Job Hunt

Job hunting blows.  I seriously hate it and want people to just know that I’m freak’n awesome.  Hire me already fool!


7 thoughts on “Job Hunt

  1. I’m thinking…based on your “All You Need to Know About Me” section…you may be happier without the whole job thing…I know, I know…its the money that pays the bills…

    Very true, though I did go back and change my about me page. Since I’m no longer working #3 didn’t apply anymore. I wish I didn’t have to work or pay bills.

  2. Uh oh….are you getting close to hiking up the skirt and working the street corner? 🙂 Sorry to hear the hunt isn’t going well….hopefully something comes your way soon!

    Well that little post outburst might fend off the corner for a few more days. But no guarantees after that.

  3. We’re looking for Montana folks. It be cold here though. Sometimes. I hope you find something soon!! In the meantime, keep posting about your adventures because we love them!

    I left Utah b/c of the cold and I’m not itching to go back to it. Although I just finished watching a movie that takes places in Montana and I must say it almost convinced me to go there to take landscape pictures. It’s gorgeous! So maybe I will end up there.

  4. Ok, whatever you do….just DON’T work for the company we chatted about this morning. Good grief. What a bunch of morons! Skin? Not scan? Like skin on your body? Give me a break.

    Oh man, what a total tool that guy was. I’m debating about writing a post on it or not.

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