My Name In Lights

My dad’s a Sociology professor at the university here in town and since I moved back home I’ve been helping him with a research project he’ll be presenting at a conference next week in Missouri.  My part has mainly been to input data in the computer, provide fresh eyes to catch any errors that may occur and occasionally offer my opinion on the arrangement and breakdown of the categories we’re working with.  Truly my part has been  minimal compared to the work my dad has put into this project but nevertheless, he surprised me by submitting my name to add next to his and my uncle’s as a co-author (here’s the excerpt from the vitae provided for the conference):

Conference Papers and Presentations

Shepherd, Gordon, Gary Shepherd, and Natalie Shepherd. Gender Role Differences in the Early Patriarchal Blessings of the LDS Church.”  Presented at the annual meeting of the John Whitmer Society, Independence, Missouri, September, 2009.

While my name may not actually be “in lights”, it will appear in a scholarly journal for publication.  And that’s pretty freak’n cool too.


4 thoughts on “My Name In Lights

  1. That’s pretty cool! It’s so exciting to see your name actually published!

    PS. You could aslo use that in your resume-
    collaborator on SoandSo’s research paper on thisanthat, presented at thisplace. Assisted in this, that and thisanthat.
    Will look supercool on clerical, data entry and secreterial resumes!

    I hadn’t really thought of it being used for my resume but now I just might have to add it. I need all the help I can get.

  2. Wow! That’s awesome! So how much do I have to pay to get my name added? 🙂 j/k Even something that cool would not improve my resume. ha ha

    Well how much are you willing to pay? I’ll take that then. j/k

  3. awesome — how come dad’s name is last first but yours and Gary’s arent? Minor detail…never mind! Congratulations and have fun this wknd.

    I think it’s a rule that only the first name listed has to be listed as last name first but any other names are listed the other way. I’m not a 100% positive though.

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