4 thoughts on “A Week to Go

  1. I have a Charlie Brown tree, too! Yeah! I spent my Friday night standing in line at the grocery store… it was super fun. I think I also witnessed the aftermath of a rather large crime, but I’m not quite sure. Christmas sure is fun once you hit your 30s.

    That’s why I try to go to the store first thing in the morning. No one is there and you can be in and out quickly. Chalk up one good thing about not having a job.

  2. I hope the Christmas spirit hits soon. I’m have a bit of trouble finding it too. It’s hard to believe this Friday will be THE day.

    How did the daycare Christmas party go?

    I think it hasn’t hit yet b/c usually I live somewhere else and am flying home for Christmas or someone is flying to visit me. But this year I’m living at home. And for the past five years I lived in Utah with all the snow, ice, and cold. It’s still in the mid to upper 50’s here in Arkansas. The daycare party was total chaos. So many people and so much going on but the kids LOVED it and in the end looking back, it was a good time.

  3. I am stil waiting for the Christmas spirit too. Somehow the whirlwind of the holidays are sucked all the joy out it. I wished I lived on a mountain in Montana with my wife and daughter, with the phone unhooked, and no TV.

    I’d live there in the spring and summer and visit for a week or so in the winter. Curling up by the fire, reading books all day, and drinking hot chocolate sound heavenly. But then I’m afraid cabin fever would set in after too long.

  4. The Girl Scouts of America have nothing on you. If you could just use these girls, keep the overhead down, you could compete with the Thin Mints and Samoas.

    This may just work… Thanks for stopping by, I’ve seen you on my sister’s site (which I assume is how you linked over here). Hope you stop by again.

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