Martha Stewart Eat Your Heart Out

I have never been a crafty person.  My idea of a successful craft is buying the supplies and giving them to my sister to put it all together.  And while scrapbook paper transforms and does amazing things for her, all it ever does for me is give paper cuts.

Well that’s starting to change.  Between the daycare I’m helping at, the girls I’m over at church, and my nephew and nieces coming for Thanksgiving it seems all I have on the brain are crafts.  A few short weeks ago I had never heard of modge podge and now I have large plastic bin full of craft supplies – and I know how to use them all.

Yeah that’s right, my craft abilities are now up to snuff with 5 year olds.  So maybe I still don’t have anything on Martha but those kids think I’m a master with a piece of paper.  I might as well be doing origame with my feet while blindfolded.

Here are a couple pics of my nieces and nephew doing crafts on Thanksgiving:

Yeah, so um, remember how I said my expertise sort of plateaus with five year olds?  I think that’s pretty evident by the looks on my nephew and older niece’s faces.  Don’t they look absolutely thrilled?

Moving on to the craft to end all crafts for the day – the food craft:

Ta da!

There were some other things I put together with the youngest that involved colored wrapping tissue paper – fancy I know.  And to show her appreciation (at least I hope that’s what it was) she drew this:

A closer look shall we:

Yep, I see a resemblance between the picture of me and a schoolmarm.  Can you?

Tomorrow I pull out the big guns.  Gotta impress the 8-11 year olds.  I’m hoping the tile wall hangings they’re making will do the trick.  Watch out Martha, I’m on my way.

3 thoughts on “Martha Stewart Eat Your Heart Out

  1. Still love the picture she drew! The resemblance is scary to the cartoon you found! lol You were fantastic with them — thank you so much! And…for what’s it worth…I wan’t really ever crafty until I had kids, so it must just be a thing when you’re (anyone is) around them (any kids) that brings it out!

    It was fun getting to hang out with you guys even if it was for only a few days. I love the pic she drew too!

  2. The older kids looked very thrilled to be doing arts and crafts.

    Didn’t they though? The oldest stop doing crafts after that first one, the second oldest stopped after the second, but the youngest kept asking for more. Like I said, I’m right on level with the five year olds.

  3. Up next… LifeSaver men to decorate your Christmas tree! Martha will be really jealous about that one.

    There you go. I kind of think those are cute actually. I like the really homemade looking stuff. Like the nativity mom has made out of styrofoam.

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