Snow Day

Technically I don’t really get a snow day since I don’t have a job but that’s just a minor detail.  Today I woke up to snow covering the ground and a steady fall for about 5 hours.  I get that for a lot of you snow’s not a big deal but remember, I live in Arkansas.  I honestly can’t even remember the last time we had a snow fall this good and the snow was PERFECT for snowballs and snowmen.

My mom’s office closed down at lunch and not long after she came home I convinced her (she’s 67 years old by the way) to go outside with me where I engaged her in a snowball fight.  How many of you can say you’ve been in snowball fight with your mom?  Not many I’d guess.  She had a couple good hits but I totally kicked her trash.  Love you mom!

The first pic is the before and the other two are the after.

I wanted to make a snowman Calvin and Hobbes style and set out to make this:

The snowman was easy enough but you wouldn’t believe how hard shark fins are to make.  At least for someone snow sculpting challenged.  So I gave up.  But many of the neighbors went ahead and made snowmen in their yards.

Did I mention I live in Arkansas?

10 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. That is awesome! I haven’t had a snowball fight with my mom since I was a kid, I can’t even remember how old I was.

    As for the snowmen; I always wanted to make all of the little ones that Calvin made. I think I remember a strip where they all have horrified expressions on their faces. I always wanted to do that…

    I love all the snow people Calvin creates. Maybe I should have tried one that was upright and didn’t have shark fins.

  2. As much as I want to talk smack to you about pounding your mom with snowballs, the fact that you used a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon in your post grants you immunity from all things.

    Phew, that was a close one. Well, she willingly went out there knowing the purpose was a snowball fight and she got some pretty good hits in.

  3. FDNY hat? Oh no dear…. I will send you a hat that actually works. 🙂

    haha I used to have a NYPD shirt that I bought on the same trip as when I got the hat. But they didn’t really have my size. Besides the shirt shrunk and I grew. I should have bought both in hats I guess.

  4. I’m so jealous! In Atlanta, we get snow MAYBE 2 days out of the year, and it’s usually gone the next day. Looks like you and mom had a fun time!

    We haven’t had snow like this since the mid to late 80s. It was fun going out there with my mom.

  5. wow. looks like you had an amazing time 🙂
    personally, i can’t stand snow, but hey, glad it brings someone joy 😀

    I don’t really like snow either. After I moved from Utah I didn’t think I’d be seeing it for quite a while. But it won’t last too long here so I don’t really mind. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Too bad that Calvin and Hobbs style snow sculpture didn’t work. That would’ve been way cool. When we were in Hawaii, Erik made a shark out of the sand. It looked so real that some people were taken aback and had to do a double take! Erik is an artist though. And sand sticks better than snow. Fun times. You must’ve gotten all the snow we haven’t. Really, hardly any snow here this winter. Weird.

    I hope you took some pics of the sand shark! Seriously, it hasn’t snowed much there?? Of course it wouldn’t. The first winter I’m not there neither is the snow, but the first winter in a long time when I’m here it snows. Go figure.

  7. I love the Calvin and Hobbies snowmen!!!! How dementedly fun!!!

    Yeah, they’ve been telling us that we are supposed to be getting some “winter weather” soon here also. Last time they closed the schools for just a little sleet. My kids were disgusted…about the lack of snow, not the ‘not going to school’ part ( I was disgusted about that).

    I’m glad you had a blast with your mom. I think mine would have said that it wasn’t proper for young ladies to throw snowballs…course she’s in her late seventies and I’m not exactly a young lady anymore either….

    Well we have plenty of snow you can have. I think the kids went back to school today but have been out all week. It was fun going out there with my mom. I’m glad she was willing!

  8. I share your joy. We got some too around the same time and it was the first time in 9 years that I had laid eyes on it. Good for you. I’m still kind of kicking myself for not making a snowman. Who knows when I’ll have the chance to do it again.

    I don’t usually like snow but it’s so unusual for Arkansas I had to take advantage of it. We had fun.

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