Set The DVR

The Biggest Loser premiers tomorrow and ordinarily I wouldn’t really pay that much attention.  I tend to start watching that show a few weeks before the finale so I can see the changes instantly.  And for some reason I really like watching it while eating a big bowl of ice cream.  Go figure.

Anyway, this year one of the contestants is a man from my home town that I actually know.  Matter of fact, I used to be good friends with his daughters and a bunch of us used to hang out at their house every weekend.  While friendships have fallen by the wayside, I’ve always liked Rick and wish him the best in his efforts on the show.  I now have yet another show added to my DVR and hope you will tune in as well.  Go Rick!

My So Called Life

Two words: Jordan Catalano.  *sigh, swoon, melt*  Yesterday Netflix sent a DVD to our house that was really supposed to go to my brother’s fiance in Idaho.  I opened the envelope and found three episodes from the show My So Called Life.  I LOVED this show!  It premiered in 1994 when I was 15 (same age as the title character Angela) but thanks to those corporate network execs that I love so much, it only lasted one season.

Angela was me.  I couldn’t believe they created a show that so perfectly thought what I was thinking.  And while the show was great in its own right, I really tuned in every week for Jordan.  Re-watching it now, I realize there wasn’t much to his character.  He wasn’t deep by any means, hardly had any lines at all come to think of it but he really didn’t need to.

That picture on top graced the back of my bedroom door for close to 12 years before I finally gave in to imaginary social pressure that told me I was too old to have a collage of men on my bedroom door.  I may have taken him down but I didn’t have the heart to toss him in the trash with everyone else so somewhere in a box in the garage there Jared Leto sits.  But he’s not alone, I’m pretty sure I salvaged Mark Wahlberg as well.

A few years ago I went to a 30 Seconds to Mars show and got to meet, albeit incredibly briefly, Jared.  And while it was brief, it was long enough to look and see that his eyes really are that blue.  And at least I didn’t pull this little stunt when he asked me a question.

Anyway, watching the show took me back in time to my freshman year like it was yesterday.  The clothes, the hair, the makeup, how I thought everything was dramatic and no one except my peers knew how I was feeling.  It kind of felt exciting.  Everything was new, you hadn’t been around long enough to experience anything yet.  Looking back through the years I have some good memories and some bad ones, but they’re all a bit hazy in comparison to what I remember about high school.  I’m sure my recollection is slightly warped but didn’t it seem like we were so much more mature than the kids in high school are now?  I’m sure of it.

Then I remembered during my senior year there was a sophomore that reminded me of Jordan Catalano.  He was the oldest looking sophomore I’d ever seen.  Had the same blue eyes, easy smile, and same sort of laid back style and vibe that Jordan had.  Only this guy hung out with the popular crowd, probably for those same reasons.  I didn’t have the same sort of mad crush Angela had on  Jordan…well crap, or the way I had on Jordan, but noticed him in the halls from time to time.

For a few summers while I was in college, I worked on the landscape crew at the local university.  It was my second summer working there when who should get hired?  None other than this guy from high school.  To be honest I don’t really remember that much about him.  How’s that for an anti-climax?  I’m thinking he was a nice guy, we probably had some fun here and there but the overall memory is vague.  Geez, talk about a bummer.

Well, I decided to look this guy up and naturally found him on facebook.  Ack!  Not looking so much like Jordan Catalano anymore.  Not that he looks bad but when your vague memory looks like guy in the above pictures, all I’m saying is be prepared to be disappointed.

And just like that I remember it’s not 1994.  It’s 2010.  I’m not 15, I’m almost 31.  And I think, high school was limiting.  It was the same thing spit out again and again for four years.  It was the same people year after year.  What was exciting and new your freshman year, became an overplayed song on the radio that you either grew to hate or numbly ignored by your senior year.

But then I think of the Jordan Catalanos in high school and can’t help but smile.

Meet Lulu

Isn’t she just the cutest?  I was on my way to Wal-Mart when I saw her trying to cross the road.  Naturally I pulled over and she became Lulu, my pet turtle.  It’s not unusual to see these little guys walking in the streets, so I’m sure she won’t be my only one this summer.  Almost as sure as I am that she will escape and be well on her way to the Mexican border by morning.  Or at least to the entry of the neighborhood.  Assuming of course a dog doesn’t get to her first.

