5 thoughts on “Ads We Will Never See Again Pt. 1

  1. WOW! Even I was offened by most of those. Oh the age we live in. Thank God!

    Hey, good seeing you around here it’s been awhile. I know, some of these are just plain out of control. I have another set I’ll post in a couple of days and they aren’t much better.

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  3. Oh my ~ absurd!! Where in the world did you find them all?

    Actually they came from dad though I got online and found even more. I have another set I’m going to post.

  4. Ahh..those were the days.

    I kid. I kid. There are probably some women out there that would love to be a stay at home mom and cook while wearing heels and a perl necklace. On second thought, probably not. 🙂

    Funny how times have changed. I make a good living as a cop, but my wife is the real bread winner of the house. And I love it. I can not wait to retire in 7 years and be a house husband !

    I think it’s great that gender roles have become diversified. I say do what you want to do as long as both you and your significant other are happy. Let the 7 year countdown begin!

  5. That last one is straight up frightening! Ah! Well all of them really.

    It was frightening and yet so absurd I flat out laughed when I read it. Honestly I don’t know what goes through the minds of people some time.

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