The Tale of the TB Shot

Once upon a time, this past Monday, I had to get a TB shot as part of my application process for this substitute teaching gig.  The lady interviewing me recommended this walk-in clinic nearby to the school that was pretty cheap.  She told me this particular clinic was located on Hogan Road.  I know she said Hogan Road because this street is part of the “newer” section of town and in my mind I was high fiving myself for knowing where it was.

I drove up and down this street but the clinic was nowhere to be found.  So I headed home and looked  it up online and noticed the address lists the street as Harkrider.  Ok, honest mistake.  Double checking, I called the clinic before leaving the house because I didn’t want to show up and find out they don’t do TB testing or walk-ins and as a side thought, I asked how much it would cost – $15.  Beautiful, I can afford that.

Here’s where I need to explain a little about how I entered the clinic.  At the address there is a large pharmacy/drug store.  I walked in and was a little confused because I didn’t immediately see a clinic.  I asked a worker and he pointed to a door  that took me outside where the clinic was located in a strip mall business type area.  This is important because I was walking on a covered sidewalk and couldn’t see the business sign located on the face of the building.

I went in, told the lady why I was there, and while she handed me the paper work to fill out, she let me know that it would cost $32.  Uh, what?  I was quoted $15 on the phone 20 min. earlier.  I started filling everything out and came across a sheet that said all new patients had to pay a minimum of $86 to be seen.   You know that feeling when you’re in a dream and in the dream you realize something is a little off but you can’t figure out what it is?  And if you could only figure out that you were in a dream it would all make sense?  That’s how I kind of felt.  I could tell something wasn’t quite right but couldn’t quite figure out what it was and as I looked around everyone else seemed to be going about their business at the clinic as though nothing was wrong.

I went back up to the lady and told her that I thought I was in the wrong place and explained how I was quoted $15 for the shot.  She seemed a little confused (welcome to my world) and then I asked her, “This is Occumed right?”  Nope.  That was the problem.  In what could probably only happen to me, I showed up at ANOTHER walk-in clinic at the EXACT location listed for the walk-in clinic I was looking for.  Turned out this clinic had rented the office space after the other one moved out and I guess no one told Google.  And since I had walked in from the side, I never saw the new clinic name on the building.  But don’t worry, this kind of stuff only happens to me so I’m pretty sure all of you are in the clear.

I got to the clinic I was looking for, which wasn’t even on that street at all, right at noon and was told that all the nurses had just left for lunch and wouldn’t be back for another hour.  Of course they did. I started laughing, because really, how could I not at this point?

When I returned, the waiting area was filled to capacity and the receptionist told me it was going to be a long wait.  I was a little bummed because I forgot a book to read and all the chairs facing the TV were filled.  I was going to have to settle for only hearing Maury tell the mother that her ex-boyfriend was not the father of her baby, rather than getting to see their fake outburst emotionally distraught reaction to the incredulous news.  A little bummed indeed.

About five minutes later a nurse called my name and took me on back.  Turned out all the rooms were occupied but she didn’t think I wanted to wait all afternoon for a quick little shot and if I didn’t mind, she would just do it right there in the hallway.  Glorious day!  A couple minutes later I was out the door and on my way home.  Thank you medical personnel who bumped me to the top of list.

I went back today to get my results, fully anticipating a long wait.  No way could I luck out twice in a doctor’s waiting room and had even brought a book along to keep me company.  I told the receptionist why I was there and rather than having me take a seat, she went and got a doctor who checked my arm, copied the results, and had me out the door in less than 45 seconds from the time I walked in.  Talk about service.

And that is the tale of my TB shot.  The end.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I don’t have TB.  The end.

5 thoughts on “The Tale of the TB Shot

  1. Don’t you hate it when you forget a book? I think this is why I keep one in my car now. What are the odds of going to a clinic and it being another clinic? You could be right, that kind of thing could most likely only happen to you. Glad you don’t have TB though! 😉

    I used to keep one in my car and in my bag but I’ve gotten out of the habit. Luckily I didn’t have to wait too long!

  2. awesome – I hate waiting in any kind of waiting room. Especially where sick people might be. Eck.

    With you being practically a germaphobe I can imagine that’s the last place you want to be.

  3. All the nurses went out to lunch together? They couldn’t send like one or two at a time?

    I wish we could do that at my job…all the patrol cars off the streets from 12 noon to 1….

    “911 what is your emergency?”

    “help! I am being a robbed! ”

    ” I am sorry sir, but all cops went out to lunch. Can you call back at 1?”

    Yeah, I thought it was really weird too. At least leave one behind to sort of help the flow of patients. Sheesh.

  4. Oh no, so you missed the girl running in overwrought humiliation off the stage and into the back area? Don’t you just love how that has become a standard response? I want to see Maury put big ol’ rubber bands over the stage door to bounce ’em right back onto the stage again.

    +1 to Sarah. I always bring a book. If I’m close to the end of a book, I bring two.

    And thanks for reminding me why I was hesitant to adopt the abbreviation “TB.” 😀

    It’s so ridiculous. I think they run off stage and cover their face b/c they have to start pulling out their eyelashes to make themselves start crying. But that’s just a theory. That would be hilarious if something was put on the doors to prevent them from running out.

  5. I was on pins and needles until the end of the story when you finally let us know you don’t have TB. Thank goodness! 🙂

    I know how much you like a suspense story. haha

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