Meet Lulu

Isn’t she just the cutest?  I was on my way to Wal-Mart when I saw her trying to cross the road.  Naturally I pulled over and she became Lulu, my pet turtle.  It’s not unusual to see these little guys walking in the streets, so I’m sure she won’t be my only one this summer.  Almost as sure as I am that she will escape and be well on her way to the Mexican border by morning.  Or at least to the entry of the neighborhood.  Assuming of course a dog doesn’t get to her first.

I haven’t even had her for 12 hours and I’m already turning into some crazy turtle lady.  What would she prefer to eat? (Good grief.  She’s a turtle.)  Will she know there’s water in the bowl? (Pretty sure a turtle can find water.)  She seems to like to burrow into my shirt.  She won’t suffocate herself will she?  See, what I mean – crazy turtle lady.  And the list goes on and on.  Someone needs to start making some local friends stat!

I even went to Home Depot to get some chicken wire so I could fence her in the backyard.  When I asked the guy working there where the chicken wire was he looked at me and said, “What do you mean by chicken wire?”  Well….I mean chicken wire.  Not sure how much more clear I can be on that.

My mom asked me how I know Lulu is female and I was telling her what I had read on google.  So basically it comes down to the males being more colorful and attractive.  I guess there are a lot of species where the male is more attractive than the females.  Which I suppose makes sense if the female is choosing her mate.  I remember hearing of some species of bird where the male has to do some sort of mating dance for the female.  If she likes what she sees, then it’s on.

Sometimes I think of questions I should ask a guy on the first date and always mean to write them down.  Usually I’m thinking about them because a friend is talking to me about a bad relationship they’ve had (or are in) and I start thinking about the things I should find out beforehand.  Like, “what’s your credit score?”  “how much debt do you have and what’s it for?” “toilet paper over or under?”  “Crest or Colgate?”  “Mayo or Miracle Whip?”  You know, hard hitting questions like that.  Well now I think maybe I should take some pointers from the birds and have the guy do a little dance on our first date.   Can you imagine asking someone to do that?  Or being asked?  Hilarious.  Maybe I should do a blog entry on how we should mimic the different behaviors of species in our own relationships.  Hmm…..

Anyway, here’s one more of Lulu for the road just because she’s so darn cute.  And yes, I do realize I would never be able to tell her a part if she were next to another box turtle:

7 thoughts on “Meet Lulu

  1. Ok…I just have to come out and say it…Lulu creeps me out! I sure hope the males are more attractive because that little darlin’ can’t get much uglier. ha ha ha I’ll stop now…don’t want to hurt the crazy turtle lady’s feelings! 🙂 Just a side not though…sounds like you’re ready for motherhood with all that worrying going on! ha ha Lulu is one lucky turtle to have a momma like you! 🙂

    I think the birds may be on to something….dancing solves all problems. If you find an attractive guy but he happens to dance like Elaine on Seinfeld…you know to move on.

    I wish it was July…July 24th to be exact….just sayin’. 🙂

    Rude. Just rude. haha Naw, she looks just like any other box turtle from what I can tell. Maybe this summer I’ll find a male and then can compare. And about that whole motherhood thing, I’ll probably tire of Lulu in about a week and take her to a wooded area and dump her, so I’m definitely not ready for that.

    HAHA Elaine. I used do mimic her dance moves at my job in Utah. Hilarious. And I’m pretty pumped for July 24th as well.

  2. Can you imagine a guy actually dancing? If you can get one to actually dance, I’d have to say they were a keeper! I am going to have to say ditto on what Leigh said. Those are some serious mothering skills you are tuning up with Lulu! You better get some guys dancing for you so you can soon use those mothering skills on kids! I’m guessing you do that with your job anyway.

    I love the orange on the corners of Lulu’s mouth. It’s a great shade for her!

    I don’t know if he would be a keeper but for sure worth a second date on that alone. I do enough “mothering” between work and church that I think it’s nice that this one can’t talk back or run away.

  3. Lulu is cute! I like her name, too. 🙂

    When I thought she was a boy I named her Leonard. But then it turned out she was a girl but I still stuck with an L name. I think it sort of works.

  4. If dancing was required, I think I’d just go ahead, signal for the check, and retire with some shred of dignity.

    You’re not wrong on the credit score thing. There was a guy on my motorcycle board who insisted that the credit score on a potential mate and/or his/her family was the only thing that mattered. We gave him a lot of crap for it (he was also heavily in favor of arranged marriages) but there IS a point in there somewhere.

    I think the dancing could be kind of fun…or funny. There are a few friends I know that have married and found out their spouse has more dept than they had originally thought. A lot more. So I’d rather know that kind of stuff up front.

  5. Whoa!! your turtle is awesome! I love it. I want a pet turtle, my cousins in Arizona had some and sometimes we stuck them in the pool which I always thought was very funny. Also we moved 😀 Hopefully my name will link you to our new site now.

    I liked having her but I came home from work the other day and she had escaped. Maybe another one will show up later this summer.

  6. That’s the difference between men and women. I mean, I wouldn’t want to marry into a load of debt either, but I can’t imagine asking a girl up front what her credit score or debt is. I mean, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. It’s just a date. The only reaction I can imagine I would get from that is her angrily storming out, calling me a jerk, and saying it’s none of my damn business…and she’d be right. I mean, you know I think you’re the bees knees and all, but a girl asking me that stuff up front would throw up a red flag for me. I understand where you’re coming from but the question alone would be enough to make me want to call things off (Gold digger alert!). It’s just none of your business, and even if there was some sort of debt that you should be concerned about, it’s THE FIRST DATE. It ain’t like we’re getting hitched tomorrow or anything, and even if that does happen, that’s down the road and debt can be paid off between now and then. Let’s work that out when we’re house shopping and talking about planning holidays, not over casual sushi and conversations about our favorite bands.

    Lulu rocks, btw.

    Holy moly, I touched a nerve. Yeah, I would never for real ask a guy about his credit score or his debt. Not on the first date anyway. Honestly I think those are more of a “now that we’re officially getting married, is there anything I should know” type of questions. As I wrote, they come to mind when I’m hearing some sad tale of divorce or separation and I think that stuff should have come up earlier but honestly not on the first, second, or even third date. I don’t even think I would get so personal to ask about toothpaste preference. I’d stick to something like, “So…did Beethoven know how to play the piano or what?” Yeah, I got nothing.

    Lulu did rock but somehow, which remains a mystery to me, she escaped and is long gone.

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