I haven’t even had her for 12 hours and I’m already turning into some crazy turtle lady.  What would she prefer to eat? (Good grief.  She’s a turtle.)  Will she know there’s water in the bowl? (Pretty sure a turtle can find water.)  She seems to like to burrow into my shirt.  She won’t suffocate herself will she?  See, what I mean – crazy turtle lady.  And the list goes on and on.  Someone needs to start making some local friends stat!

I even went to Home Depot to get some chicken wire so I could fence her in the backyard.  When I asked the guy working there where the chicken wire was he looked at me and said, “What do you mean by chicken wire?”  Well….I mean chicken wire.  Not sure how much more clear I can be on that.

My mom asked me how I know Lulu is female and I was telling her what I had read on google.  So basically it comes down to the males being more colorful and attractive.  I guess there are a lot of species where the male is more attractive than the females.  Which I suppose makes sense if the female is choosing her mate.  I remember hearing of some species of bird where the male has to do some sort of mating dance for the female.  If she likes what she sees, then it’s on.

Sometimes I think of questions I should ask a guy on the first date and always mean to write them down.  Usually I’m thinking about them because a friend is talking to me about a bad relationship they’ve had (or are in) and I start thinking about the things I should find out beforehand.  Like, “what’s your credit score?”  “how much debt do you have and what’s it for?” “toilet paper over or under?”  “Crest or Colgate?”  “Mayo or Miracle Whip?”  You know, hard hitting questions like that.  Well now I think maybe I should take some pointers from the birds and have the guy do a little dance on our first date.   Can you imagine asking someone to do that?  Or being asked?  Hilarious.  Maybe I should do a blog entry on how we should mimic the different behaviors of species in our own relationships.  Hmm…..

Anyway, here’s one more of Lulu for the road just because she’s so darn cute.  And yes, I do realize I would never be able to tell her a part if she were next to another box turtle:

Happy Birthday Mom!

In a couple of hours it’ll be my mother’s birthday!  I tell her I’m what keeps her so young, but she just rolls her eyes and says yeah right.  I’m glad I’m able to talk with her about most anything and that she’s even willing to indulge me in doing things I want to do, even if she thinks they’re lame.

Just the other night I convinced her to watch The Lost Boys with me and though she kept repeating that the movie was dumb and she didn’t like it (how anyone could not like that movie is beyond me) she did laugh a few times and stayed to watched the whole thing.  Now if I could just get her to stay awake during Wayne’s World…

I love that on occasion she’ll say the word suck in conversation and the other day she used the word freak’n in a sentence.  Never in my life have I ever heard her say that and if you knew my mom you would know just how funny that is.  I love it and it makes me smile.

There’s so much she does for me, and mom, I want you to know that I appreciate all of it.  I love you!!

* I just had her read this and her reaction was “Oh brother” when she saw the entry was about her, “Yeah right” when she read the part about Wayne’s World, and “You forgot a comma.” (laughing the whole time of course)   haha  I love it.

He Thinks You’re a Troll and Finds You Repulsive

Not quite as catchy as “He’s just not that in to you” but sometimes catchy is overrated.  Tonight I was stood up…again.  I can not count how many times I’ve been stood up or canceled on.  For the record, just so you know, it’s incredibly annoying.  I guess this blog entry is really for all you guys out there.  Why do you do this?  Why do you set up dates and then not follow through?  There’s nothing to be afraid of, she’s already said yes.  Does something happen between the time of asking her out and actually going on the date?  Like do you suddenly realize that yes, you do indeed think she’s a troll and find her repulsive?  Is it because the two of you are friends and to you it’s not an “actual date” so it’s easy to blow off?  Because newsflash for you, a date is a date.  Do you know what girls do to get ready for a date?  Seriously, do you?  We’re talking multiple clothing clothing changes, an array of different hairstyles, full makeup, etc.  I bring this up because in my personal experience of getting canceled on, the call (or text for those really classy guys) almost always comes the night of, within the hour of said date, and when I’m in the middle of getting ready.  If you’re going to bail at least do it early enough so I can make other plans.

You know what the worst excuse is?  “Sorry I forgot.”  While I’d like to give you kudo points for being honest, I take them away for you being an unimaginative jerk.  What you’re really saying is “As it turns out, I found my ____________ (fill in the blank; couch, TV, co-worker, neighbor, wall, etc.) to be more appealing than you.”  Gee thanks.  I don’t know, if I asked a guy out it would mean that I really liked him or at least was genuinely interested in spending a few hours getting to know him.  And I can guarantee that if this guy said yes, I would be so excited that I wouldn’t be able to think of anything else.

