Just Don’t Make Her Mad

Ok, I’m back from my little vacation to Charleston, Illinois and I have a few posts lined up showing what we did when someone wasn’t barfing in the bathroom.  But I had to start with this one because it cracks me up.

My youngest niece is five and marches to the beat of her own drum so you never know what you’re going to get.  She is happy 99% of the time.  She is constantly singing, loves to have her picture taken, wears the most outrageous combination of clothing because she believes no matter what, she looks like a star (who can argue with that logic?),  is obsessed with the color pink, and if she has her way she’ll be dancing until her toes fall off.

Here she is discovering her toothbrush can stick to her forehead.  She did this so many times she had a slight, red hickey mark the next day.

Friday morning she decided she wanted to wear a kitty cat water tattoo on her face for school.  Somehow she kind of makes it work.

As I said, she’s happy 99% of the time but watch out for her 1%.  One morning, she got mad at her sister and a couple days later I found this in the room where I was staying, or known on occasion as her office:

Translation:  Brooklynne is not aloud in my office.  And then there was this:

Translation:  I am very mad at you.  Grrr.

Wow, such fury!  Even the eyebrows are downcast in anger and the face is all cloudy.  So be warned, don’t cross her or she may write you a mean note.


8 thoughts on “Just Don’t Make Her Mad

    • I pulled this post up again just to see the profile shot of the toothbrush stuck to her head. Makes me laugh every time. What a character!

      She definitely is!

  1. Hey — I didn’t realize I was logged in as you — don’t worry I just logged you out so no need to fear me doing something to your blog…I wish I would have thought of that before I logged out. Drat!!

    You know, I thought about that every time I logged on b/c I noticed it never logged me off. Oh well.

  2. So funny! I love kids with such awesome personalities. I hope we get one like that! Ur not a loud in my ofi5! HAHA!

    She’s definitely fun to have around that’s for sure!

  3. Very cute. I am going to put Maddie’s toothbrush on her forehead tonight. We have the same one, and stick in on the mirror, but the forehead is a much better option. 🙂
    I can not wait until Madaghan can write!

    You’ll have to take a pic of her with it on. The notes are definitely hilarious and fun to read.

  4. The angry notes… priceless! Does her sister have one of the coolest kid names ever: Brooklyn?

    Yep, that’s her sister’s name except it’s spelled like this: Brooklynne, b/c my sister’s name is Lynne. Tricky how she did that haha.

  5. Oh, that rocks. That rocks hard. I love it. She’s awesome. Stuff like this really makes me want one of those. Is it possible for a guy to have a biological clock?

    I think “You’re not a loud in my ofis!” is my new catch phrase for whenever I’m pissed off now.

    I think Hugh Hefner and Larry King have some young kids so I’m thinking you don’t have to worry about a biological clock. She’s definitely a trip for sure.

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