Neon Trees

A while back my brother told me about this band called Neon Trees that he saw in concert.  He said the show was energetic and I should look them up.  Eventually I did and I really wish he would have told me about them a little earlier because it just so happens they are from the town I was living in for four years.  A little local band that pretty much got their start during those years I was there.  I totally could have gone to see them multiple times.

I’ve heard their song Animal from time to time in different commercials and have seen them on various talk shows performing.  Catchy song.  So catchy in fact, I’ve been singing it for over a week straight.  I hear it in my head when I’m driving, cooking, eating, getting ready, sitting in class, and I’ve even sung a few bars of the chorus out loud to my preschool kids.  I’m singing it now in fact.

So here it is now.  I’m operating on the idea that the more I surround myself with it, I’ll become annoyed and block it out.  Here’s to hoping!

Meet Lulu

Isn’t she just the cutest?  I was on my way to Wal-Mart when I saw her trying to cross the road.  Naturally I pulled over and she became Lulu, my pet turtle.  It’s not unusual to see these little guys walking in the streets, so I’m sure she won’t be my only one this summer.  Almost as sure as I am that she will escape and be well on her way to the Mexican border by morning.  Or at least to the entry of the neighborhood.  Assuming of course a dog doesn’t get to her first.

I haven’t even had her for 12 hours and I’m already turning into some crazy turtle lady.  What would she prefer to eat? (Good grief.  She’s a turtle.)  Will she know there’s water in the bowl? (Pretty sure a turtle can find water.)  She seems to like to burrow into my shirt.  She won’t suffocate herself will she?  See, what I mean – crazy turtle lady.  And the list goes on and on.  Someone needs to start making some local friends stat!

I even went to Home Depot to get some chicken wire so I could fence her in the backyard.  When I asked the guy working there where the chicken wire was he looked at me and said, “What do you mean by chicken wire?”  Well….I mean chicken wire.  Not sure how much more clear I can be on that.

My mom asked me how I know Lulu is female and I was telling her what I had read on google.  So basically it comes down to the males being more colorful and attractive.  I guess there are a lot of species where the male is more attractive than the females.  Which I suppose makes sense if the female is choosing her mate.  I remember hearing of some species of bird where the male has to do some sort of mating dance for the female.  If she likes what she sees, then it’s on.

Sometimes I think of questions I should ask a guy on the first date and always mean to write them down.  Usually I’m thinking about them because a friend is talking to me about a bad relationship they’ve had (or are in) and I start thinking about the things I should find out beforehand.  Like, “what’s your credit score?”  “how much debt do you have and what’s it for?” “toilet paper over or under?”  “Crest or Colgate?”  “Mayo or Miracle Whip?”  You know, hard hitting questions like that.  Well now I think maybe I should take some pointers from the birds and have the guy do a little dance on our first date.   Can you imagine asking someone to do that?  Or being asked?  Hilarious.  Maybe I should do a blog entry on how we should mimic the different behaviors of species in our own relationships.  Hmm…..

Anyway, here’s one more of Lulu for the road just because she’s so darn cute.  And yes, I do realize I would never be able to tell her a part if she were next to another box turtle:

I’m Not a Productive Person but I Play One on TV

For the past two weeks I’ve had Back to the Future Syndrome.  Usually this is when you move back home after a year or more and it feels as though you never left but you can’t remember being there.  And things have changed while you were gone but since it feels like you never left, you aren’t sure when all the changes could have happened.  And there you have the final scene when Michael J. Fox wakes up after only a night and yet a week had passed and nothing was as it was before: Back to the Future Syndrome.

Well I haven’t gone anywhere but the days have gone by so fast, I can’t really remember them.  And yet I was here.  Maybe it’s a Back to the Future in reverse.  Or sideways.  Maybe I’m actually in an episode of Lost.

What I can sort of remember is that my brother was in town for a week during semesters at school.  Has he really been gone four months already??  I’m still around kids ALL THE TIME which has really just blurred into a collage of sand, snot, building blocks, and funny conversations.  Earth Day was yesterday and I helped the kids create the Earth in art form using blue/green paint, a magnet, a coffee filter, and a save the Earth sticker.  It was as though I had transformed into a craft version of Macgyver.

I’ve been tanning so I no longer have to write CLEAR on forms that ask what race I am.  And I got my hair highlighted this past week and absolutely love it.  I don’t know why I don’t get my hair done more often.  I come out of there feeling like the greatest thing since sliced bread.  I’ve been feeling so good the past few days I’ve been bust’n a move to old school Madonna in my car.  You’re welcome people I pass on the road.  Road workers outside my neighborhood, I’m talking specifically to you.

