We’re not in Tiajuana hacking over a blanket, we’re talking about your life.”  Lechero says, “Even if I could find the money, who would I trust to bring it in?”  and T-bag says, “there is one person.”

Sophia, Susan, and LJ walk into the room where the guys are waiting.  Michael says that she hands over LJ first, then they hand over Whistler.  So then they make the exchange.  As Susan, Whistler, and Sophia are about to walk out Sophia asks for the coordinates.  Susan says, “Is she serious?”  Whistler tells her that he’ll take care of it when they leave but for right now they just need to get out of the museum.  Sophia is insistant on seeing the coordinates.  Lincoln goes to leave but Michael tells him to wait a min.  Finally Susan says, “there are no coordinates.”  and then she looks at Sophia.  Sophia looks at Whistler and realizes that everything he’s ever said to her was a lie and she walks back over to Michael and Lincoln.  Susan turns to the guys and asks “What are you still doing here?”  and Michael says, “If I were you, I would have guards at all the doors with guns ready to shoot us as soon as we walk out that door.”  So Susan points to the doors and says which one is it going to be?  That one or that one?  And Michael says “That door is locked in the event of an emergency.”  Susan says, “What emergency?”  Michaels says, “This one.”  and then preceeds to break one of the glass cases with his elbow which causes the alarms to go off.  He turns to Susan and says, “We’re all walking out of here together.”  And they all do.

Back at the prison, the guards make Sucre lie down in the hold he just dug and start filling it up.  T-bag gets a call on Lechero’s cell phone saying that the money is on it’s way.  Then Lechero asks how they are going to get the money to the guards and T-bag says they aren’t.  Lechero looks over and sees that the gun is missing.  Belick (who is stupid as all get out) asks what about the plan?  and Lechero says, “this is the plan.”  And then asks T-bag as respect from one thief to another to make it quick and T-bag says if he doesn’t fight him then he will.  Lechero leans over and picks up a pillow from the floor.  Belick had no idea that was T-bag’s intention and is shaking.  T-bag puts the pillow over Lechero and smoothers him until he dies.

At the museum everyone is being searched by the guards.  They find the arrows in the back of Whistler’s pocket and hold him up.  Susan takes one of the arrows and breaks in half and says it’s made of plastic (i don’t think plastic really snaps that fast but whatever).  But the guard still won’t let him leave and still wants to see his papers.  Susan motions for one of her men to come up and as he walks over he shoots Sophia.  All hell breaks loose with people running everywhere.  Susan gets Whistler to a van and he turns on her and holds her by the neck and can’t believe that she shot Sophia but Susan says she had to do whatever it took to get him out.  Lincoln runs over to Sophia and is trying to help her but LJ is telling him that he has to go b/c if the police come they’ll catch him again. So LJ says he will stay with Sophia but that Lincoln has to go.  Michael is watching Susan this whole time and runs to his car and pulls out their gun.  He has it aimed at her back and right before he shoots, a museum guard starts shooting at the van Susan is getting into.  So Michael puts his gun away and the van drives off.  In the van, Whistler tells Susan that the book is gone and she’s not happy.

T-bag is out at the visitor’s gate with the “nun”.  You’ll remember her from the first of the season.  She was Lechero’s girlfriend who dressed as a nun to get inside the prison.  T-bag stuck up for her back then and helped her out.  Anyway, she’s at the gate and has a bag with the money in it but says the guards won’t let her inside anymore.  He tells her that he only wants the money he asked for and for her to hold onto the rest.  She goes to leave and he says that if she thinks about leaving with the money, she needs to know and remember that he has been known to have a bit of a temper when betrayed and he’ll find her.  She says a deal is a deal and she’s not going anywhere after all he’s done for her.  The she puts her hand on the fence and he does the same and she says “I’ll wait for you.”  BARF!!!!!!  I do not understand why these women think they love him (think back to season one and two.  he was able to “charm” a few different women).  Totally disgusting.  He even just looks creepy.  I garauntee that if I ever even just saw the actor in real life I would probably have a mini-panic attack before I was able to remember that he plays a character on TV.  He’s just that creepy.

