Dosado and Promenade

While listening to the radio this morning I learned that square dancing is the state song for 19 US states.  Can you believe that??  19!!  Maybe I should have paid more attention in Mrs. Henderson’s music class when I was in elementary school.   So in honor of that fun fact here’s a little clip for your viewing pleasure:

7 thoughts on “Dosado and Promenade

  1. You know when I first clicked “play” and realized how long this was, I thought there was no way I was going to sit here for 4:24 watching these fools square dance. But, 30 seconds in, I found that I couldn’t pull my eyes away.

    That was just…I don’t know what that was.

    Yeah I noticed it was a little long (though I found some that were longer) but I couldn’t stop watching either.

  2. Well I was able to stop watching! Yikes! I think I lasted about 4.5 seconds. You know what I would watch though? A video of YOU square dancing….so I think you should work on that. 🙂

    Uh, no. Look what you’ve started.

  3. Yes, yes, yes!!! We want a Nandance! We want a Nandance!

    You know, I love dancing. And once upon a time I would have jumped at this request. But now I keep my dancing to the confines of my car or in front of family.

  4. Oh yes….I remember your sweet moves. Nothing like a little ska music to get ya going. Although the square dance could be just as entertaining. 🙂

    You were quite the dancer as well if my memory serves me…which it does. So tell you what, the next time I fly out to your place I’ll video me square dancing if you and Ron make up part of the square.

  5. Deal. Although 3 people would make a triangle. I’ll be sure to have the 4th person here. 🙂 Oh what a video that would be! Yikes!! So when ya flying out? ha ha ha ha 🙂

    Well a triangle would be fun too! I was actually thinking you could get your gang together and then we’d only be missing one whole side. Maybe your parents would want to join in? hahaha

  6. Square dancing was quite traumatic for me in junior high. The girls took the floor first and awaited the dreaded whistle which signalled the beginning of the boy stampede to pick their dance mates. So humiliating. And so many sweaty palms. I should probably give it another chance. I would probably like it sans junior high hormones.

    I’m so glad I didn’t have to do square dancing in Jr. High, it sounds dreadful.

  7. dood. I would LOVE to learn square dancing.
    I’m awkward like that.
    Besides, those snazzy getups- only GOTHY?
    I would ooze awesomeness.

    Don’t know if teh old man would dig it but hell!
    sounds like fun.

    ooh… lookitwhat you did ta me.
    I went all hick on all y’all.

    You know, in an odd way I can kind of see you square dancing. Can’t see you in the frilly puffy dresses though.

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