My Weekend 3

I got three things this weekend that should make my life better.  Not that life is bad, it’s just that these things will make it better.

1.  I bought a new pair of running shoes:

s5030786 s5030787

Why I had to take a picture while wearing them I don’t know because I haven’t actually run in them yet.  Anyway, I went running Friday morning and my knee hurt so badly after a mile that I threw my hands in the air and said “FINE!  I’ll look into new shoes.”  I went to Road Runner and they video tapped my feet while I was running on a treadmill and then we analyzed it.  It was so freaking cool.  I could have sat all afternoon watching videos of people running on the treadmill.  When I ran track in high school I remember my coach asking me a few times if I kicked my ankle when I ran and I thought he was crazy.  I mean, really, I think I would know if I kicked myself.  After watching the video I can’t believe I didn’t ever trip myself…literally.  The guy that was helping me was awesome and gave me a lot of useful information that I took to another store where the shoes were cheaper.  Thanks for the help but sorry, I’m not paying over $100 for shoes.  I’m not that dedicated – especially since I’m unemployed.  So I went to a store where I happen to have a gift card and voila!  Supposedly these shoes meet the criteria I need for my foot type.  We shall see.  All I know is that my knee is badly inflamed and it hurts like the dickens when I run.  So…fingers crossed!

2.  I bought a bathingsuit top.  After all the lame drama, can you believe it’s solid black?  I just couldn’t find anything else and I’m not overly happy or satisfied with this one but I was just too wore out to keep searching.  But it’s over and done with and now my life can move on.

3.  Peggle!!  My brother told me about this game only last night and I’m completely and totally hooked.  It’s a computer game that’s a cross between pin ball and plinko from the Price is Right.  To hear it described it sounds totally lame but it’s freakin awesome.  All you do is aim a little ball and shoot it and it hits other balls and bricks and you get points.  When you hit all the orange objects you advance to the next level and eventually the next stage.  I only have the demo version, because that was free, but I’ve been playing it almost non-stop.  Matter of fact I almost didn’t write this post because I’m itching to play.  It’s sort of  like being a kid who has to do their homework before they can go outside with their friends, only my friend is a unicorn named Bjorn.

And there you have it.  The three things I got this weekend to make my life better.  Now if I could just find some chocolate…

My Little Nitch

I’ve been tagged by Pammy Girl to show off my oh so super cool apartment.  The rules are that you have to take pics of the aparmtment AS IS with no cleaning or tidying up.  I’m not that messy so I don’t think this will be overly bad.  Of course, I did take some pics from far away so you couldn’t really see the dirt and crumbs…

1.  Living Room

For the record, not one single item in here is mine.  Not one.  Most of the furniture came with the place, including the TV, and everything else belongs to my roommate.  I’m not a big fan of the Americana theme but it’s her favorite.  Hence our apartment looks like one giant American Flag.  I have to say I tried to angle the camera so it wasn’t so obvious but here it is.

2.  Laundry Room

So really there isn’t much about this place that’s a mystery.

3.  Kitchen Sink

Well, you can see the sink in these pics.  I’m not trying to hide anything in it, I just forgot I was supposed to take a pic of the sink specifically and instead took one of the whole kitchen.  Yum, you can see the cookies I made in the background.

4.  Closet

Now before you start thinking “Egads woman!  What a nightmare!” I would like to say that everything I own, everything that makes up my entire existence has to fit into this tiny closet and my little room.  Considering this, the closet doesn’t look too bad.  And look, you can see Garfield’s leg sticking out from underneath the grass skirt and the exercise ball I finally had to get from TJ MAXX because the Target employee was no help.  Ahhh, the memories…

5.  Toilet

This is my non-girly part of the bathroom

6.  Fridge

Everything on the left is mine while the right side and the door all belong to my roommate.  In the freezer I have the top shelf next to the ice maker while she has the bottom and the door.  Apparently I only eat carrots and condiments.  And what’s really sad is that I took this picture right after I came home from the store.

