My So Called Life

Two words: Jordan Catalano.  *sigh, swoon, melt*  Yesterday Netflix sent a DVD to our house that was really supposed to go to my brother’s fiance in Idaho.  I opened the envelope and found three episodes from the show My So Called Life.  I LOVED this show!  It premiered in 1994 when I was 15 (same age as the title character Angela) but thanks to those corporate network execs that I love so much, it only lasted one season.

Angela was me.  I couldn’t believe they created a show that so perfectly thought what I was thinking.  And while the show was great in its own right, I really tuned in every week for Jordan.  Re-watching it now, I realize there wasn’t much to his character.  He wasn’t deep by any means, hardly had any lines at all come to think of it but he really didn’t need to.

That picture on top graced the back of my bedroom door for close to 12 years before I finally gave in to imaginary social pressure that told me I was too old to have a collage of men on my bedroom door.  I may have taken him down but I didn’t have the heart to toss him in the trash with everyone else so somewhere in a box in the garage there Jared Leto sits.  But he’s not alone, I’m pretty sure I salvaged Mark Wahlberg as well.

A few years ago I went to a 30 Seconds to Mars show and got to meet, albeit incredibly briefly, Jared.  And while it was brief, it was long enough to look and see that his eyes really are that blue.  And at least I didn’t pull this little stunt when he asked me a question.

Anyway, watching the show took me back in time to my freshman year like it was yesterday.  The clothes, the hair, the makeup, how I thought everything was dramatic and no one except my peers knew how I was feeling.  It kind of felt exciting.  Everything was new, you hadn’t been around long enough to experience anything yet.  Looking back through the years I have some good memories and some bad ones, but they’re all a bit hazy in comparison to what I remember about high school.  I’m sure my recollection is slightly warped but didn’t it seem like we were so much more mature than the kids in high school are now?  I’m sure of it.

Then I remembered during my senior year there was a sophomore that reminded me of Jordan Catalano.  He was the oldest looking sophomore I’d ever seen.  Had the same blue eyes, easy smile, and same sort of laid back style and vibe that Jordan had.  Only this guy hung out with the popular crowd, probably for those same reasons.  I didn’t have the same sort of mad crush Angela had on  Jordan…well crap, or the way I had on Jordan, but noticed him in the halls from time to time.

For a few summers while I was in college, I worked on the landscape crew at the local university.  It was my second summer working there when who should get hired?  None other than this guy from high school.  To be honest I don’t really remember that much about him.  How’s that for an anti-climax?  I’m thinking he was a nice guy, we probably had some fun here and there but the overall memory is vague.  Geez, talk about a bummer.

Well, I decided to look this guy up and naturally found him on facebook.  Ack!  Not looking so much like Jordan Catalano anymore.  Not that he looks bad but when your vague memory looks like guy in the above pictures, all I’m saying is be prepared to be disappointed.

And just like that I remember it’s not 1994.  It’s 2010.  I’m not 15, I’m almost 31.  And I think, high school was limiting.  It was the same thing spit out again and again for four years.  It was the same people year after year.  What was exciting and new your freshman year, became an overplayed song on the radio that you either grew to hate or numbly ignored by your senior year.

But then I think of the Jordan Catalanos in high school and can’t help but smile.

8 thoughts on “My So Called Life

  1. I would let Jordan do things to me in a Taco Bell restroom stall.

    I haven’t been in a Taco Bell restroom stall in a while but I don’t remember it being glamorous. I guess he’s just that good looking.

  2. Great post. Funny how as we get older things we thought were so damn important really don’t mean shit.

    Thanks. It’s true, I can’t believe what I thought was important. Although in 10 years I’ll probably be saying the same thing about how I am now.

  3. Hmmm….Never really heard of him until now. (I was having babies while you were in high school and so was preoccupied and didn’t get to watch much television—shut up, I know I’m old). I must say he is very, very, very pleasing to look at. Sorry, about all the drooling– Here let me clean that up. I can see why you would go all week in the knees at the mention of his name let alone his picture.
    I can’t remember who I had a crush on in High School…i’m sure who ever it was, he wasn’t as good looking.