Emergencies happen and things come up – I get this.  But too many guys have ruined this for the others that I’m no longer accepting anything short of death.  And I mean his.   So I guess the point I’m getting at is guys, would you please stop asking girls out if you’re not actually going to go out with them?  I for one would really appreciate it.

Sigh of Relief

I’m back home in Arkansas and the trip was completely uneventful and boring and I couldn’t be more happy about it.  I just knew something would happen because I didn’t have a license.  In trips past I’ve almost run over a litter of puppies playing on a back road after a snow storm and almost hit a drunk man walking across the highway in the dark after a down pour.  This time we didn’t see a single drop of rain or snowflake.  Oh and there was no drunk man or puppies playing in the road either.  I got a new license yesterday and it only cost me $10 and I didn’t have to take another picture which I was happy about.  And no charges went on my debit card before I cancelled it which means my wallet probably wasn’t stolen but is somewhere in my car even though I searched it from top to bottom.  AND I got to meet my brother’s girlfriend for the first time.  I haven’t spent a lot of time with her but so far I give two thumbs up. Really nice and cute girl.  And much better than the troll he was dating before (never actually met her but heard enough to form my own conclusion).  So there you have it, a brief hello to let everyone know I made it without any problems.

Me Tarzan

Remember when I was bemoaning the idea of gift registries because I had to go to a wedding reception?  Well the blessed event was last week and I was anticipating a very quick in and out with a “go you” cheer in the middle.  I was relatively certain I wasn’t going to know anyone in the room which was fine because I actually had other plans that night. 

I showed up at the reception hall and imagine my complete and utter shock, when there standing right in front of me is GP.  Some of you may remember this is the guy that was my neighbor back in Utah that I could never talk to because well, he’s just too cute.

As we’re both standing there waiting to sign the guest book my mind is in hyper over drive at all the things I could say.  I mean, this is it.  My perfect opportunity that I’ve wanted and it’s finally mine.  All these things to say came to mind which I quickly dismissed and then quickly replaced only to keep doing it over and over.  I finally just went with the old fashioned “Hi” which he reciprocated. 

I’m not sure what happened after that.  I don’t know if I was so shocked to hear his voice directed to me, shocked to hear my own voice directed to him, or if my mind was momentarily abducted because the next thing out of my mouth was….nothing.  Not one blasted thing.  He turned and went on his way and the moment was over.  Smooth.  Real smooth.


Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

I Don’t Have a Title for This Post

In my last post I wrote about dancing and how much I love it, even though I probably don’t know what I’m doing.  Well tonight I was on youtube watching 80’s music videos because, well let’s face it, they’re hilarious.  When somehow I linked onto this little gem:

I’ve never watched Kickboxer but now I’m thinking I might want to – hubba hubba.  I’m kidding, I think Van Damme is a creaton.  But this clip did make me laugh and those poor girls that had to dance with him and keep a straight face!  Man, I hope the pay was worth it.  This is one dance that I would have gladly volunteered to sit out.

Obviously I have a lot of time on my hands and while it’s been great for the most part, I’m feeling a little restless.  As I’ve been out and about I haven’t really seen any single people my age anywhere.  Where I lived in Utah there were young, single people EVERYWHERE.  Here, not so much.  I don’t even know where I’m supposed to go to find these people.  ASU is only 10 minutes away and there’s a community college less than a mile from my apartment, so…?  Granted when I “go out” it’s to a grocery or book store but don’t single people my age eat and read anymore?  I suppose they’re all out at bars or clubs but since I don’t drink it comes down to this: me + bars = smarmy drunk idiot that won’t leave me alone and I’m not the slightest bit buzzed so I’m completely aware of how gross he is.  Come on people, go buy a book for crying out loud.

So for fun I typed in ‘singles mesa’ into google to see what would pop up.  Naturally, dating sites were right at my finger tips.  No way was I going to sign up – if you have, then I think that’s great but as for me, well…not today.  But I was able to view  the profiles that were on the front page without having to do anything other than click a button and after perusing the different sites I noticed something that made me pause a little.  First of all, let me say that I know I probably have an abnormal view of “appropriate” dating ages.  I do notice that the older I get the more willing I am to fudge the number older than me while keeping a tight reign on the younger number.  I have no interest in going out with a guy younger than 28  but going in the other direction, I don’t know 35 I guess.  Some of you may think that’s still not much of a range but hey, I just said I probably have an abnormal view.