7.  Shoes

These are usually in a large pile on the floor but just for this post I pulled them out.  I have 30 pair and only rotate between 4 of them.  Some I’ve never worn and some I’ve only worn once.  I believe 17 of them are flip flops or sandals.  Only 4 pair are appropriate to wear in the winter.  Can someone say denial??  I hate winter and even after almost 4 years of living in Utah I still avoid the reality of this being a cold place.  Oh, see the blue bags to the right of the shoes?  Those are FILLED with cosmetic stuff I get from work.  I get tons of it and hardly use any.

8.  The Kids

So I couldn’t think of something to put here.  Though I almost grabbed some random kid from the complex to mix things up a bit.  Instead, I’ll just post more pics of my bathroom and bedroom.  Hope no one minds.  This is the more “girly” side of the bathroom.  Note more of the cosmetic stuff I get from work.  I’m telling you, it’s everywhere!

Now for the bedroom.  If you can’t tell, I have a thing for pictures and picture frames.  And since they all have to be in my one little room it looks a bit cluttered.  My room is one large hodge podge of stuff from Guatemala, Mexico, and Hawaii.  Plus my “bed” sucks.  It’s a hideaway couch but I’m too cheap to buy a real bed.  I only make it on Saturdays but I included a pic both made and not.

9.  Self Portrait

Ok, so I tried and tried to take a pic of me smiling “normal” but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  So here in more typical Nandango fashion is me.

Spokane Fun

This past week I headed out to Spokane to visit a former roommate from our freshman/sophmore year.  I’ve only seen her twice in the past 10 years or so and was ecstatic to go!  When she pulled up in Big Blue I knew I was in for some fun.  This van is indestructable and can only imagine what kind of trouble I could have found myself in if this had been my van in high school.




On Thursday night we went in for our pedicure and facial.  If you will recall, I had some anxiety about the pedicure because I think feet are gross but i will go on record officially as saying that it was FANTASTIC!!  I’m not sure it’s something that I’ll do on a regular basis but if someone else suggests it I just might have to go again.




On Friday we went walking around a local waterfall.  Julia and I wore almost matching pants that day:





On Friday night we had game night.  We were playing Shout About TV and Shout About Movies.  If you’ve never played you need to go out and buy it.  It’s an interactive game that you pop into the TV and play in teams.  The girls pretty much kicked the guy’s trash in all the games we played…yeah that’s right, girls rule!  I didn’t get a pic of it but I’ll post one of the girls of the house instead.




On Saturday Julia helped me get ready for the day:




Saturday night we had to make a run to Walmart but didn’t get around to doing it until midnight.  Leigh and I were so tired from cleaning her grandparents house, well she cleaned and I pretty much just stood there…sorry Leigh,  that we went in pajamas.  This is what I looked liked (those are not my shoes by the way but I was too tired to put on mine and tie them):




On Sunday I headed home and had to come back to work today…blech!  I had a good time and hope that it isn’t another few years before we get back together.  Thanks again Leigh for letting me take up space in your basement for a week!!





I don’t normally like Oprah but my sister went to a taping a couple of weeks ago and it aired yesterday, so I was tuned in to see if I could catch a glimpse of her (I didn’t by the way).  But the show was all about make-overs and dressing better at a cheaper cost.  Oprah coined the word shlumpadinkas to describe women who wear the same worn out, baggy, old clothes all the time.  In other words, she described me perfectly.  After the show I went into my closet and not counting clothes I received this past Christmas, this is what I discovered: 

  • Over 1/2 the clothes are hand-me-downs from my sisters or mom
  • 1/2 of the hand-me-downs don’t even fit
  • There are ONLY 2 articles of clothing newer than a year.  One is a jean skirt that’s too big and one is a shirt.
  • Of the non-hand-me-downs, about 1/2 were bought 3 years ago when I came home from Guatemala and the other 1/2 I’ve had since high school.  Hello!  That was almost 11 years ago.
  • The majority of shirts in my drawer have small holes in them but guess what?  I wear them anyway.

