Better than last year??

I was talking to my brother tonight and realized that I can’t remember January – April of this year.  I know I wasn’t in school or working but for the life of me I can’t remember what I WAS doing.  I just honestly can’t remember.  I looked back through my posts but they weren’t much help so I guess I look forward to making this year even better.  Although better from what I’m not entirely sure.  And just for a little bragging rights, last week I baked 400 cookies (3 different kinds), 5 loaves of zucchini bread, 4 batches of fudge, dipped 70 pretzel sticks in chocolate and nuts, made a pan of cream cheese cookies brownies, and successfully experimented in making homemade peppermint oreo cookies.  It was a busy three days and I should have taken a picture but trust me when I say it tasted and smelled fantastic.

4 thoughts on “Better than last year??

  1. Um…you visited us for one — how could you forget?? (hint: Barf, barf!)

    I didn’t forget (though I’d like to forget the 24 hours I spent puking in your toilet). Matter of fact that trip is the only thing I remember from those months.

  2. It’s been a crazy year all around. I was going through my blog only to discover I am missing huge chunks of the year. I vow not to do that again.

    Yeah I gotta work on that this year. Hopefully I’ll do a better job.

  3. I hate when I forget entire months. I don’t really remember September and most of October up till like Halloween at all… I know I worked… Thats about all. Also that is an awful lot of cookies!

    It’s kind of weird when your forget large spans of time. I want this year to be different for sure. It was a lot of cookies but they tasted great!

  4. Cream cheese cookies brownies–must be delicious!

    Almost everyone that’s every eaten them loves them. For some freak reason I don’t.

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