Wallet Found!

My wallet was found and should be on it’s way back to me shortly.  Turns out I dropped it in my complex parking lot and one of the guys who lived below me, one that kept me up until five in the morning because of his partying, found it and let me know.  That’s the good news.  The annoying part of the story is that he found me on Myspace but I never check Myspace and I never received an email notification from them saying that I had a new message in my inbox.  I just happened to check it for something else and found it.  And based on the time stamp he sent me the email last Saturday afternoon before I ever realized the wallet was missing.  If only I had received the email none of the stress and problems would have happened.  Nevertheless, I now know where it is and it should be here with me this week.  Hurray for people who are honest and willing to help out a stranger.

I never updated what happened on the date with the little-too-happy phone guy because it was pretty uneventful.  Although I got a text from him on Sunday afternoon when he thought I was driving home and said that if I got bored on the drive to give him a call.  I didn’t by the way.  I did get some photos that you can see here under both the Blue Night Clouds and Afternoon/Night Hike.

I’m trying to come up with better blog entries but all I’ve done since I’ve been home is arrange my room, sleep, and watch TV.  Which is what I’m doing right now (watching TV) as I’m trying to type this so I’m not sure how coherent this entry is.  I’m supposed to start doing yard work tomorrow so there could be some potential there.


5 thoughts on “Wallet Found!

  1. How nice of him to send it back to you! Wow! Guess it’s a good thing you never confronted him about his noise! ha ha So nice to know there are honest people!

    Yeah I guess it is a good thing I never went down there to give them a piece of my mind. haha

  2. Yay for the found wallet, and for it being sent to you. That’s pretty cool.

    I know how you feel about the entries though. Every single time I look at my blog now I can’t think of a single thing to write. Which is why it is crap. Ah well, maybe someday something exciting will happen.

    I’m hoping something exciting will happen to me as well. But not too exciting – as in not a bad kind of exciting.

  3. Well congrats for wallets! At least your noisy neighbor was good for something. Luckily my neighbors from Hell moved out a couple of days ago, but they weren’t good for anything aside from getting on my nerves and keeping me up all night.

    Loved the pics, btw. Nice scenery you had there. I especially like the dragonfly one, even though I’m a little freaked out by them. Hopefully you’re moving back to a place that’s just as nice.

    That’s good the crappy neighbors are gone. I think if I look around I’ll find stuff to take pics of. I’ve forgotten how green it is here with all the trees. There are dragonflies all over the place here but I imagine it must be the same in South Caroline (I think that’s where you are).

  4. Spiders and bees and outdoor physical labor has LOTS of potential for adventure. You know what else has potential? Holiday World!!! Aug. 19-23 (specifically Aug. 22). Will I see you there?

    I don’t know if I’m going or not. I want to but we’ll see. I don’t think Robert would be able to come.

  5. hooorah for your wallet being found — btw…PG is coming here Aug. 19 – 23rd…any chance you and Robert are available to come up? We’re planning on going to HW that Sat….let me know!

    Yeah she mentioned she would be there then. I’m not sure what my plans are right now. I would like to come but will have to see. I don’t know if Robert will be able to come – he’s working full time right now. I’ll let you know though.

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