Random Tidbits

Here’s another post with the random updates from my life over the past week or so.  I finalized my decision to move back home to Arkansas and have been trying to get everything organized for that move.  If I didn’t own furniture life would be a lot simpler for me right now.  But I do so I’m trying to coordinate with a moving company and people that can help me load it up.  I’m a little nervous about finding help but I keep trying to tell myself not to worry about it until the day before I move because there isn’t much I can do before then.  And it’s not like I’ll be stranded here in Mesa for the rest of my life because I couldn’t load the moving truck.  Somehow it will all work out.

I spoke in church again today.  I say again as though I speak every Sunday – which I don’t.  Matter of fact the last time I did was a year ago but this past year has passed so quickly it feels like I just did it.  Since I live in another state then I did last year, I decided to repeat the same talk to the folks here.  No point in coming up with something new when the old one worked just fine.  I think I’m funnier in person telling stories than I am writing them here.  For those of you who don’t think I’m funny or that this blog is entertaining, to you I stick out my tongue and say THPPPP  and for those of you who already think I’m funny I say “It’s true.  Hard to believe but I’m better live.”  I got a handful of laughs and that’s really all I could ask for.

Last night I jammed my finger trying to kill a cricket in a sports injury.  Ok fine, I was trying to kill a cricket that found it’s way into my room.  I’m not exactly sure how it happened but the next thing I knew my finger bent back and now it’s swollen and bruised.  Stupid cricket.  And to add insult to injury, the cricket made it’s way behind my dresser where I couldn’t get at it.  Cricket = 1  Nandango = 0.  This morning I woke up to find the cricket still in my room near my bed, as though it were taunting me.  With my finger still painfully sore I decided that he had messed with the wrong human and that this was war.  Several shoe throws later he was dead.  Take that cricket.

I had been wanting to go out and take some nature shots but wasn’t exactly sure where I could go and didn’t want to spend the gas money driving all around the state either.  A friend suggest a local nature reserve by her house that she had passed numerous times but had never stopped to look around.  It wasn’t all that fascinating but was surprisingly large for being in a semi-residential area.  I did manage to get some shots and it was nice to get out of my apartment.  Afterward she wanted to go see a movie.  This is fine because I like movies.  I want to interject here and ask did you know that it’s $10 to see a movie??  And I’ll assume that in larger cities it’s more but holy cripes!  I generally stick to the dollar theaters or redbox.  What is all that money going toward anyway?  It’s not like the movies all that much better than they used to be.  The food (which I never buy) I assume is still crappy.  I don’t think the seats are that much more comfortable and the whole place is dark so it’s not like I’m checking out the decor.  And I really hate the commercials they play before the previews.  What happened to Front Row Joe?  They used to have a cartoon with him in it complete with a song and everything.

Anyway, she suggests a movie and in my mind I’m thinking please don’t say you want to see My Sister’s Keeper.  Please don’t want to see My Sister’s Keeper.  That of course is the movie she wants to see.  Great.  It’s not like I thought it was going to be the worst movie on the planet but I’m sure there are other movies playing that I would rather spend my $10 on.  And besides, I don’t like Cameron Diaz.  I knew this was going to be a sad movie and sure enough the entire theater was like one giant snot fest.  You could hear people sniffling through the whole thing and when it was over just about every woman in the place had a kleenex.  I can only imagine what people outside the door where thinking when they saw everyone come out with red, blotchy, puffy faces.  I tuned out the last 20 min or so of the movie and stared at the chair in front of me in hopes I could pull it together before we walked out.  And I really felt bad for the few guys that were dragged there by their girlfriends.  I concluded that they either did something incredibly wrong and this was their punishment or they were planning on doing something incredibly wrong and were storing up on the brownie points.

Well that’s basically been my last couple of weeks in a nutshell.  Mixed with reading books and watching my own DVDs over and over.  Just think, two weeks from today I’ll be writing my entries from home in Arkansas.  Crazy all the things that can happen in a year.

7 thoughts on “Random Tidbits

  1. I am also funnier “live”…so I get that. It is hard to explain to other people. I get busted on my blog about typos and stuff…but I am more of a story teller than a story typer…It is a part of why I started doing stand-up.

    Good luck on the trip half way across the country…hopefully you’ll be able to speak about your time in AZ with some joy.

    I try to catch typos on here but sometimes when I see them I just don’t care. It’s a bummer AZ didn’t work out in the long run but I don’t regret my time here at all. I’ve reconnected with some friends and made new ones and had some good times. Plus I needed to shake things up in my life and coming here did just that.

  2. Back to Arkansas, huh? Mark and I are still trying to decide where we want to call home when we finally decide to grow up and settle down. Arkansas has crossed our minds. We NEED to live by some body of water, though. So, where ever there is a pharmacy for sale, and a lake nearby, that’s where we will be headed!

    Well there are some lakes in Arkansas so part of your criteria is met. If you ever come down to visit family or to check the place out you have to let me know.

  3. Best o luck hermana — I’m glad I visited both of you in March!!

    I’m glad you were able to come down here then as well. Maybe now that I’ll be in Conway I’ll see you more.

  4. Good luck with the move. I sincerely hope that as you cross into Arkansas, you let out a loud “Whoo Pig Souie!” Awesome. I love those papers we wrote for each other. ha ha ha I do have to say though…I’m not sure that you’re much funnier in person. JUST KIDDING! Oh, and congrats on the cricket kill. Nice.

    Yeah I’m really glad we wrote those papers and that I kept them!

  5. oh yeah…. Woooo Pig Soooooie! Sorry AZ didn’t work out for ya … but we’re glad to have you back for a while. Give me a call when you get into town and I’ll buy ya lunch. I’ll have to tell ya about Disney World last week. Take Care and have a safe trip.

    Definitely I’ll give you a call for lunch. Hope Disney World was awesome and that you took tons of pics.

  6. “The first 7 hours seemed to really drag”… the first 7 hours. I think I would’ve found a corner and curled into the fetal position by hour 3.

    Luckily it didn’t come to that.

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