Ads We Will Never See Again Pt.2

Honestly you can find so many of these ads it was hard to narrow it down.


2 thoughts on “Ads We Will Never See Again Pt.2

  1. “Blow in her face, and she’ll follow you anywhere!” Maybe Mark should have tried that on our FIRST date. Maybe then we would have been married sooner. That, or get me some cocaine drops!

    Yeah the blow in her face ad makes me gag. I really hope there were no women on marketing board for that one.

  2. Which of these is not like the others, girls and boys?

    When you go to the dentist and get a Novocaine injection preparatory to a procedure, that’s synthetic cocaine. We won’t see that ad again, because cocaine is no longer available as over-the-counter drops. But they were legal then, and that quick swipe with a swab at the injection site is essentially the same thing, so that particular ad is unexceptional.

    For the rest, yeah, pretty bad. Half of them (or more), I don’t even get. What’s the Pitney-Bowes ad even about?

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