Finally, it’s MARCH!!!  My favorite time of year begins in the spring and ends with summer.  Life seems so monotonous and bleak during the winter months especially January and February.  Ever since I was in high school on the track team, I’ve always considered March (which was the start of track season) to be the beginning of spring, even when I lived out in Utah and the ground was still covered in snow and I was wearing a winter coat – it was still spring.

I’ve been incredibly busy and felt overwhelmed the past month with work and school, but especially this past week.  It was one of those times were everything in life converged together simultaneously and all I kept saying to myself was, “If you can just make it through February you’ll be ok…if you can just make it through this weekend you’ll be ok…if you can just make it through this assignment you’ll be ok…if you can just make it through…..”  And I started to realize that I’m guilty of doing this all the time.  If I can just make it…blah blah blah.  What a sad outlook.  I might as well say, “If I can just make it until I finally keel over I’ll get the rest I’m looking for.”

For three weeks I filled in for my boss at work – it was only supposed to be for one.  Her daughter was pregnant with twins and went into labor really early and had some complications.  I’m very happy I could fill in for her so she could go and even more happy that everything turned out ok for mom and babies.  It’s just the timing really sucked.

I would go to work at 7am and get home between 5:30-6:00 and have to be in class or work on papers until I collapsed in bed usually sometime between 11 and midnight, just to get up a few hours later and start over.  I admit I’m one of those people that honestly needs at least 8 hours of sleep so 6 felt grueling and my brain was fried.  The energy required to keep up with preschool kids astounds me sometimes.   And I’ll admit showering started to become a burden and an annoyance because that was time I felt was better spent sleeping.  So consequently there were days I wasn’t so April fresh and shaving practically went right out the window.  So bless the child at the preschool who randomly asked me one day, “Miss Natalie, are you a supermodel or something?”  and with no hesitation on my part and a straight face responded with, “Yes.  Yes I am.”  haha  I have no idea what his idea of a supermodel is but I’ll take it.  He’s learning and will make some girl very happy in about 20 years.

From Friday to Saturday I spent 11 hours in one class and on Sunday spent 14 straight hours working on a paper worth 40%, yes that did read 40%, of my grade for said class.  This didn’t include the other assignments and projects that were due for other classes during this same weekend.  At one point of the weekend I got so mad at the printer for something so completely lame (I even recognized in the moment that it was lame and that I was completely overreacting) I literally punched it with my fist multiple times.  I guess I just needed to relieve some built up stress.  And I have to say I felt momentarily gratified.  And though my mom was mad when I did it (it is her printer after all) we were both able to laugh about it two days later.

Lesson learned:  drop out of grad school.  No, the lesson learned is not to procrastinate (isn’t that always the same damn lesson needed to be learned for everything?) and that I’m freak’n AMAZING b/c I got it all done on time.  Of course that said, I haven’t received any of the grades yet.

But now it’s my blessed month of March.  Looking ahead school doesn’t get overwhelming again (I don’t think) until the end of April and I’m back to working my regular part time shift.  And in fact I have 4 1/2 days off right now.  I got 9 hours of sleep last night and arranged my whole day around one errand.  Sigh.  Did I mention it was sunny and 70 degrees here today?  Thank you March.  Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Phew!

  1. Gracious! I got tired just reading this post!! Hope you’re able to catch up on some sleep and tv time! lol. Oh…and you need to stop bragging about your warm temps. 🙂

    I caught up on both and the temp did drop a little and rained. Is that better? haha

  2. Yea for March! Yea for Spring! Yea for 4 days off! I am totally jealous now.

    I wish these four days would be four weeks. I do have spring break to look forward to in a couple of weeks though.

  3. I’ve had weeks like that, where you’re thinking, “Can so-and-so week just GET HERE already!?” Glad to know it’s slowing down for you.

    We have 4 seasons here and they generally run as follows:

    1) Hot
    2) Freaking hot
    3) Are you kidding me with this right now?

    and then suddenly, without warning…

    4) Christ, it’s effing cold!

    Then, immediately back to 1) and we start all over again.

    For the last couple of weeks though, we’ve actually had a bit of a Spring. It’s actually been really nice. I’m trying to enjoy it while it lasts before the miserable heat starts back up.

    That actually sounds quite a bit like our weather here usually. The day after I wrote this post the weather dropped and it’s been chilly/rainy since. Although today the sun has broken through but it’s still a little cold. I’m glad things are slowing down for me as well. I’m not looking forward to another week/month like the last one.

  4. I am glad March is here too. I am so freakin’ tired of the ice. Snow I can deal with..but ice? I have had ice on my driveway since January.

    Here’s to hoping your March is a quiet one and you do not feel like your running around all the time.

    I think my big thing about winter weather is when snow/ice cover the roads. I hate driving to drive in it b/c I’m not that good and most people around here are worse. So far March has been pretty mellow. I’m hoping it stays that way.

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