Even though I stayed home and handed out candy, I didn’t think that was enough of a reason to pass on dressing up.  So at the last minute I put threw this on


I think the kids liked it.  Well, except the one little girl that burst into tears and wouldn’t come up on the porch…whoops.

9 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. You just threw this on? Like you have random costumes hanging around?? I’m guessing it’s Robert’s? lol

    Well, I saw the mask at Pier1 (of all places) for only a $1 so I got it with the idea of wearing just that to answer the door. Then about a half hour before the first trick or treater I went up in the attic and found the costume among Robert’s stuff (by the way, I should have looked in his closet beforehand b/c it’s like an entire costume store in there). When I put it on I figured I had to black out the eyes so out came the eye liner. It was done a few min. before the first door bell rang.

  2. Fantastic!! Nothing like giving the kids a good scare! You big meanie! ha ha ha

    I kind of think how you dress up for Halloween shows the inner you that you try to hide the rest of the year and that’s why girls all dress like sluts on that one day b/c it’s like their “secret” or whatever. Well, what does this say about me? Big meanie is right. haha

  3. lol..my daughter would have run away screaming.

    Maybe it’s a good thing she didn’t come knocking on my door. I thought about taking off my mask for the kids that were a little scared but then thought the blackened eyes wouldn’t be much better. lol

  4. Shame, shame on you, Blue! Scaring the little kiddies..

    I’m telling your mother…..

    I know. Maybe next year I’ll dress up like a princess or something really glittery.

  5. Nice job around the eyes. Scary. I would not have come up to your door either.

    Thanks. That was definitely a last min. add on. When I put on the mask it didn’t look right without my eyes being blackened out.

  6. I think I was scaring the kiddos too! Guess it’s good I didn’t dress up too or else someone would’ve fell down the 4 stairs out front and hit their head as they tried to run for their life! Well at least I don’t scare the kiddos too badly when I’m at work! haha! Just tryiing to show the neighbors what it’s all about, and my t or ters had to work for it to come to my door in the rain! None of this I’ll sit on the sidewalk under my umbrella to pass out the candy like my neighbors…seriously that’s lame!

    That is lame to stand on the sidewalk in the rain. Definitely the kids need to earn their candy! haha

  7. I love it!!! That is an awesome costume. I have much to catch up on.
    Glad you are mobile again.

    Thanks. It was fast, easy, and got a reaction from virtually everyone. Can’t ask for much more than that.

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