A Little Then and Now

When I was little, I really liked roller skating.

I’m a little too small to be in those skates but I guess nothing was going to hold me back.  A couple of months ago I was visiting my sister and my niece went to a birthday party at their local skating rink.  We made it a family affair and I had to show the next generation how it was done.  Guess I’ve still got it….sort of.

I’m loving my niece’s festive outfit!

5 thoughts on “A Little Then and Now

  1. I loved roller skating. I really miss it.

    I never think about it being fun until I have the skates on. And then you can’t help but be transported back in time.

  2. The mismatched laces on the skates go perfect with her outfit. She is so cute. Love hearing stories about her. 🙂 Is it July yet? Just sayin…. 🙂

    I know, I loved the laces. Definitely a cutie! I hear you about July!! Little less than two months to go.

  3. That outfit is pretty rocking. Very Punky Brewster. She looks a little concerned though, almost as if to say, “who is this crazy lady and why is she making that face?”

    I like the owl shirt too, btw.

    That’s exactly who I was thinking when I looked at her. I wish I could get away with wearing those types of outfits – it would make getting ready if not easier, definitely more fun. The owl shirt is my brother’s. The bottom says In:aviate which is a band I guess he heard and liked. I wear it all the time and I guess I think b/c it’s a band shirt it’s slightly cooler than other shirts. But the reality when I see it in pictures, is that it looks like a shirt I picked up at the local flea market. Like it was sitting next to the one with a wolf howling at the moon.

  4. Flea market/thrift store shirts are some of the best. One of my favorite shirts that I wore constantly in high school was this faded black shirt with a stylish print of three soldiers. At the bottom it said, “Vietnam Remembered”. It was just really vintage and cool and only cost me 50 cents. There’s a pic of me in my senior year annual wearing the shirt w/ a flannel shirt on top (grunge was still going strong at the time), playing some game for the Academic Team.

    Yes, I was an Acacdemic Team nerd, as well as Drama Club, The Art Club, and The International Club. Je parle francaise.

    Ah, grunge. I remember it so well. I think I wore my dad’s clothes my entire freshman year.

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