Another Year Come and Gone

Seriously, I can’t believe how fast this year has gone.  I feel like it was just last night I was posting about turning 30 and now here I am.  Again.  Another year older.  I remember last year being pretty excited about turning 30 and thinking it was going to be a reinvention for me.  I’m sure I had all sorts of goals in my mind but hell if I can remember what they were, much less accomplished any of them.  This year did find me a job, busy with two youth groups, and in grad school.  And tomorrow I’ll be celebrating this momentous day with 16 kids ages 2-4, and that’s better than going grocery shopping at Wal Mart in the morning and then getting stood up later, which is what happened last year.

So, a step up from that and with a new year staring me in the face, I’m ready to see if I can make this one better.  Turning 30 take 2!

7 thoughts on “Another Year Come and Gone

  1. 6 KIDS!!!! 2 to 4!!!!! You are going to get grey hair WAYYYYY too early…and not because of your age.


    Thanks! 16 Kids are a lot to handle at once but the day was pretty fun. I’ll have to blog and upload some pics about it soon.

  2. Happy Late Birthday! Sorry I missed it! I’m getting caught up on blogs tonight so I just spent the last little bit catching up on what you’ve been writing the last month or so. I dunno. If you ask me, it looks like this year is a better one than last year. Looks like you’ve got a lot happening.

    Who would stand you up? The Shepherd sisters have got a lot going on. All groovy chicks from what I can see. And at the risk of being slightly inappropriate, not too hard on the eyes either. Not at all.

    Thanks! It ended up being a great birthday and you’re right, this year is already shaping out to be better than last. I’m a hottie so…yeah, not sure what was going on there. No, the truth is we were actually more on the friend level so the date wasn’t that big of a deal. But a stand up is a stand up.

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