The Saga Continues…

Just when I thought Murphy with his stupid law were done, he came back for another blow.  My brother’s car was STOLEN right from the repair shop.  Apparently they were in the process of fixing it and had removed the bumper and trunk.   When they showed up today it was gone – sold for parts no doubt.  *sigh*  Seriously.  I hate you Murphy.


7 thoughts on “The Saga Continues…

  1. AAAAAHHHH!! Unbelieveable. That garage better have some serious insurance coverage.

    Mom and Robert went and talked with them today. I think they may be working out a deal on getting Robert a new car. They have one he’s supposed to test drive.

    • You’re much more calm than I would be….about everything. ha ha I’m too high strung I guess. 🙂

      Two things on that: 1. I know you and you’re one of the calmest people I know. 2. I’m calm about major emergencies but something small and I freak out. Case in point, tonight I went to Office Depot and bought the wrong paper but didn’t realize it until I had already opened the package. I completely exploded.

  2. REALLY!!?!? Wow, Murphy is being a serious jack-ass right now, I hope another law comes around and picks up the slack!

    Yeah that would be nice.

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