I spent a few hours this week laying sod (thank you tetris for giving me mad skills that finally came in handy – I knew you weren’t a waste of time) and tomorrow I’m going to donate blood so my “humanitarian” efforts for the week can be checked.  I also made 5 dozen cookies and have dough to make another two – just thought I would randomly throw that in there.  This time next week I’m going to be back in Illinois visiting my sister and her family with my mom.  Next weekend is also Toad Suck Daze here and for those (all of you) who don’t know what that is don’t worry, I’ll explain in my next post.  But speaking of traveling, my family has been trying to get a mega trip together this summer.  I don’t know all the details yet but I can tell you it looks like I’ll be going from Arkansas to Utah to Idaho to Utah to Idaho to Utah to California possibly back to Utah or if not back to Arkansas.  All in two weeks.  And I’m trying to squeeze a side trip of my own in there to Spokane for a few days.  If you feel like contributing to that fund by all means, go with those feelings and help a fellow blogger out.  No?  Well, you can’t fault me for asking.

Oh and did I mention I’m sort of thinking about going back to school?  Oh how I love that I can make my life seem more busy and productive than it really is.

The Throbbing Testicles

That is the name of my brother’s band that I had the opportunity to see perform on Friday night.  And what a show it was!  Until Friday I had only seen them perform in an acustic show and while it was good, I wanted to witness the full scale, amps turned up, rock out performance.  The night went as follows:

9:00  – Called Robert (my brother) to make sure they were still performing and get a better idea of when they were going to be onstage.  I had absolutely no interest in seeing the two other bands perform.

9:05  – Left house and headed to Little Rock

10:00 ish – Got to Little Rock after a couple of stops. Called Robert because we ( my mom and I) were lost.  Got new directions.  Learned the first band was just starting…they were two hours late.

10:20 or so – Found venue.  Robert just happened to come out at the same time we were driving by and told us that the second band nearly caused a riot inside.  Apparently their gimick is to be controversial to get a rise out of people and start fights.  I really hate bands that do that.  We were advised to stay in the car and wait it out rather than coming in.

11:20 – Finally told the majority of the other band had cleared out and it was ok to come in.

11:40 or so – The Throbbing Testicles take the stage.  I know none of you know my brother.  Crap, none of you really know me but I couldn’t believe the transformation he takes when he gets up there.  He’s a laid back, passive guy most of the time but as soon as he took the stage he completely owned it.  He’s the lead singer and without him the band has no real sustaining life or energy.  I seriously can’t get over how he totally commands the performance.  They’re definitely a band where you need to see the show live rather than just listening to their CD.  Their songs are a little corny, I mean with songs titled “Grandma is sitting on the can so we’ve got about 20 min to kill” what else would you expect?  There are costumes that get worn and my brother is definitely influenced by the mainstream semi-punk almost glam rock bands like Cobra Starship in the way he dresses and even a little in the performance itself.  Actually, now that I think about it I have no idea where his influence in style comes from.


But the show is so full of energy and catchy little hooks here and there that you can’t help but have a good time.  They’ve developed a small fan base that come to their shows that help to build the energy as well.

12:15 more or less – Their set is over and my mom and I are heading to the car to leave.

12:30 – Drive on a street that passes a lot of clubs and bars and see a guy sitting on a bus bench throwing up.

1:00 – Get home

I was looking through pictures and what not and didn’t go to bed until around 2:30 which was dumb because I had to get up at 6:30 to drive to Memphis.  That little jaunt is three hours each way and going on virtually no sleep pretty much sucked.  I was so tired this morning I grabbed the same smelly clothes off the floor I wore at the concert and even now I still have the pumpkin stamp on my hand.  Here it is midnight  and I still haven’t had any sleep and I’m getting up in the morning to drive to Illinois.  Times like these I feel like an 80 year old woman in a 29 year old girl’s body.

Dosado and Promenade

While listening to the radio this morning I learned that square dancing is the state song for 19 US states.  Can you believe that??  19!!  Maybe I should have paid more attention in Mrs. Henderson’s music class when I was in elementary school.   So in honor of that fun fact here’s a little clip for your viewing pleasure:

Literal Music Videos

Maybe some of you have already seen these but they crack me up so much I had to post them anyway.  There are actually a handful of videos that have been done like this but these two are the funniest and the most well made.

What in the crap is going on in this video??  It makes absolutely no sense at all.  I love 80’s music videos for this very reason.  I’m thinking of posting a new one every week just for the laugh.

I loved this video when I first saw back in the day and I still think it’s one of my favorites.  I just wish they would have finished it at the end rather than going to the thriller dancing Star Wars guys.

Click It

In my boredom lastnight I reverted to an old pastime of googling people and seeing what I can find about them online.  I typed in a guy’s name that I used to work and be friends with but have long since lost contact.  Last I’d heard about him was that he was a first grade teacher in my hometown and even though he’d only been teaching for a short amount of time, he was a favorite among the kids, parents, and other teachers.  Can’t say I’m really surprised because he always had that thing – personality, charisma or whatever – that you just knew he was going to be a great teacher.

