Where Football is King

If I’ve learned anything from living in the south, it’s you don’t kid when it comes to football.  Want to know where people are on a Friday night between September and November?  Check the high school football field (they even made an entire TV show about a southern high school football team for crying out loud).  When I was in high school I think the team was made up of about 400 guys out of oh, I don’t know 401.  I think the requirements to be on the team were (1) that you had to be male and (2) at least partially breathing.

For a while the high school stadium was bigger and better than the university’s and they seemed to always be expanding and adding on.  Plus the football team got new uniforms every year and were taken out for steak dinners at the end of season regardless of their record for the year.

I know what you’re thinking.  “Bitter, party of one?”  And you know what?  I am bitter.  We girls on the track team were wearing outfits circa 1982 and had about 15 min to run in, grab some dinner from McDonalds and then head back on the short bus to eat it.  And when I graduated girls track had been conference champions every year since the early 80s and had taken state more times than not.  The football team?  Not even close.

A week from today I’ll be starting grad school and to be honest, if I think about it I get nervous.  So I prefer not to.  A little denial never hurt anyone right?  But I have had to go the rounds with the financial aid office because it became apparent communication wasn’t their strong suit.  Going over fees I came across this:  Mandatory Registration Fees – $405.50.  Er, I’m sorry how much was that?  For a second I thought I read over four hundred dollars in fees.  Oh wait, I did??  So I continue reading to see what these mandatory fees include.  Stuff like campus radio (uh, ok), student health center, student center, blah blah blah.  None of these are more than $15 so where is my money going?  And then I read it:

“For this fiscal year, certain of the mandatory fees have an

administrative charge assessed on them.  This administrative

charge will be used this fiscal year to support UCA’s transition

to NCAA Division 1.”

Translation:  You have to pay $400 more dollars so UCA football can compete in a higher division.

WHAT???  AGHHH!!!!! Are you KIDDING me right now?  (Nope, remember they don’t kid about football)  And the real kicker is that they used to have this money.  But a few years ago they hired a new president who ended up embezzling hundreds of thousands of the university’s money and despite that, they still gave him a 6 figure pay out because he stepped down before his contract was up.  Smooth. Real smooth.

So it looks like things haven’t changed much from where they were 13 years ago.  Football apparently still rules, only now I’m out an additional $405.50 because of it.

7 thoughts on “Where Football is King

  1. Lame. But guess what I found out? EIU’s student fees are 800 something…AAAAAHHHHH!!! LAME.

    Seriously? That’s crazy!

  2. What a bunch of horseshit. I understand football brings in revenue but charge more for tickets or more for parking. Why does the student body have to support someone else’s recreation.

    and this is the opinion of a high school football player. I played high school football in a town where it was not such an event. I played with coach Vogts, the winningst coach in New York state history.The guy has is own wikipedia page.


    We were champs.Vogts’ teams have won 29 regular season league or Conference Championships, 13 Conference Playoff Championships (ten since 1984), three Rutgers Cups, and five Long Island titles. And you know who cared? No one. (except the parents of the players)…the community could give a shit. So, here in the North we have the opposite problem.

    I know, it’s completely ridiculous and out of control. There’s got to be a middle somewhere, where it’s not overlooked but not worshiped either.

  3. …And the only reason they want to step up to D-I is so that the big boys in the SEC (and others, I’m only picking on the SEC because they’re closer) can give them a nice fat payout in exchange for acting as a tackling dummy once a year…

    I think this kind of crap is lame at any level. But what’s more absurd is that UCA isn’t even that great of a university. It’s not like we’re well known or even have overtly dedicated fans outside of this little community.

  4. Where’s good ole Lou? I think a bunch of students should storm his new school (Oh… you didn’t know? Yes, he embezzled UCA money but somehow got hired to be the president of a Christian university in South Carolina) and demand he repay the $300,000 “deferred compensation” he received. Jerk.

    Yeah the whole thing is crazy. And from what I hear, this new president has money issues as well. Won’t UCA ever learn? Not likely.

  5. Psh. That is ridiculous. I was going to say that my shcool stinks at football so we won’t be moving to division 1 anytime soon, but I forgot that the WAC is just the small pathetic part of the NCAA where poor teams go to die. But I am sorry you had to pay that much

    It sucks but nothing I can do about it. Shouldn’t really complain though b/c I know football season is CRAZY there. A lot of die hard fans and way too much traffic.

  6. I totally agree. Trust me, I know. I went/plan on going back to USC down here. It’s effing nuts. And I live not even 5 minutes away from the stadium, so trying to go to work on a game day is just loads of fun. I recently looked into the cost of going back to school next year and I’m going to have to pay a $700 fee to get back in, so yeah the whole thing’s a gant racket.

    $700?! Egads. I only live a few hundred yards from campus but luckily the stadium’s on the other side. I avoid it on game nights. But now that school has started, just getting to work is a nightmare in the morning. Our neighborhood is across from some student housing. I hate the traffic.

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