And I’m Unemployed Again…

Maybe this is a record – working 5 days, less than part time hours.  I’m sure someone somewhere could beat me on this but for me, it’s a record.  I started working at this car lot to help out with the booking and finances because the lady that does it had a lot of other things going on and could use the stress relief.  That’s what I was told anyway, by the owner…who is her husband.  It’s a couple that we’ve known for a number of years and my mom even did a little work for them years ago and when the husband heard from my mom (at a random chance meeting) I was back in town he said he had a job for me if I wanted it and for me to give him a call.

You know when you sense something is off in a situation but you aren’t quite sure what it is?  That’s how I felt this past week at the car lot.  Being out there felt a little murky, like there was too much going on, lots of confusion, and I almost felt like I was in the way…even though they asked me to be there.  They’re a very nice couple and the lady training me is really smart and knows tons about her job but is terrible at explaining and training.  I was scrambling like mad to learn it ASAP because she’s going out of town in a week and will be gone for almost the entire month of September and I get the feeling no one else really knows how to do her job.  With time, anyone can learn to do what she’s doing but I didn’t have time and have zero background in the car business.  Actually, I started to get the feeling like her husband hired me to shadow her because he thought it would alieviate her stress but then didn’t tell her which caused her to stress out even more.

I talked to the lady lastnight and she seemed pretty frazzeled to tell the truth.  She was super nice about everything but when all was said and done, I’m out a job.  I’m bummed about not getting money every week but other than that I can’t say I’ll miss anything and I’m kind of glad it’s over and done with.  I do have to drive out there in a few minutes to get my money for Monday’s work – which might be enough to buy me a hamburger for lunch.

And on a completely separate note, I was part of a random conversation yesterday when I went to the tanning bed.  The girl working there was one I had never seen before and as she was pulling up my info on the computer, she starts telling me how she’s been extrememly thirsty for the past two days and can’t stop drinking water which means she constantly has to go to the bathroom.  She then tells me that she’s pregnant (though I look more pregnant than she does), that her baby is using her bladder as a trampoline, and that she misses her coffee and sweet tea and absolutely hates sprite.  But that she is totally excited because she’s going to find out the sex of the baby in a week.

Uh, ok.  It seems I’m always at the receiving end of a random converstation.  Maybe today I’ll start one just to see what kind of a reaction I get.


9 thoughts on “And I’m Unemployed Again…

  1. Sorry you’re out of a job, but not really. 🙂 I know you did not like it there….so on to bigger and better things!! Funny about the tanning bed TMI…some people are so weird that way…sharing everything…even when you don’t want to know! Enjoy your hamburger!! 🙂

    yeah today the same girl was there and was telling me about her dog and mosquito bites. Weird.

  2. Well I would say I’m sorry that happened, but it seems like it’s probably for the best anyway. Hope you get something else really soon.

    I don’t know what’s up with the TMI thing. I’m kind of tight lipped about most everything that’s of the personal persuasion, but some people just seem to have no filter.

    I’m not too sad about the job, just think the way it went down was lame. I don’t tend to share much with strangers either but she was more than willing.

  3. What in the world?? Was J embarrassed at all or did he not even acknowledge the mis-communication? Wierd.

    When I went to pick up my money it was really weird. She wasn’t there at all, and he left the room pretty quickly after I walked in. My money was in an envelope on the desk waiting for me. I think they both know what they did was shady and didn’t want to acknowledge it. Plus there was this other girl there that I had seen and heard talking about different kinds of stuff she could do around the office and I’m pretty sure they hired her at a cheaper rate an hour and then just let me go. Again the whole thing was weird and not on the up and up at all.

  4. I don’t get it. Mis-communication is right. WTF?

    I was walking to the Metro the other night when a kid (who actually looked to be in his early 20s) asked if I thought he was ugly. I replied NO and asked why he thought that. He told this random story about a girl who just told him that and then how he thought she was a member of MS-13. I started to talk to him about how she probably feels scorned or jealous and then I realized I had no business saying anything and that he had already tuned out. Weird.

    It’s all kind of lame but in the long run I’m glad I’m not there anymore. Weird about that guy though.

  5. For crying out loud. That was FAST. How are things looking now? On the job front?

    I don’t have any prospects at the moment. Of course I’m not really looking that hard either I guess.

  6. That’s horrible. How someone could hire someone and let them go soon thereafter for no reason is beyond me. If they really don’t have their act together then working for them would be a horrible thing down the road although with the economy being what it is, I can understand wanting a paycheck.

    Good luck. Keep looking!

    It’s lame and sucks but in the long run I’m glad I’m not there working for them. Like you said, I really just want the money.

  7. And yes hopefully the next job is better suited to you and one you’ll love! It seems like it’s a long wait, but hang in there I’m sure it’ll come soon! Good luck!

    Hey thanks. You never know what’s around the corner.

  8. Okay, that really sucks. The next one will be way better.

    I hope so but I’m still trying to figure out how to make money without doing anything. So far I’ve got nothing.

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