Set The DVR

The Biggest Loser premiers tomorrow and ordinarily I wouldn’t really pay that much attention.  I tend to start watching that show a few weeks before the finale so I can see the changes instantly.  And for some reason I really like watching it while eating a big bowl of ice cream.  Go figure.

Anyway, this year one of the contestants is a man from my home town that I actually know.  Matter of fact, I used to be good friends with his daughters and a bunch of us used to hang out at their house every weekend.  While friendships have fallen by the wayside, I’ve always liked Rick and wish him the best in his efforts on the show.  I now have yet another show added to my DVR and hope you will tune in as well.  Go Rick!

6 thoughts on “Set The DVR

  1. I’ve been watching “Too Fat For Fifteen and have been so inspired by the fight some of these kids have in them to get healthy I may, maybe maybe, break down and actually peek in to see what the craze over “Biggest Loser” is.
    If you haven’t seen that show, check it out (keep tissues close).
    Go Rick!

    I’ve never heard of Too Fat For Fifteen. I’ll have to be on the lookout for it and make sure to have tissues close at hand.

  2. You know what? I think the wife and I will watch that show based on your blog post. I have never seen it, and will give it a whirl. Go Rick Go!

    It’s pretty ok. I don’t really start watching until the last few weeks b/c I’m only interested in seeing the transformation and could care less about being invested in the actual contestants. But with Rick being on it, I’ll start at the beginning. I hope it’s good.

  3. I told the kids we were going to watch that tonight for the first time ever. Have you seen him around town at all or is he still at the reanch? Probably still at the ranch…never mind!

    No, I haven’t see him around. Of course even if he wasn’t on the show I most likely wouldn’t see him. I think it’s been years since I have.

  4. I love the biggest loser. Not sure why. I have been following it since it started, usually only with the individual shows, and not the family and/or couples episodes. I too, watch it with lots of food at hand.
    Anyhow, good luck to your friend!

    Hey thanks for stopping by! I don’t really know why I always want to chow down when the show’s on. Probably b/c they talk about food so much. It’s a bad habit but…*shrug*

  5. I have considered applying to be on the biggest loser. My problem, though, is that if I see what I look like, then I get depressed, eat a dozen donuts, and I can kiss weight loss GOODBYE! My nephew was wondering why the only mirrors in my house are the ones attached to the walls that I can’t take down. Hmmmm, I wonder…. I hope Rick does well!

    Yeah I’d want to do a show like this but in private. Really I just want the aggressive workouts and trainers. And of course to win money.

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