Dusting Off the ‘Ol VCR

Afternoons seem to be the longest part of my day and while I love reading, books are starting to become synonymous with naps.  And since Jerry Springer and Tyra aren’t really my style, I’ve been picking a movie from my VHS archive to watch everyday.  A few years ago my older sister gave me close to 30 of them because I still had a working VCR and they were promptly placed in one of the cabinets in my entertainment center never to be seen until now.  I’ve watched my DVDs so many times I might be able to write entire scripts from memory and as I was pulling them out yet again I remembered the old tapes.  It was like finding random junk at a garage sale you didn’t know you needed until you saw it.  I had completely forgotten (and maybe for a good reason) what movies I had under there.  Some of them I hadn’t seen since they had originally come out sometime in the early to mid 90’s.

1.  The Fugitive:  Wasn’t this a big deal when it came out?  It seems I remember this being a blockbuster but maybe I’m wrong.  I also remember there being a flux of movies staring Harrison Ford that came out around this same time all with the same basic kind of plot.  And speaking of the same, has Tommy Lee Jones ever been a different character?  I mean seriously!  The dude is always the tough crusty old man working for the government but a real softy on the inside.  Expand your horizons would ya?  Oh wait, scratch that.  He played Two Face in Batman Forever.  On second thought, stick to what you know best.

2.  Forever Young:  Talk about young, Mel Gibson doesn’t look that much older than me in this movie.  Though it was Elijah Wood that stole the show.  When this came out I thought he was going to grow up to be an incredible actor.  And maybe he is but all I’ll ever see him as is a hobbit.  And not just any hobbit, but the one that really got on my nerves for 9 hours.  The makeup the put on Mel at the end to make him look old was funny at first, then kind of gross, then just plain scary.  I’m betting their hair and makeup people didn’t win any awards.

3.  Little Women:  Dull and boring.  I think this was the movie I paused to get something to drink and ended up doing my dishes.  And I kept thinking “Geez, Kirstin Dunst was even annoying as a kid for crying out loud.”  And I discovered that in the 90’s I had the same hair as Laurie.  Don’t remember who Laurie was?  Well it was their neighbor…who was a boy.

christian bale

That’s Christian Bale and not me in case anyone wasn’t sure.  But trust me, the hairstyle was the same.

4.  Teen Wolf:  This movie is so bad it’s kind of funny.  My favorite is when his dad becomes a wolf.  He looks like a gerbil on steroids.  I wonder if this is the same make up crew they used on Forever Young, it wouldn’t surprise me.

5.  3 Musketeers:  Now this was a good movie.  Chris O’Donnell not so much but Kiefer Sutherland?  Oliver Platt?  Even Charlie Sheen had some funny lines.  And I know you’re supposed to hate the bad guys but how can you hate Tim Curry?  They even had the Quaker Oats peaches and cream guy playing the King of France.  Oh wait, that wasn’t him?  Close enough.  And here’s for a bonus, remember that mega power ballad by Rod Stewart, Brian Adams, and Sting they sang for the soundtrack?  All for Love?  Well I do, they played it at every jr. high/high school/church dance that year.  For your enjoyment and viewing pleasure, they put the music video on the tape as a precursor to the movie.  Can you believe it?  This was before DVDs and special features.  Talk about fancy.

Some of the movies I’ll be watching next include Cool Runnings, Kindergarden Cop, Forrest Gump, and Batman Forever.  Yes, that Batman that showcases Tommy Lee Jones’ breakthrough role as something other than a grumpy government worker.  I can hardly wait.

9 thoughts on “Dusting Off the ‘Ol VCR

  1. for whatever reason I still love the Fugitive — one of my all time favorite movies…you’re right — I remember Mel looking ultra wierd at the end of Forever Young…did I put Better Off Dead in that collection?

    The Fugitive is still a good movie and it’s kind of funny to look at their cell phones they use b/c they are the size of a brick with a super long antenna. You did send Better of Dead and I’ve watched that a couple of times. That movie is a classic!

