All Hail to the Big Wheel

What is totally awesome about this picture?  Is it the orange/brown carpet?  The fact all of us were wearing footie pajamas?  Me rock’n the bed head hairdo?  Christmas presents from Santa?  The Spiderman Big Wheel?  Uh, How about all 5 of those things?  That’s what I’m talking about!  This picture is so classic, you just have to love it.

But seriously, what ever happened to Big Wheels?  What a total ingenious product.  Here I am at the age of 2 being given the greatest gift life can give, the gift of freedom.  And it was all made possible because of Big Wheels.

See you later mom and dad.  It’s just the open road and me from here on out.

Nice socks and sandal combo.  I remember riding this thing so much that the front tire busted open and rocks got inside but you still couldn’t pry me off.  I either out grew it, or it became so busted because two years later I got this:

No.  Bypass the Stuff Your Face clown game.  And the very styling jean leisure suit.  Good grief, no way did I wear that thing to bed the night before.  That means I actually CHOSE to wear that special get- up for Christmas morning 1984.  And is it any wonder I still have wardrobe issues?  I was doomed from the start.

Look on the right side, middle of the picture.  Yep, a box to another Big Wheel.  This fabulous toy had quite the run.  I know my sisters had one when they were little, before I was born.  As you saw, I christened my first at the ripe age of 2 and was still holding strong to the wheel at age 4.  They just don’t make toys like that anymore.  Big Wheel, I salute you.

11 thoughts on “All Hail to the Big Wheel

  1. I LOVED my big wheel. I remember I got a cabbage patch one, I wore out the wheel after about one summer I rode it so much. They were awesome. I too salute!

    Yeah! They were awesome! I think my favorite part was the break on the side.

  2. I remember my big wheel fondly. The same thing happend to the tire(s) of mine too. I remember peddling my way down the sidewalk and hearing the rocks rolling around inside of it. Good times!

    Absolutely good times! Even though the front wheel split, that toy was pretty durable.

  3. Mine got a big notch in the steering head from going over bumps/through mud puddles/flopping down onto it too hard. Then the rear axles got sort of bent for the same reasons.

    I once attempted to tie a kiddie lawn mower onto the back of it. Why? Because the lawn mower blades moved when the wheels moved, and I thought this would be enough to generate a smoke screen on the old dirt road. I was thoroughly bummed to find out I was wrong.

    I bet that was a funny scene to see some kid pulling a toy lawn mower on the back of his Big Wheel. Creative thinking though, too bad it didn’t work out.

  4. We used to terrorize the students with our Big Wheels… pull the back brake and we’d spin out. Couldn’t have asked for a better toy (way cooler than Barbie).

    And that leisure suit of yours… looks oddly familiar to one Lynne wore in the 70s. Be grateful it was denim and not the fruit stripe gum jumpsuit. The 70s were such a sad time for fashion.

    Yeah I remember the stories. It was a great toy.

  5. Sadly I never had a big wheel….*sniff sniff*. My brothers had them though….and I hated them for it. ha ha 🙂

    haha You missed out. Why didn’t you just ask for one?

    • I’m sure I asked for one. I guess my parents hated me.

      Yeah I can see that. HAHA kidding! Your parents are awesome. Well, you may not have gotten a Big Wheel but they did get you a motor/dirt bike or whatever it’s called.

  6. My son has a big wheel! They do make them still…but nothing will EVER be as cool as it was with brown carpet, orange couches, and Little People that were small enough to choke on!

    Absolutely, the upholstery makes the difference. I’m pretty sure my mom still has our Little People and the school house that went with it.

  7. Man I loved my big wheel, except I believe mine was the “hot cycle” version…black and grey rather than the blue/red/yellow. Loved it. All our kids have loved the big wheel too. Truly liberating then and now!!

    Best thing around on three wheels when you’re a kid!

  8. Oh the big wheel. I had the one that steered using the rear tires. I was bad ass.

    I think it the Green Machine or some shit like that.

    Yours was a Spider Man big wheel?? I would’ve been hitting on you back then. Spidey was (is) my favorite.

    Yours steered with the rear tires? How did that work? My first was a Spider Man Big Wheel. I was kind of a tom boy when I was little. I had Superman PJs and I was obsessed with He-Man and I’m pretty sure I watched GI Joe from time to time.

  9. I think everyone who ever lived in the 70’s has those red tinted kid pictures with the shag carpet and bad clothes. We should just create a website where everyone posts up their funny red 70’s pics.

    My big wheel was a He-Man one because that was the center of my world when I was about 6 or 7. I lived in a huge apartment complex and I ruled that joint on my big wheel. I remember there was this huge hill on my street and I used to love to climb to the top of it fly down that thing on the big wheel, peddling like a madman.

    Btw, you look incredibly serious in that first pic. Like you’re either “seriously tired of this crap” or you’re about to kick some ass.

    I could not get enough He-Man either. Matter of fact, I just watched a couple episodes on Hulu a few weeks ago. He-Man and Dukes of Hazard. Life could not have gotten much better. I was probably about to go kick some ass, tearing it up in the neighborhood.

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