Career Options

It’s no secret that I’ve been out of a job for a little over a year.  And it’s no secret that I’m not too sad about this.  However, the numbers in my bank account are getting smaller and since spring is coming quickly and I need money to buy a tanning pass, I’ve been thinking of what I could do for work.

Give me a C!  Give me an H!  Give me an E E R!  What’s that spell?  I don’t know because I’m only four!  Yeah!

What little girl wouldn’t be a professional cheerleader given the option?  You get to run around and dance, wear sparkly clothes, and shake noisy plastic ribbons around.  And as an adult, if you can look past the fact you have to run around and dance, wear sparkly clothes, and shake noisy plastic ribbons around, it could be a perfect job.  I bet the association even pays for the tanning.

Ok, so it’s not EXACTLY a bull but that plastic Dumbo served it’s purpose.  If only it hadn’t popped and leaked air, you could be reading the blog of a fearless bull rider right now.

Still trying to keep the rodeo dream alive.  This one could have totally worked except for two things 1) I did not own a horse and  2) I did not own a pair of cowboy boots.  It’s just not the same in sneakers.

Bet you can’t guess what I going for in this picture.

Told you, you couldn’t guess.  Peter Jackson wouldn’t return any of my calls but I know I could have played a better Legolas.  Unlike Orlando, my hair was real.

…everything i wanna do has already been done.
why would i wanna go and do it again?
everybody…plays guitar.  -Reel Big Fish

And that’s why I went with the plastic trumpet.  Gotta keep it fresh, ya know!  Naturally my aim was to be the guy who plays at the start of the horse races

And don’t think his snazzy outfit intimidated me.  No sir, I did what I could by accessorizing my trumpet with not only my own outfit but with my mom’s next to me.  I don’t see how this one could have failed.

Ooh yeah, the money shot!  I was born to be a rock star.  Check out my ubber cool tutu I was stylin back in the day.  Take that Avrail Lavine, I was rocking this look long before you were born.

I was just too ahead of my time.

12 thoughts on “Career Options

  1. niiiiice — any luck?

    No, I don’t think we have the pom pons anymore. I swung by the administration office to see about signing to be a substitute teacher but I forgot everyone is gone for spring break. I’ll check back next week I guess.

  2. You might need to get two jobs, I hear we are getting a “tanning” tax…it is going to get a little expensive. You might have to go “old school” tanning. Get a landscaping job. 😦

    You’re right, I may have to do old school tanning this year. I actually did work doing landscape for four summers and loved it. But not so much love that I want to do it again.

  3. I hate to burst the bubble, but technically it’s already officially spring. Oh, and I rode horses and had cowboy boots, they’re highly overrated, I would have rather worn sneakers.

    True, it is technically spring. But it’s not “tanning spring” weather. No one should have a tan yet. I should have told that to the lady at Wal-mart, can we say umpa lumpa? I don’t get why cowboys wear those boots. They really don’t look comfortable and can’t be good for the feet.

  4. Good luck in your job search…hope you land something soon. Let’s hope you don’t have to wear a cheerleader outfit for money.

    Fingers crossed I can land a job in the Legolas outfit instead. I’m thinking of going to the schools to see about substitute teaching – only they’re off on spring break right now. Guess that’s as good an excuse to still sit around for a few days.

  5. I dunno. Legolas looks girlier than you…you might have to nock arrows wearing the cheerleader outfit or your rockstar tutu to out-femme Orlando there.

    You may be on to something here…

    • On second thought, never mind. I’m not sure the girliest girly-girl on Earth could out-femme ol’ Legolas. It might be easier to learn to ride the bull.

      A few years ago there was some reality show that had celebrities learning to bull ride. All I can say is that if Vanilla Ice can do it, then so can I!

  6. hahahaha…you are my best friend for life for mentioning Legolas (if you’ll have me, of course 😉 ). That is all.

    If only everyone was as easy to please. I couldn’t help but mention him, there’s definitely a resemblance.

  7. Just avoid any buses or vans pullling up along side of you offering you money to “model”

    I don’t think I have to worry about that but I’ll be on the look out just in case.

  8. Just love your posts and all those old photos. Finally catching up a bit on blogging!

    Thanks! Old photos are the best. I’m going to have to go through some more and think up other posts so I can use them.

  9. I played the trumpet in the band in the 6th grade. I think I can still remember how to play “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” The trumpet belonged to my cousin who’s 6 years older than me. He played it when he was in middle school, and before that his older brother played it in middle school or high school. So, we’ve got 3 generations of my family’s spit somewhere in that thing.

    Just something to think about. I’m not sure why I told you that.

    Wow, that’s a lot of spit. And probably why I never played an instrument that went in my mouth.

  10. “And probably why I never played an instrument that went in my mouth.”


    haha Yikes, I should probably take this moment to clarify. I played the piano for a couple of years.

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