Lost Music

Last night I went back in time.  Back before my time.  Back 50 years, to a time when folk music was all the rage.  The local university invited The Limelighters


The Brothers Four

four brothers 1

and The Kingston Trio.


Turned out my brother and I were the youngest people in the audience by about 35 years, no real surprise there I guess.  The Brothers Four were the first to take the stage and I couldn’t believe how well they harmonized.  I mean, I know that’s their thing but it was truely impressive.  They actually turned out to be my favorite of the night.  Not a lot of talking but rather had their songs flow one into another, yet they were still personable and engaging.

The Limelighters were probably the zaniest of the groups.  I kind of think their lead singer (if there is such a person in a folk group) looks like he plays in a ska band.  Well, a ska band made up of older people.  The Kingston Trio were the headliners and the only group I had heard of.  Matter of fact, I really like The Kingston Trio and knew almost every song they performed.

None of the performers of any of the bands were the original members, but they were all so insanely talented and sounded incredible that I imagine it was similar to hearing the originals 50 years ago.  It was a fun night and I’m really glad I was able to go.

2 thoughts on “Lost Music

  1. I didn’t think the Kingston Trio guys looked like them…I guess I now know why! Not that they would look like they used to anyway at this point… lol

    I guess it was really a night of listening to cover bands when you think about.

  2. Check out the rainbow shirts on the Kingston boys! PURE BLAZING AWESOMENESS.

    Every pictures I found of them had them in matching outfits. But these shirts were the best ones. haha

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