    If only this actor had actually attended my high school! Other than the sophomore that slightly resembled him no one came close to looking like that – I don’t think any “real” kid does.

  4. You’re never too old to have a collage of men on your door. I would totally have one…but I don’t because I don’t think Ron would appreciate it. ha ha

    You’re right. I’m going to go dig out those pics and tape ’em back up!

  5. Every guy my age at one point had a thing for Angela, but I always kind of had a thing for Rayanne too. She was the unsung hottie of the show. I just looked it up on IMDB and I can’t believe there were only 19 episodes. It seems like it went on forever, but that’s not even a full season. Just like high school, the memories are probably much bigger than the real thing. When I found out Jordan Catalano had a band, I actually scoffed and laughed at the idea, but a friend of mine who’s obsessed with him played some of it for me, and I have to admit I actually like it. I don’t know that I would go out of my way to see them live, but it’s not bad at all.

    I don’t know about having a thing for Angela and Rayanne but I definitely did NOT have one for that Brian kid. Man he got on my nerves. I’ve seen his band perform twice and it was ok, but in general I’m not much of a concert goer – too loud, crowded, and smelly. I do like a couple of his songs though.

  6. Oh, I forgot to mention, I have a few favorite celebrity women I’m obsessed with (and I’ve put so much thought into them, that there is a very strict heirarchy with an order and everything), but my number one has always been and always will be Christina Ricci. She’s been my #1 obsession since I was like 13.

    Well first of all, who else is on this list? If I put together a celebrity list everyone would probably have brown hair and blue eyes and be mostly athletic like Nick Lachey or Mark Wahlberg. That’s my thing I guess. I think Christina Ricci has interesting features, almost doll like. I don’t know much about the movies she’s done but I did really like Penelope. Kind of quirky and offbeat but fun.

  7. She is, IMO the single most gorgeous thing on the face of this earth. Here’s the rundown:

    1) Christina Ricci

    2) Natalie Portman (giving Ricci a serious run for her money. Sometimes it’s almost a tie for #1)

    3) Jennifer Love Hewitt–Don’t laugh. I’ve had a big thing for her since I was a kid and she was about 14 and on this short lived sitcom that no one’s ever heard of. I think it lasted about 5 episodes.

    4) Mila Kunis — Totally my type. Small, brunette, gorgeous.

    5) Morgan Webb — Co-host of X-Play on G4. Tall, gorgeous, and a video game nerd. What else do you need?

    6) Alyssa Milano — It’s Alyssa Milano.

    7) Famke Jensen

    8) Milla Jovavich — Multipass!

    9) Heather Langenkamp — One of my first crushes

    10) Leah Thompson — Another one, and one of the most beautiful things of the 1980’s. I’ll sit in a parked car with her anytime.

    There’s a whole bunch more, but at this point, they’re all pretty much on the same level. The Top 10 is where it’s at though. I don’t know, but maybe I have a type. I love blondes as much anyone, but for some reason none of them made the list. Now, if you want to talk rock and roll, that’s a whole different list. I’ve never really put too much thought into it, but rock and roll girls are in a different world than actresses.

    1. Like I said, she has interesting features so I guess I can see an appeal.
    2. Really, what is it about her? I have another guy friend who just can’t get enough.
    3. I did laugh. Again I have another guy friend who has a major crush on her. I can’t help but think of when she was on Party of Five and I always wanted to wash her hair b/c it looked greasy to me.
    4. I absolutely hated her character on That 70s Show. She bugged me to no end.
    5. Had no idea who she was. Had to look her up.
    6. Don’t have any thoughts about her
    7. I think I’ve only seen her in the X-Men movies but she’s was alright.
    8. Again, I have no thoughts on her. I’m sure she’s been in a few things but I can really only think of her in Kuffs haha
    9. I had to look this one up. And then I laughed out loud b/c I was like, “Holy crap, that’s Marie from Just the Ten of Us!”
    10. And once again, I have nothing to say. Except this one must be another one from when you were a kid?

    Not your conventional list, but I like that. Mine is totally predictable. Your comment of different lists has me thinking of maybe compiling an entry of just that. Different guys that make my list but in different categories.

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