5 thoughts on “My Nose Job

  1. hahaha! How are you feeling now btw?? Is Robert sick now or something? So sorry to you all!

    I’m feeling a lot better but still a little congested. Robert isn’t sick though.

  2. You have no nose! Still pretty foxy though. Not many girls can pull off that lack of a nose while still being hot thing.

    Well, what can I say except that’s how I roll. You know, if I really didn’t have a nose I wouldn’t be having all these sinus infections. Just saying…

  3. Your cheekbones have never looked better!

    That’s b/c you’ve never been able to see them before this pic. With that shading they remind me of the makeup worn by those dancing ladies in Robert Palmer’s video Simply Irresistible. I just need to slick my hair back, make my lips shiny red, and put on a little black dress.

  4. Aww–it’s not that bad! If you used that picture on a dating website, I’d still be interested!

    Reminds me though–back in the 90’s, there was a Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 program on the radio, and he came up with some hilarious stuff–usually factual material with fictional punchlines.

    I remember one in particular: He talked about some survey of American men, in which they chose the celebrities who had the best female facial features–the ones whose faces had the best representatives of particular features. There were several named, though I can only remember one offhand–the men surveyed concluded that Kim Basinger had the best lips.

    The punchline: After all the celebrities with the best female facial features were named–there was a clear winner decided, one who had the best of all the female facial features…

    Michael Jackson!

    Haha I used to listen to Rick Dees every week. I think he still does a show doesn’t he? I know he still has his website. Loving that end result though!

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