All You Need to Know About Me

1. I love chocolate

2. I dance at work when no one is there

3. Landscape photography is my new thing

4. I hate bullies

5. I work at a preschool and it turns out I really do like kids

6. I’m fiercely loyal until I’m backstabbed

7. I love reading

8. I watch entirely way too much TV

9. I hate all shopping

10. I’m a good belcher

11. I make faces in my pictures

12. I like traveling

13. I hate cold weather

14. Slow drivers bug me

15. I’m actually pretty funny though most people don’t know it

16. I wish I could play the bass guitar

17. The longer I live away on my own, the more I want to live at home

18. Public speaking doesn’t freak me out

19. Spiders do

20. No is my favorite word and I’m not afraid to use it

21. I like the smell of cut grass and when guys wear a hint of cologne

22. I know almost all the words to every New Kids on The Block song

23. If I could have a superpower it would be to make people mute by looking at them….or to have high metabolism

24. I have successfully avoided being set up on a blind date

25.Ā I used to be addicted to caffine/carbonation but haven’t had any in over 3 years

28 thoughts on “All You Need to Know About Me

  1. haha, you had me at “know all the words to every NKOTB song”…lol…oh and also the Prison Break part…oh and also the belcher part, well done! šŸ˜‰

  2. I can’t help but to get nostalgic when a NKOTB song comes on the radio…*sigh* I even remember all the dance moves, er I mean the one dance move. Good times, good times.

  3. Wow …. we have a few things in common … just that i don’t work lol as im at college doing A levels …. did my exams they were hard but i hope i did well šŸ™‚ Lovely blog and some very good content šŸ™‚

    See you

  4. Muller: you know all the words to the New Kids on The Block songs too??!! Just kidding. This may be a dumb question but what are A levels? Advanced levels? I’m sure you did well and kudos for being in college. I have to say that I’m glad I’m out as I don’t miss the exams or papers!

  5. haha no i don’t :P, A levels are Advance Levels your correct & no its not a dumb question! šŸ™‚ , there really hard some say harder than university at some points, i do English Language, Economics, ICT & Business Studies. Thanks for the heads up šŸ™‚ Ill be here often.

  6. Ha ha! This is so funny! I, too, made a list of things about myself, but yours are so much better than mine! I love that you know all the words to almost every NKOTB song! Me too! Well, maybe not anymore. I also found it really funny that you wish you could play the bass…one thing I said about myself was “The sound of a bass guitar turns me on…” šŸ™‚

  7. Great blog! I almost thought I was reading about myself. I still have my NKOTB tshirt in my closet.
    I, too, make faces in pictures and then get mad when I cant find a nice one of myself. Dang. Love it!

  8. jesseybean: Thanks for the comment and stopping by! I don’t know where my shirt is anymore but if I had it I would probably wear it. Well maybe only as a night shirt but still.

  9. Well… I don’t know who Wentworth is, I can’t remember even one song by NKOTB, and I’d rather play drums. But I still think you’re funny and love your blog. Two thumbs up.

  10. allisonsjournal: Thanks for stopping by! You should google Wentworth Miller – it’ll be worth it! Really you don’t remember The Right Stuff or Hangin Tough? You might be lucky that you don’t. Drums are a very, very close second. That or the harmonica so I can play the solo part in Culture Club’s Karmachameleon just to see people’s reaction when asked what sorts of talents I have.

    • Haha that is an awesome idea…I think I just might pick up a harmonica tomorrow.

      Go for it! And thanks for stopping by I hope you come back soon.

  11. I’ve never read this before, and guess what? we might be clones, except for 8, 9, 20, 22, 24 and 25. haha And really with 22 I could replace any boy band that was from the mid ninties. aLso replace playing the base with the guitar. but really both would be ok by poor musically untalented me.

  12. kelltick: That’s quite a bit in common. I could probably sing along with many of the boy bands from the 90’s as well when I think about it. But those days may be over. I know you and sadiesadie are fans of The Jonas Brothers and I have no clue what in the world they sing. When I think of them, I feel old. I babysat kids that are older than them!

  13. Mike: An ear massage? Hmm, don’t think I’ve ever had one so I really can’t say. I don’t think I sit through one either, I’d be laughing too hard I’m sure.

  14. Hi! I enjoyed reading about the jeans (I can empathize since I just got a gym membership and have begun a diet), but I’m really writing because I couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment on your OTHER website. I wanted to comment on those two great winter mountain photos, but I couldn’t find a comment button. Any advice? Mitch

    Very odd because I think I’ve received a comment from you before on that site. The link is right underneath the pictures written kind of small so it might be hard to notice. Hope that helps but let me know if you don’t find it.

  15. A super power to control metabolism could really be a good one. I could speed mine up and slow it down for others. Cross me and I’ll make you fat!!!


    I hadn’t thought about it in a way of slowing it down for others but that’s just brilliant!

  16. No wonder I can’t remember where I left my car keys – a LOT of room has been taken up by NKOTB lyrics šŸ˜‰

    I am the Queen of Belching. As I get older, I am only a little less proud of that.

    Hmm, my superpower would to be able to make people slap themselves. As a teacher, this would be awesome. But so would the mute one. Blissful silence vs 15 year olds hitting themselves. I will think on it.

    Yeah I find that I don’t belch as much as I get older though I’m sure my family would disagree. Your superpowers crack me up. I would love to make people hit themselves!

  17. Great blog you have here! Keep up the good work!

    P.S. I know NO words to ANY New Kids songs! LOL

    Thanks for stopping by! It’s probably better that you don’t know any of the words…I probably shouldn’t admit that I do.

  18. You had me at “Hate all shopping”

    Me+shopping = foul time for everyone. I mostly hate it b/c of all the other people there doing the same thing. That and I get bored.

  19. “No is my favorite word and Iā€™m not afraid to use it.”—This cracks me up.

    “I know almost all the words to every New Kids on The Block song.”—But did you have the NKOTB night shirt? I also had Joe and Donnie dolls to play with my Barbies. They kicked Ken’s butt.

    I didn’t have a night shirt but I did have a regular shirt. That’s gotta count for something.

  20. Those are hilarious, and to-the-point!

    I’m a good belcher too–and tend to belch loudest in response to dogs’ barks!

    In response to dog barks? How does that work?

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