Brothers Can Be Awesome…Mine is the Best

About an hour ago I was sitting in front of the TV when my brother came home from running errands.  He told me he had been in The Salvation Army and got me something:

IMG_4377 IMG_4378

Yeah, that’s right.  A New Kids on the Block, Hangin’ Tough Live tour performance on VHS.  It doesn’t get any better than this (ok, it does but this is pretty close).  I love my brother.

6 thoughts on “Brothers Can Be Awesome…Mine is the Best

  1. Sweeeeeet!!! I’m sorry I had to read about it rather than hear it from you! I saw you called tonight but I was passed out….and now back up because a certain 2 yr old won’t sleep. GRRR! So I agree that your bro is pretty much the best. Now he needs to hunt down Cool As Ice and there will be no question of his coolness. 🙂 So….have you watched the video yet?

    No biggie, I thought it might have been a little late to call. I haven’t watched it yet but I think this afternoon is a perfect time for a little NKOTB action. You’re right, Cool As Ice would definitely leave his coolness unquestioned…haha.

  2. Holy shit on a shingle. Your brother has got some cajones for walking up to the counter and plunking that down. You owe your brother one. No…two.

    HAHA Yeah I guess I do owe him a few.

  3. love it! Your brother is defiantly secure in his masculinity to be seen in public with that.

    Fess up…did you do some dancing while you were watching it?


    I didn’t do any dancing but I did sing along. That counts right? lol

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