A Good Day

Picture this, it’s about 80 degrees out with a slight breeze with little to no humidity.  The smell of grass being cut is in the air (I happen to really like that smell) and Bob Marley is serenading me on my Ipod as I walk around my neighborhood.

The lady whose pre-school/daycare I helped out at a couple of months ago asked if I could start back up again in a couple of weeks after her daughter leaves for school.  AND I have an interview at another school on Monday to see about doing some part time work there.  No promises on that but an interview is more than I’ve had in over a year.  Neither are my dream jobs but I’ll take them both.  And do so with a smile, work is work and money is money after all.

Then I found out this afternoon that I’m getting money back from my taxes.  I was fairly certain I wouldn’t get anything and almost just as certain I would end up owing some.  A good day indeed.

The only thing that could make today better would be to head to the ball park and take in a game while munching on a hot dog.  Ahh, spring, I love you.

5 thoughts on “A Good Day

  1. I would love the smell of freshly cut grass if it didn’t make my allergies a living hell. Of course, now I really want a hotdog. I love spring.

    It’s the best. Though I do feel for people this time of year that have allergies.

  2. Sounds great to me! I endorse Crisitunity’s “National Everybody Gets A Convertible For At Least A Few Hours Day” on days like this. I think I’d take a lollipop from a toddler for a motorcycle ride right about now!

    Glad things are goin’ your way!

    Thanks, I love it when little things come together to make me happy.

  3. oh, great chubby wants a hot dog too now. Dammit!

    Congrats on the money, job interviews, and all around good karma coming back your way.

    Thank you! I’m hoping things work out and I can get a little money saved to hold me over until I figure out what I want to do.

  4. It’s still a winter wonderland in Utah. The snow is in the air. The bright side, it’s supposed to get up to 60 degrees this weekend. It’ll be nice to get to hang out, out side and soak up some nice sun rays. Make sure you take in enough for me too!

    I heard about all the snow you got the past few days. Crazy!! I’ll be sure to take in some sun for you, or you could always come down here for a visit and take it in for yourself. I need to give you a call and find out the latest.

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