McGraddy and his dad stop in front of a door and when they walk through, all of his family is on the other side waiting with banners and food and they’re really happy to see him home again.  Sucre is still in the hole and only his face is showing when the general walks over and tells the guards to let him out because it’s not working.  Sucre still hasn’t told them where Michael is.  Sucre’s phone rings and the gaurd tells him that if it’s Michael he’d better find out where he is or he’ll kill him and let Michael hear the screams.  Sucre answers it and asks Michael if everything worked out and if the have LJ.  Michael says yes and asks Sucre if he’s ok.  He says he just ran into some problems at work and got held up but he’s fine.  Then he says that he’s about to get on the bus and has to go.  He drops the phone and smashes it.  Then he tells the guard to kill him but the guard says, “you’ll wish we had.”

In the prison, T-bag announces to everyone that Lechero is dead.  He makes some speech (that was totally corny) about equality blah, blah.  The he takes the roll of money that they nun slipped to him and says that it’s the money Lechero had and give some to everyone saying that all cons are equal and the prisoners are chanting this as money floats in the air.  The doors open and the guards drop Sucre inside and leave him. 

LJ is in the hosptial talking to Sophia but you can’t hear what she’s saying to him.  LJ comes outside where Michael and Lincoln are and says that she’ll be ok.  Then he gives Michael the paper crane that he had given to Sara back in season one (there’s a flashback of when he gives it to her).  Michael walks over to the wall with his back to LJ and Lincoln.  LJ tells Lincoln that Sophia says that there’s something in Whistler’s apartment that he needs to see.  Lincoln says forget it, that it doesn’t matter and Michael asks, “What is it?” and Lincoln says again that it doesn’t matter and Michael says, “I said what is it?”

Alex is in the bar and a man walks in behind him but we can’t see his face.  Alex says, “you’re late and you owe the man money for my drinks.”  The man pays the bartender $100 and Alex says, “that’s a pretty big tip.”  The camera pans up and it’s……. WHISTLER!!!!!  HOLY CRAP!  Whistler says something about Susan handling the money and then asks Alex if he’s in or out.  Susan is outside on the phone waiting.  Alex says, “she better handle more than that b/c if she did what you think she did, with Sara, then she’s the weak link.  Michael will find her and then he’ll find you and then he’ll find me.  And I’m not paying for your mess.”  Whistler looks at him and asks again “are you in or out.”  Alex says he’s in.

Michael and Lincoln break into Whistler’s apartment and Michael finds the steel suitcase that Sophia had found when she was throwing out Whistler’s stuff.  Michael pulls out some files with the name Jason Leif on them.  Michael doesn’t know him but says, “if he’s important to Whistler then he’s important to me.”  Lincoln tries to talk Michael out of going to find this guy saying this is the first real chance they have of escaping.  Michael says something about Sara and Susan killing her and Licoln hands him the car keys and hugs him and then Michael takes off.

Then there is a montage of all the characters.  Susan is driving off in a car with Whistler and Alex.  McGraddy is home with his family.  Belick is sitting on the floor in the prison realizing that he’s stuck in prison and that T-bag has turned on him.  Sucre is going into a cell.  T-bag walking through the prison with a slight smile on his face.  Lincoln in the hospital with Sophia and LJ.  And Michael in the car driving with the crane and gun sitting in the passenger seat.

That’s it.  That’s how it ends for the season.  Plenty of cliff hangers for the next season and I’m already excited and can’t wait!

5 thoughts on “Prison Break Episode Guide

  1. Hey, Prison Break season 3, episode 9 is out, its on my site if you want to watch it, very good quality 🙂 Pretty good story too.

  2. I’m currently watching compiled early episodes for season 4… I’m now in the part where Gretchen is interrogated by another assasin… And she tries to pull out a nail…

    I can’t watch it continuously though, since I tend to fall asleep. I’m currently on graveyard shift at work… 😦

    That nail part was a little gross but I guess you do what you’ve got to do.

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