  2. What is this “VHS” you talk about?

    My wife had us invest in some recorder that backs up or VHS tapes to DVDs…what a long process. I am not getting involved in that one. There are tapes everywhere.

    I worked for a company that transferred VHS to DVD and it seemed like a pain to do. I know we only did home movies but as far as actual ones go, it’s easier to go to Target and buy them off their $5 dollar rack.

  3. My BF has a stash similar to yours- only his are terrible horror movies- like Troll 2 and Humoungous.

    Though I will tell you, I don’t know if I saw ANY of those flicks you just mentioned.

    Though the idea of a Young Kiefer Sutherland in Musketeer gear sounds… uhm. intriguing.
    I love handsome dudes in period costumes.
    Even foofy-haired Bale up there gets my heart racing a touch.

  4. Isn’t it amazing how time changes perspective? The first time I saw those movies, I thought they were all great. Ten years later, and I was like “Oh, my, god. These are kind of bad.”

    Although, I had the same VHS of 3 Muskateers (I’m the president of the “I Want to Stalk Kiefer Sutherland, but not in a crazy or dangerous way” fan club, I’ve watched many terrible movies just because he was in them) and was equally impressed with it having the video of that song before the movie. If you ever see the Robin Hood with Kevin Costner on either VHS or DVD, I believe the music video by Bryan Adams plays either during the credits or after the credits.

    By the way, I love Cool Runnings. I hope you aren’t disappointed in it.

    Oh I totally loved these movies back in the day. I was also a bit distracted by the styles and fashion choices (for the non-period movies) and had forgotten what I thought was cool at the time. I do have the Robin Hood movie on VHS and I’ll have to pop that in and see if mine has the video on there.

  5. Aw, you make me laugh. That thing you said about the make up job in Forever Young is totally true. I remember watching it about 2 years ago and thinking the exact same thing.

    I also love Cool Runnings (or I remember loving it) so hopefully it’s not too bad. 🙂

    Yeah I seem to remember Cool Runnings as being a really good movie based on a spectacular true story. I’m sure I’ll still like it b/c who doesn’t like an underdog, feel good movie right?

  6. The best part of 3 Musketeers (besides anything that came out of Oliver Platt’s mouth) was the scene where Chris O’Donnell wasn’t wearing a shirt. Other than that, he was totally useless.

    I forgot that you had Christian Bale hair in the 90s. I think that’s the same time I had “The Rachel.”

    Oh yeah, the Rachel hair do. I had forgotten that was all the rage. Man, those shows are still hilarious.

  7. Oh my word…love the comparison of your hair to Laurie’s. Sadly, I believe you are correct. I know I have some horrific hair pictures…in fact one surfaced in a certain birthday card I received. Hmmm. I was going through old movies the other day and found Houseguest. LOVE that movie. “May I take your order please?” Said in high squeaky voice…”Yes you may!”

    I really thought it would be funny to post a pic of me with that hair but the only ones I could find that had already been scanned digitally where from Ricks and your were in them. I thought you would kill me if I posted those so I didn’t. I LOVE Houseguest and used to own it on VHS but I either let someone borrow it or I got it mixed up with someone else’s stuff at some point b/c it’s gone and I’m sad. My name or initials aren’t on your copy or the box are they? No? Ok thought I would check. If I ever find that somewhere I’m buying it for sure.

  8. I also like 3 Musketeers. What struck me in this movie is the nose of the guy playing the King of France… 😀

    Have seen Forrest Gump several times… I find the insertions of famous characters and events in loving disbelief… 😀 Will wait for your review…

    It’s true the nose on that guy was pretty distracting. I saw Forrest Gump only once. I think it’s b/c it’s so long and is kind of a heavy movie. I’ll have to see if I’m up for it again.

  9. I found a total VHS rental store. Made me think of you.

    I was tempted to give all my videos to Goodwill yesterday but my DVD player has a VHS slot and I figured I may as well put it to use.

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