The Tire

I know I said there was only a 2 inch gash in the tire but I was looking at it in the middle of the night by the light of my cell phone.  Here’s what the tire really looks like:



May be a little hard to see but there are four slashes, each larger than 2 inches – two on each side of the tire.  Pic 1 – right side middle, left side bottom corner.  Pic 2 – left side upper corner, bottom center.  Man, it could have been really bad last night.


4 thoughts on “The Tire

  1. slashed tires by chance? That looks odd

    I don’t think anyone slashed them, I think the tire exploded. If they had been slashed we wouldn’t have been able to drive over two hours before the blow out.

  2. I dunno… the cuts look pretty clean and not blown out.

    In still don’t think it was slashed. That would be pretty ambitious of someone to not only slash the front of the tire but to also crawl under the car in order to slash the other side. And it would be quite the super tire that with four slashes it was still able to drive for over two hours without any problem.

  3. Thanks for coming to visit on Saturday! I was glad to see you! Here’s my photographer’s blog: Our bridal photos and engagement photos are both posted. 🙂

    I’m glad you were home and available on zero notice beforehand. I’m sorry I won’t be there this weekend to come to your reception! I’m excited to take a look at your pics and if they’re anything like the ones in the book you should me then I know they’ll be fabulous!!

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