He Thinks You’re a Troll and Finds You Repulsive

Not quite as catchy as “He’s just not that in to you” but sometimes catchy is overrated.  Tonight I was stood up…again.  I can not count how many times I’ve been stood up or canceled on.  For the record, just so you know, it’s incredibly annoying.  I guess this blog entry is really for all you guys out there.  Why do you do this?  Why do you set up dates and then not follow through?  There’s nothing to be afraid of, she’s already said yes.  Does something happen between the time of asking her out and actually going on the date?  Like do you suddenly realize that yes, you do indeed think she’s a troll and find her repulsive?  Is it because the two of you are friends and to you it’s not an “actual date” so it’s easy to blow off?  Because newsflash for you, a date is a date.  Do you know what girls do to get ready for a date?  Seriously, do you?  We’re talking multiple clothing clothing changes, an array of different hairstyles, full makeup, etc.  I bring this up because in my personal experience of getting canceled on, the call (or text for those really classy guys) almost always comes the night of, within the hour of said date, and when I’m in the middle of getting ready.  If you’re going to bail at least do it early enough so I can make other plans.

You know what the worst excuse is?  “Sorry I forgot.”  While I’d like to give you kudo points for being honest, I take them away for you being an unimaginative jerk.  What you’re really saying is “As it turns out, I found my ____________ (fill in the blank; couch, TV, co-worker, neighbor, wall, etc.) to be more appealing than you.”  Gee thanks.  I don’t know, if I asked a guy out it would mean that I really liked him or at least was genuinely interested in spending a few hours getting to know him.  And I can guarantee that if this guy said yes, I would be so excited that I wouldn’t be able to think of anything else.

Emergencies happen and things come up – I get this.  But too many guys have ruined this for the others that I’m no longer accepting anything short of death.  And I mean his.   So I guess the point I’m getting at is guys, would you please stop asking girls out if you’re not actually going to go out with them?  I for one would really appreciate it.


7 thoughts on “He Thinks You’re a Troll and Finds You Repulsive

  1. Ahh this post came much sooner than expected. Please tell me this didn’t happen AGAIN! I know you were supposed to go somewhere tonight…hopefully that one didn’t fall through! Shame on the guys who have stood you up….what’s not to love?? 🙂

    Exactly – what’s not to love?? haha

  2. Hmmm…I apologize for my gender. Unless you represent youself differently here than in real life, this is not a “you” issue…and definitely something wrong with my species.

    Well thank you. I’m pretty much the same in real life as I am here (I’d like to think I’m actually funny in real life though). I may need to stop being friends with guys first because I’m thinking that might be the problem but *shoulder shrug* I don’t know.

  3. I think you actually ought to post first and last name for humiliation sake — even if they (probably) aren’t blog readers your local readers should know who these losers are!

    Maybe I should but I think some of them actually read this from time to time. I don’t really want to humiliate anyone, I’m not mad just disappointed and a little annoyed.

  4. Good point: “There’s nothing to be afraid of, she’s already said yes.” As a high-ranking member of the ‘Stood Up’ Club, I concur that there’s a disconnect between me (or you) saying YES (ie ‘the guy’s biggest hurdle’) and then the guy actually showing up for the date. It got to the point a few years ago that I stopped even noticing when guys showed even the slightest interest… I didn’t trust they’d follow through.

    So I know you’re pissed and I’m sorry about that. Men can be such jack asses. I think you’re funny as hell and this guy missed out on a good time. Wait… this wasn’t one of our brother’s band mates, was it?

    Egads no, it wasn’t one of his band mates. I’m really not pissed about what happened. Like I said to Lynne I’m mostly just annoyed and the whole idea of guys standing up girls or canceling on them makes me curious.

  5. When I was in High School I got stood up the night of the date, only he didn’t call and tell me that we weren’t going out.
    I had bought a new outfit, did the nails and everything. Two hours after the supposed pick up time, Dad wanted to kill him for making his daughter cry, and mom, well, she didn’t really believe that I had a date in the first place.

    I was so upset. Like you said, the hard part was already over…I had already said yes. What was he worried about?

    I went out with friends later that night and saw him…out having a good time with his buddies. When asked, he told me he had forgotten about having to get his grandma from the airport.

    I knew he was lying.

    Come that Monday he pulled me aside in PE and told me that there was no grandma…never was. Seems that he had told his friends about asking me out and they had replied that he shouldn’t go out with me because, after all, who wants to go out with a female jock especially when she can beat you at any sport. So he was a blockhead and listened to them.

    When he finished speaking I stood silent for a moment and then I punched him….hard…right there in front of everybody and then walked away.

    We stayed friends afterward, but never went out.

    Guys are just jerks with brains the size of a pea and only think with their hot dog. I’m so sorry that you got stood up, Blue. You’re right…I’m sure he missed out on a good time.
    Even with the above said, don’t give up on the pea-brained hot dogs, Blue. They can’t help themselves.

    My money is on the next guy……:)

    Oh man, that’s such a horrible experience to have especially when you’re still in high school!! Situations like this are lame and I just don’t get guys sometimes.

  6. Wouldn’t it be nice to call ‘Mr.Wonderful’ up and ask him out? Make a great date night plan.. you know the works, like all is forgiven. Then stand him up.
    Turn about is fair play.

    I may have to save this for another time and try it out on a guy that really gets on my nerves. (I love how I know this is going to happen again.)

  7. I disagree with Scottie. Not all of us have brains the size of a pea and think with our hot dogs. We did not ask to be wired to think about sex constantly. We’re not all jerks.

    You’re right – I do know some stellar guys. I guess it’s the jerky ones that leave the louder impression.

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