I wear the same things over and over and over.  Right now for example, I’m wearing my favorite pants.  They are army green cargo athletic pants that have small holes in the knees and used to belong to my brother before I stole them from his drawer three years ago.  The shirt I’m wearing used to belong to my mom and is a little short in the arms but since I pull the sleeves up no one knows.  I have on my tennis shoes (I can’t even remember when I bought them)  that I haven’t tied for at least 2 years.  Miraculously, I’m not wearing a hoodie today but have more than my fair share in my closet.

Yesterday I wore these brown cargo pants that my sister gave me, that someone gave her.  That’s a two time hand me down.  And wouldn’t you know, they’re 3-4 sizes too big but I wear them anyway because they’re comfortable.  And because I loved my other pair of brown cargo pants and wore them so much, they became thin in the butt and the seam in the crotch ripped…they’re still in my closet.  Why, I don’t know because I don’t know how to sew and let’s be honest, they’re beyond repair.  The T-shirt I wore yesterday was nice and new from Christmas but the long sleeve shirt I wore under the T-shirt is at least 3 years old and not only has it shrunk a little over time, there is a hole along the seam on the arm.  And the shoes I wore that are only 2 years old are becoming unglued along the sole.

I could go on and on.  What I don’t understand is what in the crap happened???  I used to dress cute and put together.  Nothing extravagant or crazy but at the very least decent.  I can’t really blame cold weather because in the summer I wear the same capris pants, t-shirts, and flip flops over and over.  And the worst part?  I’m only 28!!!  I can’t use the excuse that I’m old and out of the fashion loop, I don’t have kids, I’m not married (geez, after reading this what a shocker!), and I don’t work insane hours that make me too tired. 

I don’t know what happened but I do know what I am.  I am a shlumpadinka. 

Tag… I’m It!

So I was tagged by my sister Pammyshep a few days ago and have finally gotten around to answering it:

The rules are:
* link to the person who tagged you
* post the rules on your blog
* share six non-important things/ habits/ quirks about yourself
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1. I have issues with pointy high heeled shoes, especially when worn with jeans. Well, it’s one issue really. I think they’re ugly. I have affectionately dubbed them as “witch shoes” as they remind me of the Wicked Witch of the East’s feet when Dorthy dropped a house on her and they curled up and disappeared under the house. I had a co-worker that for reasons completely beyond my comprehension, bought a pair of lime green ones with sequins and beads on them. She loved them. I had a desire to find a yellow brick road and send her on her way.

2. No matter where I go, what time it is, or what I’m doing, someone is already there or will show up shortly after I’ve arrived. This is not because I’m popular and people want to be recipients of my charm, but more because I’m cursed. For example, I can guarantee that someone will pull into the space right next to me at the exact moment I pull into mine or whomever is parked next to me will exit the store at the same time I do and it doesn’t matter where in the parking lot I park – I’ve tested it. I don’t know who I pissed off in heaven but they obviously are having the last laugh.

3. I was an RA (resident advisor) my senior year of college. I found out that this really means as an RA you are a: keeper of the peace, referee, plumber, hated, exterminator, counselor, tolerated, janitor, secretary, gofer, judge, and disciplinarian. That job sucked. My motto was “You leave me alone, and I’ll leave you alone”. It worked pretty well for the most part.

4. I can not pass by those Salvation Army bell ringers without dropping my change in. This is probably the only consistently good thing I do. If I don’t have change on me when I enter the store I make it a point to get some by the time I leave or just won’t go in the store. I have no idea why I’m so fixated on this.

5. I can actually read and follow a map. This is not to say I’ve never been lost but even then I can manage to find my way without too much difficulty. I attribute this to all the cross country driving I’ve done. This has come in handy on more than one occasion. My favorite was Christmas in LA two years ago. I had never been to LA before but with me giving the directions we never got lost.

6. For some reason I’ve become quite good at rattling off 80’s song lyrics either off the cuff or after only hearing a few seconds of the song. Odd because this isn’t my decade. And believe it or not, I’ve put this to good use. After singing lines to different songs back and forth for three hours on a road trip, my oldest sister finally conceded. A couple of years ago all of us kids got together and played some 80’s trivia game. This same sister talked big for weeks leading up to the game and in the end I kicked her trash not once, not twice, but three glorious times!

Tag you’re it: