The Storm to End All Storms

That’s what you would think is going to happen tonight if you could hear the news right now in Arkansas.  I think they said the governor has called a state of emergency?  Could that be right?  Schools and businesses are shutting down, people have been hitting up the stores to stock up on their food, people preparing to spend the next few days sequestered in their homes.  And for what?  One to two……….inches.  Not feet, inches.  Really people?  I realize down here in the south we can get some wicked ice storms that make going anywhere close to impossible.  And maybe that’s what I’ll wake up to, if so I’m sorry.   But a prediction of one to two inches of snow?  Give me a break.


5 thoughts on “The Storm to End All Storms

  1. They are calling for 3-6 inches here in NY. I guess in Arkansas that would be Armageddon?

    I don’t even want to think what people hear would do if we were going to get 3-6 inches.

  2. Those kids are so lucky! Getting a snow day. We get 2 feet of snow and we still don’t get a snow day.

    It’s crazy! The real reason they cancel school with barely just a sneeze of snow is because the roads turn to pure ice and we (as a state) don’t have a budget for snow plows and salt. Which means buses can’t operate, yadda yadda, so school is canceled.


    Well, that makes me feel a little bit better to know that there are other crazy people in the south besides the loonies down here. Folks are going nuts in these parts too…and all we are expecting is maybe a chance— a tiny, tiny chance– of anything which probably means sleet.

    People are funny.

    Stay warm , Blue, and have fun playing in your few inches of snow!

    You know, we didn’t even get so much as a single snow flake. And as I’m looking out the window right now the sun is high and bright and there isn’t a single cloud. Go figure.

  4. Wow. That is really pathetic. I would be embarrassed to live in a place like that. LOL!

    Oh really? Well I’ve been to where you live and I’d say it’s a toss up. haha j/k

    • LOL touche! Very nice! At least we can still send our kids to school when there are only one to two inches of snow. ha ha I give thanks every day for public education. 🙂

      Yeah well I don’t have any kids to get rid of , the day is mine and mine alone. haha

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