I’m looking at these profiles and I’m noticing that guys about my age put 12-14+ year range on their profile.  Twelve to fourteen plus years in ONE direction.  So it was common to see a guy age 38 wanting to go out with someone as young as 22 and in a lot of cases 18.  Are you serious? Ok, 1.)  Do you really think an 18 year old wants to go out with you?  When I was 18 any guy over the age of 22 seemed almost ancient.  But 38?  You’re  2 decades older, what could you possibly have in common, other than your own daughter who she probably sits next to in Algebra? and 2.)  What’s wrong with girls your own age?  What is so secondary about wanting to go out with a girl who is, oh I don’t know, 29 as opposed to a 21 year old?

Somewhere I missed the memo because as I said, when I was younger there seemed to be such a division among my age and just a few years older.  We were thought to just be immature kids but now that I’m older, barely legal seems to be the hot ticket item.  Last week I went to a high school play my friend directed and from what I observed, girls that age acted like nothing more than fruit flavored lip gloss and cotton candy fluff.  *shrug shoulders* I just don’t get it.

Well that was a rant I never intended to have.  I’m going to go back up and have another look at Van Damme’s mad dancing skills and maybe I’ll learn a few pointers to take to a club….or maybe not.

It’s a Boy!

I just learned that the adoption process was finalized yesterday for some of my best friends living in Utah and I could not be more excited or thrilled for them!  Fritz and Pam are exceptional people and have helped me out more than they know.  I worked with Fritz for three and a half years in the lab and he’s the only reason I stayed as sane as I did.  I called on Fritz a handful of times outside of work when things broke down like the washing machine in my apartment or when I discovered a flat tire on my way to church one Sunday.  Later I learned that he had been right in the middle of some roofing problem at his own home but came right over anyway because that’s the kind of guy he is.  And I don’t know how many rides Pam gave me or how many lunches we went to where we just talked and laughed which was always what I needed.  And I have never met such polite and well behaved kids in my life!  Bottom line – I love this family.

I first learned of the adoption and met this little boy, Johnny, about two years ago when Fritz brought him to the lab.  He had such a sad and rocky start  in life and the effects were obvious to see.  He was painfully shy and not just shy but almost scared of people he didn’t know.  When I said hi to him his reaction was like a cat about to be dunked in water.  His eyes became huge and he tried to climb higher up on Fritz and away from me.  When Fritz tried to turn him around a little to face me, his little hands were like mini vices that clung to Fritz’s shirt and wouldn’t let go.  Seeing that and hearing some of the stories Fritz and Pam would share were just heartbreaking.

Fast forward to about 7 or 8 months ago.  I was in the lab when Fritz walked in with Johnny.  I think Fritz had come back to work to get something he left behind but ended up having to say to fix some problem.  Rather than having Johnny sit on the couch waiting for his dad, I asked him if he wanted to come into the photo section of the lab with me.  What a difference the past year and a half had made!  He jumped right up and took my hand and chatted to me the whole way.  For the next 45 min. we ran around playing hide and go seek, I let him play a little with the equipment, he was laughing and dancing, and he just kept talking the whole time.  I’ve never seen a kid with so much energy.  After those 45 min. I was ready for a nap!

The transformation in Johnny is amazing and I kept saying to Fritz and Pam that I couldn’t believe it.  He was like a completely different child.  And in reality I guess he is thanks to their dedication and love.  I truly believe they saved this little boy and even though it was made official and legal yesterday, Johnny has been a part of their family for quite a while and I couldn’t be happier for any of them!

Here is just some of his extended family:


Being silly with the judge:


The family:


Hanging with dad:


Johnny with mom and dad:


My Friends Rock

I just have to write a quick shout of thanks to everyone that came and helped load up the U-Haul tonight.  For starters, I don’t have all that much stuff and what I do have I made sure was packed, boxed, and taped before they came.  And I had spent a lot of time doing all the deep cleaning earlier in the week so no one would have to and so I wouldn’t be up late doing it.  But even still, everything was loaded in just under 30 minutes.  Talk about a mover’s dream!  To be honest I was pretty stressed that no one would come because out of the 5 times I’ve moved since living here people have only showed up once and even then most were late and I had already almost everything I could.  Four of those five times were done pre-furniture so I really did move everything all alone.  So needless to say, this was on my mind all week and I knew there was no way I was going to be able to help my dad with the furniture.  But this time around 12 people were there to help!!!  Hallelujah! And 8 of them were guys so all the heavy lifting was taken care of – double hallelujah!!

So to all of those that came to help (if you even read this blog) thank you, thank you, thank you!!  If there’s ever anything I can do for you don’t hesitate to let me know!  Thanks!!!!!