He and his students put together a hilarious music video parody to Whip It for a chance to win $25,000 for an interactive classroom makeover.  From the little reading I could find, it was a contest spanning the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Austrailia.  Their video made it to the finals but from there I don’t know if they won or not.  But even with the contest over, I had to share this video for your viewing pleasure.  Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

I Don’t Have a Title for This Post

In my last post I wrote about dancing and how much I love it, even though I probably don’t know what I’m doing.  Well tonight I was on youtube watching 80’s music videos because, well let’s face it, they’re hilarious.  When somehow I linked onto this little gem:

I’ve never watched Kickboxer but now I’m thinking I might want to – hubba hubba.  I’m kidding, I think Van Damme is a creaton.  But this clip did make me laugh and those poor girls that had to dance with him and keep a straight face!  Man, I hope the pay was worth it.  This is one dance that I would have gladly volunteered to sit out.

Obviously I have a lot of time on my hands and while it’s been great for the most part, I’m feeling a little restless.  As I’ve been out and about I haven’t really seen any single people my age anywhere.  Where I lived in Utah there were young, single people EVERYWHERE.  Here, not so much.  I don’t even know where I’m supposed to go to find these people.  ASU is only 10 minutes away and there’s a community college less than a mile from my apartment, so…?  Granted when I “go out” it’s to a grocery or book store but don’t single people my age eat and read anymore?  I suppose they’re all out at bars or clubs but since I don’t drink it comes down to this: me + bars = smarmy drunk idiot that won’t leave me alone and I’m not the slightest bit buzzed so I’m completely aware of how gross he is.  Come on people, go buy a book for crying out loud.

So for fun I typed in ‘singles mesa’ into google to see what would pop up.  Naturally, dating sites were right at my finger tips.  No way was I going to sign up – if you have, then I think that’s great but as for me, well…not today.  But I was able to view  the profiles that were on the front page without having to do anything other than click a button and after perusing the different sites I noticed something that made me pause a little.  First of all, let me say that I know I probably have an abnormal view of “appropriate” dating ages.  I do notice that the older I get the more willing I am to fudge the number older than me while keeping a tight reign on the younger number.  I have no interest in going out with a guy younger than 28  but going in the other direction, I don’t know 35 I guess.  Some of you may think that’s still not much of a range but hey, I just said I probably have an abnormal view.

I’m looking at these profiles and I’m noticing that guys about my age put 12-14+ year range on their profile.  Twelve to fourteen plus years in ONE direction.  So it was common to see a guy age 38 wanting to go out with someone as young as 22 and in a lot of cases 18.  Are you serious? Ok, 1.)  Do you really think an 18 year old wants to go out with you?  When I was 18 any guy over the age of 22 seemed almost ancient.  But 38?  You’re  2 decades older, what could you possibly have in common, other than your own daughter who she probably sits next to in Algebra? and 2.)  What’s wrong with girls your own age?  What is so secondary about wanting to go out with a girl who is, oh I don’t know, 29 as opposed to a 21 year old?

Somewhere I missed the memo because as I said, when I was younger there seemed to be such a division among my age and just a few years older.  We were thought to just be immature kids but now that I’m older, barely legal seems to be the hot ticket item.  Last week I went to a high school play my friend directed and from what I observed, girls that age acted like nothing more than fruit flavored lip gloss and cotton candy fluff.  *shrug shoulders* I just don’t get it.

Well that was a rant I never intended to have.  I’m going to go back up and have another look at Van Damme’s mad dancing skills and maybe I’ll learn a few pointers to take to a club….or maybe not.

One, two, three, and four..step step

I love to dance.  I just love it.  I’ve never had any training or taken any classes but I would like to think I would have been pretty good if I had.  That is to say I’m not a total spaz when I’ve gone dancing at a club, if that’s an indicator of a good dancer…though I’m not really sure it is.  I haven’t been dancing in a really long time because something happened to the style of dance while I was living in Guatemala and when I got back I felt completely disconnected.  Now it’s all about pop and locking and my body can’t contort that way.  I really wish it could because how awesome would it be to be an amazing street/breakdancer?  Sadly this is never going to happen for me.

I bring this up because I’m starting to get into a new phase of music.  I know some people discover artists or tend to stick with one specific style of music they like but I approach it a little different.  I tend to emerge myself  entirely into new genres.  For example, I went through a Motown phase a number of years ago.  All I listened to was Motown.  In the car, in my room, wherever.  Then what happens is I tend to burn myself out and go back to listening to current radio songs until I come up with another genre and the whole thing will start again.

I don’t actually know what to call it, jazz maybe?  But I’ve been listening to Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Peggy Lee, well you get the picture.  It’s just so relaxing and timeless really.  Nat King Cole’s voice is like plush velvet and melted dark European chocolate all rolled into one.  And when I hear this music I can’t help but want to get up and dance.  Do a little ballroom, quick step, or something.  Except…I don’t know how.  So I’ve decided that if I ever get a job I want to look into taking dance lessons.  Watch out Julianne Hough, I’m coming for your job.