Happy Birthday Mom!

In a couple of hours it’ll be my mother’s birthday!  I tell her I’m what keeps her so young, but she just rolls her eyes and says yeah right.  I’m glad I’m able to talk with her about most anything and that she’s even willing to indulge me in doing things I want to do, even if she thinks they’re lame.

Just the other night I convinced her to watch The Lost Boys with me and though she kept repeating that the movie was dumb and she didn’t like it (how anyone could not like that movie is beyond me) she did laugh a few times and stayed to watched the whole thing.  Now if I could just get her to stay awake during Wayne’s World…

I love that on occasion she’ll say the word suck in conversation and the other day she used the word freak’n in a sentence.  Never in my life have I ever heard her say that and if you knew my mom you would know just how funny that is.  I love it and it makes me smile.

There’s so much she does for me, and mom, I want you to know that I appreciate all of it.  I love you!!

* I just had her read this and her reaction was “Oh brother” when she saw the entry was about her, “Yeah right” when she read the part about Wayne’s World, and “You forgot a comma.” (laughing the whole time of course)   haha  I love it.

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