Neon Trees

A while back my brother told me about this band called Neon Trees that he saw in concert.  He said the show was energetic and I should look them up.  Eventually I did and I really wish he would have told me about them a little earlier because it just so happens they are from the town I was living in for four years.  A little local band that pretty much got their start during those years I was there.  I totally could have gone to see them multiple times.

I’ve heard their song Animal from time to time in different commercials and have seen them on various talk shows performing.  Catchy song.  So catchy in fact, I’ve been singing it for over a week straight.  I hear it in my head when I’m driving, cooking, eating, getting ready, sitting in class, and I’ve even sung a few bars of the chorus out loud to my preschool kids.  I’m singing it now in fact.

So here it is now.  I’m operating on the idea that the more I surround myself with it, I’ll become annoyed and block it out.  Here’s to hoping!

4 thoughts on “Neon Trees

  1. Awesome song! I think, Mark’s next hair cut will be like the lead singers! I love that the drummer is a girl. I have always had a secret dream to be a drummer, but that has never seemed like a common job for a woman. In my family it would be about the same as me being an auto mechanic, which they also said I couldn’t do!

    That would be hilarious if your husband pulled that hair style off. I liked that she was a girl as well.

  2. Okay, this went from catchy, to hearing it on the radio, to downloading it on iTunes right now…haha…thanks! 😉

    Glad you like it. I try to listen to the rest of the CD but it’s hard to get past this one song. Maybe some day…

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