I’d Rather Do This Instead…

I had good intentions Saturday afternoon when I went to help my brother pack up his stuff for his concert that night but things didn’t go quite according to plan.  I got a little distracted.




By the way, my brother’s birthday was on Thursday and  my gift to him was the shirt he’s wearing.  Priceless.


9 thoughts on “I’d Rather Do This Instead…

  1. Exactly what kind of sicko stuff is your brother into in his spare time?

    Looks iffy huh? No, some of it were costumes they use on stage and some of it was just random stuff I found. I put it all together to come up with that snazzy ensemble.

  2. Looks as though I missed out on yet another fun-filled family activity. Why don’t we do things like this when I’m around???

    Are you being serious right now?

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