Elevator Music

While I was at work today (yes, after 8 months I got a job this week!) I had to make a call and was put on hold for quite a while as I waited for the next available agent.  The on hold music starts up and my mind starts to wander, who composes this stuff?  If their song gets played in an elevator or as the ‘while you wait music’, do they get paid for that?  Do companies have to buy the rights to the song?  I wonder if any of the composers have ever heard their stuff in an elevator or while they were on hold?  Just stuff I thought about while on hold.

10 thoughts on “Elevator Music

  1. What I hate is when those cheesy on-hold/ elevator songs get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Or worse yet, someone is humming along with the tune WHILE you’re in the elevator with them.

    I don’t know if I’ve ever recognized song before but I can imagine it would suck to hum one all day long.

  2. Sorry…I forgot offer ‘congrats’ on your new job. CONGRATS, BLUE!

    Thanks. It’s not my dream job but it’s some money coming in and that’s what’s most important right now.

  3. Hooray!! You got a job! I’m excited for you…where are you working?

    Hey thanks! It’s at a used car dealership. We know the people that own it and it just so happened they were needing a replacement about the same time they found out I moved back home.

  4. Congrats on the job! I got a call today asking me to come in for an interview next Friday. I’m pretty confident about it, so I may be joining the ranks of the gainfully employed soon myself…FINALLY. Yay for jobs.

    I don’t know about hold music, but I do know that there are companies that produce nothing but generic background music for commercials. At my old job we had huge packages of these things and the ads I made all day had them playing in the background. You got used to hearing the same 20 or so tunes all day at work. The funny thing is I’ll hear commercials now on the radio or on TV that have the same music because whatever company made them must have bought the same package we had, so whenever I hear one of those it totally brings me back to hearing that a million times a day at work.

    Good luck with the job interview! Hope you find employment soon. I had no idea companies produced this kind of music. I really just assumed people made this music, produced a CD, and it somehow ended up in an elevator. I’m going to have to pay attention more to commercials now for sure.

  5. Hey! Three cheers for employment. Also excellent observation. When you call Nintendo Support (one time our Wii broke) they play the Mario Theme on repeat. It can make you wish for the other type of elevator music.

    Man that would get old quick.

  6. ooooh… I remember this one from my ethics class. YES… companies must purchase the rights to music in order to play it. That’s why so many stores in the mall opt for blasting a random radio station because it’s free. They’re not allowed to pop in a CD without paying the artist royalties. I was somewhere the other day and the radio station had made elevator music for former 80s hits such by Journey and Richard Marx. It was very depressing.

    Aren’t you excited when I go all Pam Clavin on you???

    Yep. It’s a thrill.

  7. I bet Pam carries a keyring around with a million keys on it. Anyone who carries a lot of keys is smart and important. Everyone knows that.

    Hmm, I only have one key on my keychain…

  8. I believe the artist’s record company could submit their work to a company like Muzak, who are actual broadcasters- like Sattelite Radio- wherein they get paid for the submission.

    What I like to think about is the people who MAKE the elevator music.
    Like, was it their ambition to go and MAKE elevator music?
    Or was it all like- “hey guys, I heard this great song by Lady Gaga on the radio, lets’ make a mellow, lite-jazz version- just for the hell of it…

    Maybe they’re big fans of Kenny G? He’s the only person I can think of that makes that type of music that “broke out” into the mainstream. I’ll probably never know the reasoning.

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