Who You Gonna Call?

Oooh, call me!  Call me!  I was waiting to post these pics because I had some other pictures I was wanting to post but as it turns out I still haven’t taken them.  Here are a few from my Halloween party last week.


The kids of course had no idea who or what I was but loved that I was walking around with a vacuum stuck on my back.  And check out that gun.  It’s an original toy from the 80’s I found in my brother’s stuff up in the attic.  Am I a rock star or what…ok fine, but it’s still a good costume.  By the way, this is my 300th post – whoo hoo!

I’m Chaneling Weezy

I went to the doctor and he said I didn’t have strep but an over the top sinus infection.  Whatever.  In the meantime I have almost completely lost my voice and sound a lot like this guy before they popped in his new batteries.

I could really use some new ones right about now too.

Heroes in a Half Shell

Last year I was the grim reaper for Halloween but this year I went as something much cooler…a Ninja Turtle!

“Raphael is cool but crude..Gimmie a break”

Turtle Power!

At the Preschool party I’m about to be attacked by Shrek while Fiona pretends not to notice

Yeah!!  I love Halloween!

A Little Then and Now

When I was little, I really liked roller skating.

I’m a little too small to be in those skates but I guess nothing was going to hold me back.  A couple of months ago I was visiting my sister and my niece went to a birthday party at their local skating rink.  We made it a family affair and I had to show the next generation how it was done.  Guess I’ve still got it….sort of.

I’m loving my niece’s festive outfit!

All Hail to the Big Wheel

What is totally awesome about this picture?  Is it the orange/brown carpet?  The fact all of us were wearing footie pajamas?  Me rock’n the bed head hairdo?  Christmas presents from Santa?  The Spiderman Big Wheel?  Uh, How about all 5 of those things?  That’s what I’m talking about!  This picture is so classic, you just have to love it.

But seriously, what ever happened to Big Wheels?  What a total ingenious product.  Here I am at the age of 2 being given the greatest gift life can give, the gift of freedom.  And it was all made possible because of Big Wheels.

See you later mom and dad.  It’s just the open road and me from here on out.

Nice socks and sandal combo.  I remember riding this thing so much that the front tire busted open and rocks got inside but you still couldn’t pry me off.  I either out grew it, or it became so busted because two years later I got this:

No.  Bypass the Stuff Your Face clown game.  And the very styling jean leisure suit.  Good grief, no way did I wear that thing to bed the night before.  That means I actually CHOSE to wear that special get- up for Christmas morning 1984.  And is it any wonder I still have wardrobe issues?  I was doomed from the start.

Look on the right side, middle of the picture.  Yep, a box to another Big Wheel.  This fabulous toy had quite the run.  I know my sisters had one when they were little, before I was born.  As you saw, I christened my first at the ripe age of 2 and was still holding strong to the wheel at age 4.  They just don’t make toys like that anymore.  Big Wheel, I salute you.