My Garden

The other day I decided I wanted to try my hand at gardening.  We have an area in the backyard where the grass has stopped growing so I converted it into my little makeshift garden.  I have no expectations for it and I probably just spent $40-50 to dig in the dirt but that’s just the way it goes.



I realize this doesn’t look much different but even if you can’t tell I did anything, my shoulders sure can.  No tiller, just a hoe.  I don’t recommend it unless you have built up stress and frustration in your life.  In that case, have at it.


There’s not much there but in my mind it looks like this:

8 thoughts on “My Garden

  1. Gardening’s wonderful–I started a flower garden after moving here! Best wishes to you!

    Thanks! We’ll just see how it goes. Even if nothing comes of it I can at least say I tried. What kind of flowers do you have?

  2. good job & good luck! What all did you end up planting?

    There are tomatoes, two kinds of peppers, cucumbers, watermelon (I know this won’t grow but I wanted to see anyway), and sunflowers. Like I said though, I probably spent the money to dig in the dirt.

  3. You should put an ad on Craiglist and have a guy come till up your garden for $25 or so. Get some nice deep dirt going, and mix in some bags of garden soil from the store to get it started.

    I thought about asking around to see if anyone had a tiller but I was too impatient. If it works great, if not then I’ll know what to do for next year I guess. I did mix in 5 bags of soil but I probably could have done a lot more.

  4. Hi and congrats on the new garden! It looks great. I am just starting mine too but mine are still seedlings:) I think it is very exciting and best of will know exactly what you are eating when you pick it yourself. Kudos to you also on doing all that labor yourself, I just cant do it anymore:) so I’m doing containers this year. Here is good luck to us all!

    I thought I was too late to start from seedlings so I bought them this way. Good luck on your garden!!

  5. Go green, girlfriend! Duffgirl and I are no good at gardening, but we rock at caring for companion animals 🙂

    I like animals but don’t think I would be good to care for them. I need something I don’t have to think too much about – hence the gardening. 🙂

  6. Some AMAZING makeshift garden there Natalie!!!!!!!!!!!! You’ve got talent there!

    Thanks. It’s just an experiment but I’ll probably do it again next year.

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