A New Kind of Geek

Right now the #1 movie is The Social Network.  I haven’t seen it and don’t really plan on it.  Not that I’m hating on the movie, but I’m on facebook enough and don’t need to sit for two hours to learn about its origins.  But I imagine geeks everywhere are feeling vindication that finally, FINALLY, they are making headway into being “cool” with mainstream pop culture.  The Big Bang Theory is high in the TV ratings, Steve Wozniak competed on Dancing with the Stars, and I understand Comic Con is a pretty big deal.

It just seems that the past couple of years has seen a rise in geekhood.  Go Geeks!  Right on the heels (fine, it’s not on the heels but a random survey that was forwarded to me) comes out a survey listing the top 10 geekiest cities in the US.  Go ahead and look at #6.  Seriously?  Conway, Arkansas made it on this list?  It states that one of its contributing factors is that it’s a college town – one of those colleges being where I attend.

A lot of adjectives come to mind when I think of my hometown but geeky has never been one of them.  So I looked up the definition of geek (yikes, is that a geeky thing to do?) and read this:

“Formerly, the term referred to a carnival performer often billed as a wild man whose act usually includes biting the head off a live chicken, bat, snake or bugs.”

Err, what?  So what this is really telling me is that Ozzy Osborne should be teaching my theory and analysis class.  Well that would definitely make it more entertaining.  Remember the episode of the Osborne show when Ozzy couldn’t figure out how to use the TV remote control?…..oh the irony.

6 thoughts on “A New Kind of Geek

  1. actually Pam and I saw the social network last week and it was a really really good movie. Yeah its about how facebook was started but it doesnt really dive too much into the website itself. Its really a character piece and a thinking movie about entrepreneurship and making something of yourself. I honestly recommend seeing it.

    Maybe when it comes to redbox or you can get it for me through netflix.

  2. Big fan of Facebook, Big Bang Theory. Not so big of a fan for Comic-Con and Steve Wozniak. So I am kinda geeky, but not really. Like Star Wars, read a book or two, would never go to a convention. I am a middle of the road geek.

    I like facebook for the most part, love Big Bang Theory. But that’s about it for me. Saw some Star Wars but it I thought it was never ending.

  3. Saw it last night. I’m a big facebooker and I have to say in the movie, facebook was one small piece of a really good story! Geeks rule!

    Alright, so maybe I’ll have to check the movie out. Seems like a lot of people really enjoyed it.

  4. The best part of “The Social Network” was that Robert and I were the youngest people in the theater. I’m not kidding. I was confused as to why people in their 50s need to see a movie about Facebook. Weird.

    And you really don’t want to know the words I came up with to describe Conway when I was in my hating it phase, but “Hellmouth” comes to mind. 🙂

    Maybe they thought it would be more of a tutorial on how to use it. Conway isn’t that bad and I never understood why you hate it so much. Sure it has it’s quirks but what town doesn’t?

  5. I dunno. I like David Fincher as a director, and on that alone I might be interested in seeing it, but I just don’t know that a movie about Facebook really interests me all that much. I kind of don’t care about the back story. I think it might have to do with the fact that the real Mark Zuckerberg just comes off to me like a real a-hole. I kind of don’t care about his story. I’m sucked into FB just as much as anyone, but sometimes I wish I’d never signed up for it in the first place. I’m sure I’ll eventually catch the movie somewhere though.

    I’ve always been aware of the original definition of geek. Not sure exactly at one point the meaning changed, but I’m sure that the fact that I’ve got a pretty big Batman obsession going on and that at one point in my life I owned over 2,500 comic books probably gives me some kind of geek cred.

    I’m sure if I ever get around to watching it it’ll be when it comes on DVD and I can rent if for $1. You had over 2,500 comics?!? That’s an insane amount of comic books. Well I guess that’s an insane amount, maybe it’s not if you’re a collector?

  6. Yeah, I’d been collecting pretty steadily since I was about 12. I had to stop buying them weekly when it just got too expensive. I still collect, just not on a weekly basis. I mostly only buy them twice a year. Once at a convention in Charlotte every June, and then again in Feb when this store near here has a massive 3-for-a-dollar sale.

    With all those comics, do you have anything rare? BTW, at the preschool the kids had a lesson on bats yesterday. Seems bats are all the rage this week.

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