His Name is Earl but NBC Your Name is Mud

Fall TV is here!  Fall TV is here!  I’m a tad excited season premiers have gotten under way if you couldn’t tell.  Thank goodness for DVR and online watching because I have a long list of shows I want to see and they all seem to fall on the same nights and times – my nights being Monday and Thursday.  But I have to ask, who are these corporate people who decide which shows to cancel, which ones they’re keeping, and which ones they’re going to add?  I don’t know where I’ve been all summer but it was only last week that I read My Name Is Earl had been canned.  WHAT???  WHY???  Why, why, why would they do that??  This show was HILARIOUS, completely different, and most importantly it was working.  Geez, what the hell NBC?  As far as I know it was still pretty high in the ratings, still bringing in the viewers.

Right now in it’s place, they’re showing Saturday Night Live Weekend Updates.  Does something seem a little off to anyone other than me?  Like the words Saturday and Weekend on a show that’s being aired on a Thursday?  And has it escaped the minds of these corporate people that this show already exists…on Saturday night?  I know in a couple of weeks 30 Rock will be back and SNL will return to Saturday night.  So I guess the real show that replaced Earl is a new comedy called Community staring Joel McHale.  I watched this pilot the other day and it doesn’t totally suck right off the bat.  It does have the potential of being kind of funny but since I’m basing this off of only the pilot it very well could tip the other direction and totally blow.  I like Joel McHale, I really do.  But if it comes between Joel or Earl…sorry Joel, Earl wins every time.  Besides, don’t you already have your own TV show on E!?

Maybe NBC could put you in a time slot on another day of the week.  I for one would not be opposed of this show replacing one of the trillion new medical dramas the networks have added this year.  Or better yet, why is Gary Unmarried still on the air??  Seriously folks, I thought this crap of a show was a fill in while the writers went on strike.  Who’s the genius keeping it on the air?  Oh yeah, those corporate people.  I’ll bet they don’t even watch TV.  They’re like the celebrities that pay for court side seats and then show up wearing sunglasses and watch the game in complete silence.  Bunch of pretentious pricks.  Why not let the guy in the nosebleed section whose yelling and high fiving everyone on his row down in the front?  At least you know he’ll appreciate the seats…and that he’s awake.

There’s another new show that premiered this week called Accidentally on Purpose.  I will admit that I did not watch this so for all I know it could be hysterically funny and the break out hit of the season but I doubt it.  Basic premise is “older” woman (Jenna Elfman) hooks up with younger guy and gets pregnant.  Didn’t Fran Drescher have a show vaguely similar to this?  Minus the baby?  And didn’t it do crappy and get canceled?  That’s what I thought.  And ABC is doing their version of these two shows combined called Cougar Town (Courtney Cox).  This hasn’t started yet so again, this could also be the breakout smash hit of the season but again, I doubt it.

I’m not trying to hate on these new shows and I actually kind of like Jenna Elfman and Courtney Cox but I really want My Name Is Earl to come back.  And it makes no difference to me that they aren’t even on the same network.  Is that really so much to ask?  First they took away Prison Break and now this.  The networks are conspiring against me I know it.  Next thing I know The Office and Heroes will be a fling of the past.  Maybe I should start a campaign promoting shows I actually detest.  In the spirit of that I say, “All hail to Gary Unmarried!”  I don’t think I’d fool anyone though, least of all karma.  And if there’s one thing I learned from Earl, it’s don’t mess with karma.

7 thoughts on “His Name is Earl but NBC Your Name is Mud

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  2. So, yeah, I found out from your blog that Earl is lost to us. I am totally bummed! My sister haven’t had much in common with each other, but we totally bonded over Earl, mostly from our hatred of Joy. I agree with all of the crappy medical drama. Really, that kind of stuff is lame! At least to me. For my sake, though, I would appreciate it if you would discontinue your like for the Office, because I don’t know what I would do if that were to disappear!

    Sorry to bring you such sad news. I’ll try to pretend not to like The Office but you really can’t pull one over on karma.

  3. AMEN!! I am really frustrated that we can only DVR two tv shows at a time….there are 3 on one night I want to watch. GRRR! Although perhaps this should be a sign that I watch WAY too much tv. I’m sorry. I feel I have the right to. It is my escape from the kids I’m with all day. Nothing better than vegging out in front of the ol’ boob tube. Well, maybe vegging while enjoying a root beer float. 🙂

    Thank goodness you can always watch shows online if you miss them on TV. I thought it was going to be a problem last night but I got in everything I was wanting. Phew! haha

  4. I too am sad about Prison Break. I believe that Accidentally on Purpose will be canceled on purpose in short order. I loved the House and the Big Bang Theory premieres. I am SO HAPPY fall shows are back!!! Im also going to give Flash Forward a try, hopefully it’s more than the hype.

    Big Bang Theory was so funny. It took me a while to get into that show and now I feel like I should go back and watch everything I missed. I like House but usually just catch the re-runs on USA but from the commercials it looked like it was going to be a good one. Not sure about Flash Forward, I may have to watch it to see if it’s any good. And I agree, if Accidentally on Purpose survives a full season I’ll be surprised.

  5. I went to a taping of ‘Gary Unmarried’ last year (I was paid) and thought it would never make it past episode 6. I was wrong because apparently even poorly written crap is better than reality tv. Maybe you should switch to ‘Dancing with the Stars’. At least ‘Private Practice’ starts up in 2 weeks and ‘Ugly Betty’ starts in 3 (but is on Friday nights… EEK).

    Yep, I know about your Gary Unmarried taping. Not really hip to Dancing with the Stars. Sure I’ll tune in every once in a while but not really. Very anxious for both Private Practice and Ugly Betty. I forgot it was going to be on Friday – that’s lame.

  6. Gary Unmarried has jumped the shark. New episodes show him with two new characters, the radio station boss and one of the DJs. Bringing in random characters in the middle of the show, is kind of like that long lost cousin on Growing Pains (or was it Brady Bunch?).

    Hey-did these same leaders of the network cancel Seinfeld when it first came on the air?

    If you start a My Name is Earl campaign-sign me up. We will protest outside 30 Rock!!

    I don’t know which show a lost cousin showed up but Growing Pains added Leonardo Dicapprio as an orphan in one of their last seasons. Not sure why they did that. It probably was the same people that canceled Seinfeld. I’m thoroughly convinced they don’t watch or even own a television.

  7. I did a little reaserch and found:

    I was thinking of Happy Days when Richie Cunningham was replaced by Roger, his long lost cousin. Richie went to Alaska to do whatever….Roger was a teacher…..hilarity did not ensue and the show was cancelled.

    I vaguely remember that. It never works out when shows replace the main characters (except CSI – I don’t really notice Grishim is gone). Maybe it just doesn’t work with comedies/sitcoms; Dukes of Hazzard, That 70’s Show, etc.

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