It’s All in the Numbers

The trip is over and it comes down to this:

18  Days


4 Hotels


9 Nights in Hotels


10 different beds I slept in


8 Planes


39 Hours Driving


25 Hours Walking Around Disneyland


7  Times I Crossed Time Zones


9 States I Was In (not counting the repeats)


15 Counting the repeats


3 Number of Car Rentals


9 Travel Companions (at various times)


4 Friends I hadn’t seen in two years or more


1 College Graduation


1 Triathlon


1 incredibly packed (with brother’s belongings from college) Nissan Sentra for the 2 day cross country drive

leg room


3 gerbils that came along


Probably the best family vacation we’ve ever had.


5 thoughts on “It’s All in the Numbers

  1. Whew. That is a two and a half week full. My hotel/motel stays are always eventful…I am sure you have stories!

    It was a full couple of weeks for sure. I don’t really have any stories that I think would be worth putting on here but I will be editing some pics for sure.

  2. Looking forward to the stories and pics!

    Not sure about posting any stories but I’m definitely going to work on getting some pics up here.

  3. I’m only sorry there wasn’t enough time and more daylight hours. P.S. I ate my race potato for dinner last night.

    You kept that thing? That cracks me up that you packed a potato across the country. But I’m sure it was delish.

  4. Glad you had a great time!! I’m sure you’re exhausted!!

    I’m still a bit tired but it’s getting better. Thanks again for letting me come out and crash at your place for a few days!

  5. simply awesome. home today for us.

    I’ll bet you guys are super tired! Especially the kids and having to start school the next day.

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