Pizza and Organ Music, Who Knew?

Tonight I went with a group of people to dinner to a local place called Organ Stop Pizza.  Being new in town, I’d never heard of it much less been inside so I really didn’t know what to expect.  I figured it would be like any other pizza establishment but man was I in for a surprise.  I felt like I had stepped into a restaurant smack in the middle of Branson.  You know, the cheap thrill Vegas for kids and old people.  The basic set up is that this place is home to the largest Wurlitzer organ in the world which someone plays all night while you’re eating.


This is the picture of the actual organ itself minus all the pipes.  The pipes are located along the entire wall behind glass windows and a few are hanging almost from the ceiling.  The organist, who is beyond talented, takes requests people write down on cards but of course has their own set of songs or progam that they follow.  Most everything played seemed to be either a showtune or something from a Disney movie which keeps the interest of both the old and young.  It also helps, among the kids anyway, that depending on the song played puppets will come out and dance, different lights will blink, or things come down from the ceiling (for example while our organist played the Mickey Mouse song a huge Mickey Mouse banner came down).

It was a little corny but  it was also entertaining and something totally unexpected. And not in a bad way.  And I’m not going to lie, the organist had some mad mad skills!  So while I wouldn’t want to eat there everyday or even every week or even if I never eat there again, I did have a good time hanging out and meeting new people.  And I can say that I’ve seen the largest Wurlitzer organ in the world.  Yep, that’s right, that’s getting checked off my list.  Plus they sell some DVDs and CDs so you can take home the magic to enjoy in your own living room.  Huh, I do know of some birthdays coming up…bwahaha.


6 thoughts on “Pizza and Organ Music, Who Knew?

  1. Wow, what an interesting idea….organs and pizza…who knew! Thank goodness you have now seen the largest Wurlitzer organ! Phew! I’m sure you would have been real disappointed had you died and not done that! 😉 Anywho, glad you had fun….that’s always a good thing!

    Yep, I can die a happy woman now. It is a good thing to have fun and though I’m making fun of the whole thing a little, it was a good time.

  2. Are you talking about my birthday by chance? Bwah ha ha ha….oh, you weren’t…now this is just awkward. Er…glad you had a good time (apply nervous voice and darting eyes) ;)!

    I was actually thinking about your birthday this morning b/c I did remember that it’s tomorrow…now we’ll just see if I remember tomorrow. haha kidding!!

  3. OH, so funny! I totally forgot about that place! I went there in high school… Thanks for the memories. Yeah, that place is a bit crazy!

    I wondered if you had ever been there before! It’s a little quirky but overall fun.

  4. oH MAAAAAN.
    I have two questions.

    Do they sell beer there?
    And can they play “inna gadda da vida?”

    Cause that just sounds like an awesome time.

    Hmm, not sure about the beer but if I ever go there again I’m putting that song on her request card to see what happens. It could get wild haha

  5. That’s quite a random mix, pizza and the organ music. Definitely a one of a kind place!

    It is one of a kind and that might be a good thing!

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