Here Are the Pics

These are just some of the pics that show the highlights of the vacation.  If you want to see the nature pics from Washington and a couple from Idaho go here – come on, you know you want to!

2 thoughts on “Here Are the Pics

  1. Ok…top picture that’s on the couch…

    Did you smell or something? V seems to be quite a ways away from you. ha ha ha

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the family picture of all of you. It’s fantastic!

    Ha. Ha. I probably did actually. I noticed that too when I was looking through them. Maybe she just felt awkward? Enlarge the pic of me in the first group bottom pic. Behind me Robert is crashing my photo making a face – hilarious!

  2. Top picture…at the fair…Did you girls plan on the whole red white and blue t-shirt thing?

    I never even noticed that until you mentioned it. In “real life” my shirt is more purple and my sister’s is more hot pink. Maybe that’s why?

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